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    Odd Dream

    by , 05-26-2016 at 02:46 PM (505 Views)
    Not Lucid, but pretty vivid.

    Starts out with me and a friend jogging through a park late at night, and the path ends at a big hotel in the middle of a forest. There is a parking lot, but no one is here. We decided to go peek into the hotel windows. The outside "porch lights" are on, and there's a dim glow of a light behind the counter in the lobby. After I'm done peeking I turn around to find my friend has run away into the darkness of the night, and left me alone with a creepy Bell Hop. This guy has the strangest smile on his face, and tries to get me to go inside the hotel, but I'm trying to get away from him. And the moment he grabs my arm everything morphs into another scene...

    Now I'm running through the hotel in my Dress White uniform (navy attire) after another guy in the same clothes. We both have guns of some kind, but I can't make them out. My target runs into a crowd of similar looking people, who are all acting like mindless drones, and the crowd enters into some big meeting room. As I try to tell someone that seems to be in charge that there's danger nearby I hear the cocking of a rifle, and a bang...

    My target shot me, and now I'm dead. But I'm a ghost. 3 people can have contact with me: 2 guys that have tried to kill me, and the one that just did. Then I wake up.

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    1. KatBobo's Avatar
      Wow, that dream sounds creepy!