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    Lucid Dreams

    1. My first Ld , This was awhile back.

      by , 07-30-2012 at 09:57 PM
      Sucked into the space from behind my eyelids. [First succesful WILD]
      I feel like I'm shot like a meteor into this body, looking around I noticed a jungle gym dome in the middle of so sawdust ( I remember this as my school's playground in first grade)
      It's dark. and I'm somewhat lucid, knowing it is a dream but not thinking about it.
      My first action , I immediately jump and start flying.
      Surprised I feel weightless!

      Flying around like a maniac, I almost fly into a tower. I put my hands out like I'm afraid it's going to hurt but, it's just a little bit of pressure. I start losing control and hit into the ground, still scared it's going to hurt, but it's also just a bit of pressure.
      after awhile I start losing control and next thing I know I'm on a giant bed with my buddy Trey and we each have a girl hanging with us.
      were talking about who knows what.

      again I lose control and all of a sudden I'm on the side walk holding onto this cute animal I'm unable to remember, and I'm drunk, they're all these little dogs jumping at me trying to bite at this animal in my arms, and I'm protecting it.
      But, I loose balance and fall over and hold the animal in between my arms still protecting it.

      I then totally loose control and have a false awakening. waking in a hammock , going back to the bed I was at with my friend trea but instead it's now my buddy piper and two other guys.
      were drinking some wine out of crystal wine glasses, and one of the guys puts his foot and hooks my glass spilling it everywhere on the bed. I freak out and decide to leave, as I get off the bed mad as hell. I wake up. with an adrenaline rush of anger and surprised enthusiasm.
      lucid , false awakening