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    1. 5 Recalls

      by , 12-16-2011 at 11:50 AM
      HowĘs it going? Hope your doing fine.
      Im totally new to this but Im so happy with what happened last night that I wanted to share it with you. I managed to recall 5 dreams, usually I remember 0-1.5.

      After being lazy for I while Im back on track.
      I dont know how big impact that has on the dream recalling but I will just mention it quickly.
      When Im on track the first thing I do in the morning is going out 30 min for a power walk to burn some fat. At the same time im having my DSLR camera with me to take photos of everything that amazes me.
      Its a way for me to stay inspired and see the world with open eyes. Then I eat six times a day, every third hour, and working out 30 min in the morning and doing 30 min yoga or stretching in the afternoon if I feel motivated. Ok, thats it for life balance.

      So last night, what did I do?
      Time is 22.30. I started dimming down the room and started to chill down with a cup of tee. At 23.00 I started to review my day backwards to practice dream recalling, see if I did something meaningful through the day and to empty my mind. I tried to give every event some meaning so I could write it down, what did I learn from it and then move on. After 15 min I was ready to go for meditation, just another way to clear my mind and getting prepared to relax. So at 23.30 I was done and laid down to listen to 30 min of hemi-sync(the gateway experience) to get to focus 10 and totally relax.

      At 00.00 I was ready to go to sleep, totally relaxed. Just before I had a big glas of water and then while I was going to fall asleep I repeated the mantra "tonight I want to remember all my dreams very clear". At 03.20 I woke up to go to the toilet and that was nr1. Back at bed I put my alarm clock to 3h ahead.

      So when I woke up at 6.25 I remembered nr2. Then I stayed up and meditated for 30 min before I did a MILD-WBTB.
      But, when I went to bed a put my headphones on and listened to the 1.30h long lucid induction hemi sync tape. This was the first time I tried it out. Wow, that was crazzzyy!! I went into focus 10 but I couldn't fall asleep. I was like wtf is this shit, how can I have an LD if I cant fall asleep? Then from nowhere, I just realized I just had a dream, but I didnt know how, because I knew I was conscious. I didnt have time to think much about it before I suddenly woke up from my second dream, but I didn't wake up, false awakening, never experienced that before, then I was dragged into the 5th dream. I cant explain it, it was so strange! I felt like I was conscious the whole time, but then from nowhere I realized I had a dream. Then when I woke up I was so exited to write it down so I forgot everything. I was so pissed of, but when I relaxed a bit they all came back..

      Here are some of todays pictures::

      Time to make a choice?

      The clouds looks really cool I think.

      Dont miss the train!

      I thought that was the moon, it was the sun. Spooky scen..

      Is it time to leave or to land?


      Dream consciously till next time!