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    1. Dreaming Again After Major Brain Surgery

      by , 10-31-2014 at 02:38 PM
      After suffering an AVM (arteriovenous-malformation) and major cerebral bleed and
      eight hour craniotomy I read at a medical website
      that some patients with difficult histories like mine,
      or worse, sometimes do not have dreams while asleep any more.
      Actually they often do not remember any dreams, some
      do not have dreams and some have them but do not remember
      them. Of course, not having any dreams would be a big
      medical problem to begin with. This is how I remember
      the problem related to me.

      Recovering in the hospital, and at first back at home,
      I did not remember having any dreams and so I began to
      worry some. Then one night not long I think after returning
      home I dreamed and in it my wife and I went, by cab,(had no
      driver's license at first)to a co-worker's home and there
      was a party and there were computers set up in their family
      room as a computer class. The co-worker was a lady who
      gave computer classes, but of course not at home. In the dream her son was there and he graciously drove us home afterwards because as I said I could not yet drive. I was happy that I was finally dreaming again.

      When I returned to work a few weeks later I again met the
      co-worker who gave computer classes and one day I told her
      of my dream and all the details. Now, I didn't know her
      well and didn't even know if she was married or had any
      children. She told me after I related the dream that she
      did have a son and he was about the age that I dreamed he
      was. I was surprised.

      It wasn't a dream with a message or anything like that, but
      I remember it well even after 12 years. I was happy that
      I was dreaming, and today I seldom remember any whole dreams,
      but once in a while I remember a tiny part of one and so
      I know I am still dreaming.