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    1. Nighthog's Journal: 22th February 2011, WW2, Soviets in norway? Archaeology? Spaceship?

      by , 02-23-2011 at 12:35 AM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      About in the earlier parts I was zooming in on a map or space view unto past Scandinavia going from Russia up along down the coats of Norway down to a island in southern parts of Norway.
      I recall getting a recap of the situation of sorts don't recall how it went but I knew details about the goings on to some extent.
      I knew it was WW2 and the Soviets were for some reason highly interested of this small rocky outcrop of a island here for a reason. They had sent invasion forces to try and capture the island... And basically ignoring everything else! This was the only thing in Norway they were interested in and they sent quite a task force to deal with this.
      I realise the place is currently controlled by The Germans. They are currently in the progress of invading Norway. The Soviets are taking advantage of the situation to sneak a attack to get here and get lost before anyone knows what happened.
      I'm zoomed to take a role as one of a special force unit of the Germans. We are only a small troop on the island. a dozen or such not much more. We are there to just guard the place. We have no idea why but we know the soviets are on their way in great numbers at the moment and we are deciding if we are to call for help or not. But decide not to do so by figuring out they will arrive and leave before any help gets to come.
      We decide to go and hide out little force and in a peculiar manner we do hide. We were already being attacked and the AA and other few artillery or bigger guns were just taken out. I make a call to say to call headquarters to inform they Soviets will take over the island. Nothing more.
      I gather the rest as I seem to be in command and we head out into the waters to hide underneath the waves etc. We all go lay down as invasion forces come unto the land from the waters from a small other land part connected to the mainlands. It's shallow enough so you can wade from there.
      We all lay at the bottom of this path underneath prepared to hide and see forces run past us and miss us to large extent. At last moment someone seems to stumble on top of myself and gets a little blurry as I was waking up from the struggle but when I got back. We at large were headed away and walking at the bottom of the sea. We all had strange suits and oxygen tanks etc. Almost like spacesuits.
      We are to try and make a assault on the ships behind the corner of this land as last resort. I see mines everywhere in the water and across the sea bottom. We have three submarines come by that we had at standby nearby. They are going to do the sinking.
      Two head down a sea floor trench as I follow on foot but the trench is dangerous as mines are gathered there and the two U-boats gets blown up in a trap like situation. They Soviets had moved mines to this location. I barely escaped from the trench in my suit.
      The last submarine I command to not attack and retreat. We are to regroup at another location to think of something new. (the suits had some radio like communication devices)
      They had already taken over the island and encampment. Starting their search for whatever might lay there.
      This part of story fades away...

      I'm now like a civilian on this island in modern times doing archaeology with a research group trying to figure out what the Soviets were there for on this island all those years back. They had come quickly and left quite hurriedly after some searching back to their country before anyone basically knew they were there. The few researchers are quite intrigued by this unknown story at large kept secret for very long time.
      I'm not a formal member but a visitor to the excavation just out of interest to see what they might find. I peer at their work and stuff and also go through the digs the soviets did back then. We see the remains of the dug and blasted rock here and there and also the trenches etc for defence and so on the Germans had made.
      I pull out a rock from theg ground and hit it at another rock to crack it to smaller pieces and it reveals a footprint inside. I show it to a researcher a female doctor of sorts and she can't believe what I showed. Was some footprint of a Koala or something from the tropics and really, really ancient. What's it doing all the way here up north? The island shows evidence of being in a tropical region way back. Stark contrast to the surrounding areas. It stands out as something unbelievable.
      I had to show just were I took the rock and it's evident it's from here and there just from there and not some forgery I brought along to try and con them which she at first tried to say of me doing.

      I leave them to what and walk about and see much greenery on the island. There are tropical plants growing here even today... Small bushes and such only though as it's a no tree bare rock island for most part.
      I see the arrival of my 'friends'... They come to arrive with a advanced spacecraft. I'm not local? >_>;
      We, I wasn't alone sneaked away to board safely. Something wasn't right as the ship was quickly attacked by someone or something as it came close to the island. Someone doesn't want interference it seems and are protecting the island from higher advanced societies. We barely make it out in a hurry with much crippling damage.
      We order a repair from the computer console. Auto repair bots? Teleportation repair? Either way we get repairs done on the spot we are located on and as we fly off in greater speed as engines are working properly again than just slow flight speed of a few hundred Km/h in low orbit.
      I see the repairs cost some 376 units of money.. Sadly we only had about 200 something and had to get a instant loan of 200 more from the repair company. We leave the planet and fly of into hyperspace or whatever in faster than light travel.
      Little bit of chatting and I tell them to quikly pay back the load soon as possible. You don't want to be in debt to these guys for long at all. The sooner you settle it the better.
      The pilot starts up a video game something like Supreme Commander and Star Craft 2 mixed. He makes a quick assault with the "Commander" unto the enemy base as quikly as possible. I hear how the player complains how that's unfair. This is not how you play this game. We are assholes... Either way the game gives you real money if you win a game. 250 something for this first round. I tell him to pay the debt right away after that and he does so while he starts another game.
      Seems this is a great source of easy money if you are good with it as our pilot seems to be.
      I think I take up the situation about the island again and why where we attacked.

      I can't recall any more details as it faded off to wake up soon after.

      I recall the price of the spaceship being mentioned being in the 100.000 something.
      So repairs were really cheap...
      Also we joked about how we with such a ship couldn't afford repairs without going into the red. haha.

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    2. Nighthog's Journal: 21th February 2011

      by , 02-21-2011 at 08:42 AM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)

      dark and dreary, much stone like monumental construction. Almost black.
      on a platform high over waters
      The resurrection/immortality ritual
      Getting it done without the usual consequences most will have.
      (I.E.. you don't become undead >_>; )
      fall into deep water underneath the platform
      A nasty big fish... beat him up
      the mother...
      sliced and diced with star wars beam sword?
      Wouldn't let me be.
      Out of water.
      Climb the wooden tower to get back up to the levels above.
      The strange floor that collapses as you walk
      Fighting with these "guards"
      throwing them away.
      wake up...

      false awakening.
      A black crow? no raven in my bed?
      A owl I hear in the end?

      back to previous dream
      I'm in a large castle.
      A more nicely dressed guy approaches.
      I bend his sword into pieces.
      I try to convince I'm no trouble as long as they don't try to kill me.
      I'm just searching for the Ma---death---sword or similar. Can't really recall the name(from previous dream)
      Don't get a opportunity to recall as the others seem to plan my demise while I'm thinking.
      I walk about. Seems a ball or similar is on the way. Meet pretty dresses princesses or similar.
      I end up following some maid up a staircase.
      Find the maids room.
      It's small and about 15girls share that room the size of my own room but a little larger but much taller.
      A little word exchange with them.
      wake up again

      Chain back and I'm conversing with a crowd of people from the castle.
      I'm 3 or 4 dimensions from my own home world. I reason.
      The man from before with sword still hasn't given up...
      Some kind of electrical shock weapon this time.
      I play with it. People seem kinda amazed at my behaviour.
      I end up talking about AC/DC electricity. Seems like a scientist was with them. Seems I had meet the King and Queen walking the halls.
      Seems they have yet to prove AC/DC is possible. I explain how to do it quickly.
      The electrical shock weapon was working with petrol... strange...

      slept some more afterwards:

      I'm hanging about with my brother. Almost seems like a dream of his.
      Trouble with work and design...
      A company cheated on him...
      he was working to help a company design something but they shafted him kinda. Or stole everything he did and got nothing in return.
      Basically the company had money but no talent.. my brother had talent but no money.
      They saw they would be competing with each other and if they would support my brother he would be their demise of sorts by making superior product and design in the end.
      All he needed was finances to make things possible.
      Ths stuff put that axe in his back by the two persons from that company.
      My brother was furious about their behaviour.
      We are there with our Omega red car.
      I stand about listening to it all. I go closer to listen in to the company persons about the deal as they talk to some bystanders.
      They are just greedy ass holes I contend like companies seem to be all the time.
      My brother goes off somewhere.
      I go elsewhere after sitting about on the roof of a bus-stop stand for a while.
      I wander down a road. or float down it.
      I survey the area and try to find something of interest to spend time with. Find really nothing going along the road and decide to head back. I'm in some rural small house town which is quite dense. brick and mortar houses, yellow and red. Many gardens. Quite nice place actually.
      When I turned around I found myself back into a large clearing from before, I had passed it just moments before, was like a empty park... Something is different as things have morphed now.
      All about I see people.. girls... ok.... WEIRD! Almost like a circus... Much sexual content everywhere. I see something from my depths of consciousness spawned something quite amazing and silly. I pay not much mind to it and just pass by.
      I end up back into the place I started from but it's now empty. I head into the housings and smaller streets.
      I go along trying to follow my intuition onto something I might want to find.
      I end up upfront this cafe of sorts. hmm. Looks really nice, I look closer and see images of butlers on the windows... hmm NO... not that. The name was something fancy I can't recall. I then spotted also a image higher up on the second floor of a maid serving something. There was another title there. Hmm, something quite different... I saw something in the image to portray it's not what you might think at first hand. Is that leather strap and whip I saw to go with the costume?
      I decide I don't really want to enter that store after all. I am about to walk away and head walking beside the building until I hot the corner and there I see the address. "Wolf st. ...". I almost laugh.
      But I feel I should not leave. I head back but go past the entrance and look to the backside of the building unto the lawn there and such. I go to walk the grass as I notice people behind the building.

      There are two girls on their knees making much commotion. They have long telescopic cameras. half meter length? I hear them command and talk like fanatics as they take pictures of what I presume are some of the workers in the café. Two male servants. Dressed up nicely. Good looking...
      "Take this pose, lift your arm. make this expression etc" to make it short.
      I see the men are a bit bothered but can't do much but accept their fate and hang along with their games. They seem to work together I recall thinking. The clothes matched quite well.

      ... Though my appearance changes things.
      I notice the girls are wearing something like maid outfits. they one guy notices me and reacts and as such the girls notice. I think he noted them of my arrival. "Seems we have a visitor" I recall being mentioned.
      The two girls turn around with their cameras in a unique way of interest."uh? huh? Let's see... who we have here then?"
      Mostly first as annoyance almost but then with surprise and intrigue. I had went off to sit myself on the wooden fence going to the next property to have thought of examine what was going on. Didn't get far as I was noticed so quickly.
      "Oooh!" I hear the girls excitedly sound and then they start to make all kinds of compliments and I'm now their target of interest to photograph.
      I'm just embarrassed and look away as to not let them see my face. I look out into the street. But seems this position exited them more and they give comments and leads of how I should position myself etc.
      I'm being called handsome, cool... whatever. >_>;
      They calm after a few shots and then invite me to come over. I walk over to them out of curiosity. Though I'm quite embarrassed by their behaviour. The guys seem to look at me out of pity and to say with their eyes to run away. I don't really understand why they look so strangely at me at first.
      They take me inside the back door and I meet some more girls inside. They have me take a seat at like the personnel lounge or kitchen. It's at the backside of the cafeteria. I think of the secondary sign of the shop with the girl thinking this is it. The others seem quite smiling and exited for me to be there. I hear how they say they found a real gem this time or such. A first some of the girls seemed bothered they were dragging yet another guy to the place but changed attitude as they saw me.
      I'm just a little lost what they are on all about as I'm guided to sit at this oval table. The other girls go to seat around the other chairs and they bring me a cup of coffee. They ask many things and discuss with each other and thinking up what to do with me. They say some strange and embarrassing things to me. I wasn't really expecting this.
      They are quite open and honest discussing. They seem to have some plans?
      I see several of them look at me mischievously and interest. Giving wide smiles easy to spot. Clearly in flirtatious mood. I'm not at all used to this.
      before I can take a taste of the coffee I see a leg come from underneath the table. It's from the dark long haired girl sitting about across the table to my left. She is leaning unto the table fingers crossed into each others hands moving them playfully as she looks over to me. She insistently tries to push her foot and heel into my crotch... I have to use my hands to not let her do that. I have my hands under the table and keep holding her shoe and feet away and to soften any hard push or such as it's really close to no good area.
      I try to keep it covert thinking it's only her but seems the others have noticed are soon smiling at me... A den of wolfs...
      "Oh.. look how he's trying to resists" said in kind mischievous manner etc.. >_>;
      They get closer and closer and soon everyone of them is poking and pushing at me in awkward places. Calling me cute and whatnot. I tell back and try to fend them off a little. But the situation is kinda out of my hands with them doing it like that. I can't hit them or such really. They are teasing me to the max basically.
      I can't help but smile. I thin of how I really shouldn't followed inside so easily.
      They get a little more aggressive with their touches and it results in me waking up. Just on the way to reach another level...

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    3. Nighthog's Journal: 19th February 2011, Black Ops RPG, and the house of naked girls.

      by , 02-20-2011 at 12:29 AM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Black Op's RPG

      I was watching a few games and rounds of something I thought of as Black Op's. Though it's quite different in ways. Either way I was watching a game on this map and was following the scenario. There was quite little shooting overall. Was more like a dialogue moving RPG. The Terrorists where just a distraction or similar. There was this castle and king etc whatnot mixed in. Standing about a courtyard.

      Either way after a while I'm handed over to play myself than just to follow the plot. I had seen this map go through two rounds at least. The other had failed it seems. I remember there are several paths to the point you needed to get to. The paths I had seen others take were just filled with blood and death. I recalled you just needed to go through to the other side of this building. And going that "way" as the others meant trouble. I had noticed the area behind you might be linked to the destination as one just got there but failed just as he did so. I look back and walk through a kitchen and about reach my destination without hassle or trouble. But I did go check out the normal path as the others before backing away as all the explosions and terrorists showed up to distract. I just told the other characters with me I wouldn't be going that way.
      The dream ended kinda abruptly as I took the short cut.

      Overall I did spend quite a long few hours following this all. There was quite a lot going on and going back and forth between different settings and redoing some few points over. Though much lacked any real worth of recall. In the end I didn't really pay much attention to try and remember the details all in all. But the part about the castle and king and queen was slightly more intriguing but I fail to recall what happened. I only know we were waiting inside a courtyard and we got word we could pass this gate and we headed to do so but then it ends.

      The house of naked girls...

      This was totally unexpected... All of a sudden I saw girl after girl appear and all were kind coming out from showers or only having towels or getting undresses or just walking by with nothing. I had walked in from a door in this castle like building. Stone walls and such, wood doors.
      I had walked in and turned around to look where the others coming from the previous room. Instead I found my back go into a shower room or similar. I saw many girls I have seen or know. Even my sisters go walking by to talk with me only in her towel drying her hair. I don't recall what she said but was talking about some details she needed confirmation on I thought.
      I'm a little lost why I'm surrounded by them all as I turn around more and more I see myself just deeper into there with no escape. I hear many chatting and taking it easy and discussing plans or whatever girls talk about with each other. They don't seem to notice me much but when they do they don't really react much at all.
      Some few go by saying things to me... They feel important words. I recognize and identify people by the words they say. Many things only said in my mind and to "spirits". They some are teasing me.
      I peer soon into a room through a few openings of different rooms. I see a girl there. She had just said something directly to me who was being a little lost on what to do here and where to go.
      She had suggested for me to just go with it and not be bothered or such. Even to go and have fun with them.
      I had looked around before I saw her. She was quite different from the rest. She was laying down on some towels or bed in a spa like section. The thing that stood out was she was a deep thick blue skinned all over and had hair like I don't know how to describe but had the same blue color to it. It wasn't glistening or anything but was bluntly matt.
      I was mesmerized and went to approach quite quickly, I felt I knew who she was, which was why I wanted to approach. She had suggested for me to do some 'fun' but was meaning more like any of the girls around but I was more interested in her as she was the one who had said it. I saw her react to my approach. Maybe some mental communication or quick exchange or words but she didn't seem to expect me to be interested in her like I would. I was well intended to get to know her better than I do. She seemed flattered that I would go with her. I sat down with her and we had our fun.
      She was quite aggressive >_>;
      Not at all what I was expecting. I wanted and expected for us to take our time and do things gently at start but no go it want quite quickly to the aggressive sorts... Though she listened to what I said and didn't go all, all out...
      It was a little strange as she did change and morph her appearance through out the interaction. More human in the end.

      The previous "room" had a completely different context. Was like a narrow path in a castle tower including stairs to a basement... Where a dead person lay.. Or zombie... It was half alive and included possession and ghosts and exorcism... SO the happenings in the room after with the girls was really unexpected.
      I did some kind of exorcism or banishing as the ghost tried to assault us and posses us I think. I recall seeing like a female priest in intricate clothing with me doing chants as well as the ghost attacked with a blast pressure of sorts.
      Beforehand we were talking with a maid about the problem and was explained about what the situation was and where the body was etc. The whole deal was mediaeval, nothing modern in it but me sort off.. I was there in jeans. Felt out of place with my clothing.

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    4. Nighthog's Journal: 18th February 2011, Military Weirdness

      by , 02-18-2011 at 11:08 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Military Weirdness

      Once again I find myself back into a military setting.
      I figure I was in Finland as I was talking Finnish and was also seeing some of the people I meet while doing my conscription time. The most obvious detail was me wearing the gear we got to use back then. Also the RK62 that I have gotten a fondness of after all that. Seems to be a recurring gun of choice in my dreams now a days. Though usually it doesn't work or has blank bullets. Just scare machine that makes noise basically.

      Either way I recall hanging out about this military base and the accommodations buildings etc. The whole place is deep surrounded by pine trees and such as you find in northern Finland. Though the shrubbery on the ground was more green and such to more point to southern areas in the country.
      We are doing some rehash exercises and run and marsh around the complex in groups and such. But there is a oddity with the inclusion of a new group of people. Guest trainees from another country I gather. I got the feel for like Vietnam or Taiwan... But somehow thought about Japanese language as good way to communicate little bits but mostly kept it to English though. It worked out much better. It's a fairly large group actually. I don't really know the exact number but it was basically a regular troop size or whatever from their country. By comparison it was 3-4times larger than the small troop we had going around. When we at one point came into a marching line it was just bloated and out of place in the middle like a huge square compared to to the smaller rectangular lines we had with out own troops.
      I wasn't really sure why they were there but they were doing regular training besides us. I think it was much about them learning about the ways we train our troops so they can bring it back with them to their own country to see if they can take some learning from it. I recall hearing about why they were there mentioned by some sergeant etc. Seemed they had taken a interest on our high standards of effectiveness and morale.

      Things continued and soon I learn the foreign troops have run off all of a sudden into the woods. They had full gear and live bullets etc and had just run off. There was confusion and panic was being created in the upper levels of command. There were no orders and soon we lower levels were taking hands into our selves and geared up in quick succession to go after them to see what they are up to. They can't be left to their own devices just like that. And speed was of the essence to catch up with them.
      As we are about to start head out while I stand outside the buildings a huge fleet of aircraft are flying by above and dropping off huge swathes of paratroopers. We see they are actually U.S.A aircraft and soon see them landing about everywhere in the woods and the military base.
      I hear someone shout the air defence forces just had let them pass as they didn't want to create a conflict. And the numbers were either way too large to handle.
      One marine I guess lands just besides me but crash lands badly to hurt himself unconscious. I go to check he is all right while I call for the others to call the medic as he is inside. They do and I find he seems to be ok but a little delirious from the bad knock-out he got on landing. He wakes up soon enough and assumes we are his buddies. He joins up with us as we form our column. I was speaking English with him up to now. And as the commander who has come about start to say things in Finnish the guy seems confused and then quickly gathers stuff to run off all of a sudden in a bit of panic. I follow him trying to ask why is he running. He sees his real 'friends' and they gather up and head in the direction the Asian soldiers had run off to. I decide to follow them as they head out.
      They don't seem to interested to say or talk with us at all. They don't mind my tagging along either it seems. Our uniform and gear is quite look alike actually but some small differences. Like weapon and country tag and rank,platoon symbols that differ somewhat.
      I follow as they go into the woods. They tread carefully and are looking out for enemies it seems.
      I now recall how the Asian soldiers had fired their guns at us when they ran off. Making a bullet spree so we could not follow easily. We could not do much as we all had only blank bullets in out own guns. I also sprayed my gun at some of them looking threatening but they didn't fire back or anything as they knew we could no really hurt them with out guns right away before getting real bullets.

      In the woods we encounter a machine-gun emplacement as a sort of distraction to keep us busy from not following. We take cower and asses the location and see it's quite flat over all. To the right are some low hills and to the left there is a small trench like low. Somehow I can make decisions and give the guys instructions. They have no high ranking commander with them but one platoon sergeant I think. He might have been shoot in the machine-gun spray. Can't really recall.
      The US soldiers seem to look at me and I start to interact with them to tell to take two groups up the hills. One to the lower and a second for the larger hill behind to backup if there are troops hiding behind the hill or onto pit etc. I'm about to instruct for another group or the remainder to move at large to head for the left side to the low ground trench while a few stay on this spot to distract and fire back thinking we are still here.
      I wake up though.
    5. Nighthog's Journal: 15th February 2011, Spontaneous Skeletons, A Shopping Visit.

      by , 02-15-2011 at 11:55 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Spontaneous Skeletons
      semi lucid

      I was walking some road or hall in a large place. I suddenly feel like calling for all DC characters to vanish.
      "DC's vanish!" I yell out. There is a huge crowd walking with me but only a handful characters seem to disappear and I also hear complaints...
      "Hey! be carefull!" "You trying to kill us off?" "Don't do that"Seems my gesture wasn't well received. It was said in a annoyed manner by various persons walking around me.
      It's a bit of a surprise to hear the people around me warn me from not doing it again. I'm more surprised that so few characters only vanished at all. Are so many non DC characters I thought?

      We walked onward... a little slip and...
      All people are gone and now I'm facing these dangerous furious looking skeletons with shining red eyes. They are running at me going after me! I recall badly but I think I avoided two or more and pushed some away and they vanished but more and more got summoned. They are closing in on me in menacing manner, really trying to grab me for whatever reason in not a nice way I could tell. I was getting scared for a moment but I start to talk out load to a person like I expect to be there.
      "Hey. could you do something about these skeletons? They aren't really that nice and a bit of a hassle" "There just a bother, I don't like this at all"
      From somewhere I hear a females voice I think answering back and says. "Allright, I'll make them go away" in a kind voice warm voice.
      Next moment in a eye-beat the skeletons are gone and I'm surrounded by a huge crowd of people running past me onward in the hall that I feel like was at before. They are grabbing me and telling me to hurry and get going and to follow. They take me somewhere that I can't recall.

      A Shopping Visit
      Even less semi lucid. not doing anything about it but going along with the flow at the most part.

      I was in a large scale shopping mall or similar. I'm there with a large selection of my old schoolmates. We are shopping for something. Maybe for a party not entirely sure as I drift off into my own browsing not paying much attention on what we as a group would have needed to do or anything. At times I follow and look at different characters that enter the scene. I'm checking them out but it feels like I should not mess with any or try to interrupt people in their own shopping. I was for a moment looking for if I could find a nice girl to hit on or something but people where occupied with their own things so I didn't get up front to them.
      I'm feeling like I should talk or chat up one of my classmates instead if I would want to try that but I kinda decide not to do it in the end as I drift off to look at the various items at sale. I'm quite taken and intrigued by some items. I'm browsing the books section it seems. I find some really shocking titles on sale. Basically everything allowed no restrictions. Many sexual books I see with freely mixed normal ones.
      I'm taken in by a few of the books covers for the more dubious ones. I pick one up to take a closer look but my friends come about and I hurriedly put it back after flipping the pages quickly seeing it's really a book after all. They were telling me to hurry up and come along. I'm really drifting off from the task at hand it seems.
      I walk away and come to the other section nearby. Basically has girls accessories here... Of all kinds >_>; I leer on some of the more fun articles to be found before going along.
      We wander into the games section and I spot a copy of Diablo 3 of all things. This shouldn't be released yet I say with my friend. We fight over who gets to grab it first after I said I spotted it.
      It's a disappointment as it's just hockey cards inside. Just some kind of Promo package on it.
      We return to finding what we need. We meet back up with some of the girls. We had split up to get different items. Seems they have already gotten much of what was needed but we on the other group had basically found nothing.
      We are going together next as they say we should look for them together. They had gone of to get the food articles which would have been easier to pick and find. I notice the girl I had a crush on and follow where she goes. She is busy. I also look at what the others are doing.
      I follow to the side to a backside entrance or something like that. behind the door is a spiral staircase. Girls are walking in and out the door. I'm curious what they are doing there. Seems like they are fixing themselves up or similar. I notice a bit later there was a mirror on the wall just behind the wall on the other side. They were occupied by switching places for time in front of it.
      One of my classmates seems done and walks out and says to me "let's go" she gestures for me to go with her to catch up with the others.
      I now notice the door is next to the Meat-stand. A guy in white stands behind with a large knife cutting away at some meat. He was smiling back at us. He seemed to allow the usage of that back-door maybe to get some looks at the girls going there.
      I follow to start to leave but recall starts to fail as I think I woke up moments later.
    6. Nighthog's Journal: 12th February 2011, trying some PowaH! Mingling with family.

      by , 02-12-2011 at 11:56 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Feel the powah, make it spin! huh.. It became a water/crystal sphere?

      Short glimpse of early middle night dream where I was kinda fighting someone. I don't really know to how serious it was completely but there was a need to defend yourself and maybe try to have this character disappear. It was kinda hostile.
      But it didn't mean I could not take my time 'charging' my attack or trying something new.
      I wasn't alone either. There was like this my other self helping me and protecting me from the approach of this despicable character.
      Somehow I wanted to create something by having it form in my hand. I put my arm and hand out in like a strained claw spread out fingers and focused hard... I really mean hard. The tension was tiring and my mind was focusing and I felt the gathering of energy into my hand and collecting unto a point inside my hand gesture. I could not really see anything but at times some whisks of blurry motion around my hand. I was way too occupied with this and was neglecting whatever I was supposed to do and people came to rescue complaining for me to take notice of what was going on. I was even also adviced not to be doing this right now. I didn't really take much note as my as other self.. I identified said person as myself somehow. There was a girl in the background as well. But didn't really notice her at all.
      I was taking my time and even took the help of my other self like taking help of a clone like Naruto doing Rasengan. I just thought maybe it would be easier this way.
      He did some motions by hitting the air around like a globe in my hand. I thought it worked but he left and continued on to confront said enemy while I still kept at this silly thing.
      I was disappointed not much was happening and focused even more harder now. I kept at it but moved my hand to the side to asses the situation on what was going on anyway... I hadn't really looked earlier. I tried to get a energy of globe and spin like rasengan to be created now. Imagining how it looked etc. I was interested by the idea.

      I saw my other self hit this guy back. Then I hear a "pop" from around my hand. Huh? I feel a difference in the energy. I look at my hand as I bring it up again. There has appeared a blue small sphere in my hand. The size of a baseball. It's a little different from what I expected and try to treat it as the same as the rasengan thing but it's not working out well. It doesn't spin and is still. I see a crystal structure inside. There is like this crystal star inside with points going unto the edges of the sphere borders. I focus and make it grow and grow.
      I hear the call for me to hurry and help already. Also to stop doing what I'm trying to do. Seems it's ill advised on whatever I am trying. I go forward anyway. I make it grow the size off a beach ball or something. Minimum half meter diameter.
      I start to focus on my surroundings and situation and to see where I can do my attack! I see the battle and go in for a charge but I hear a "NO!" " Don't do that!" I lift up my sphere like to attack but don't see my enemy. I see the guy who I before recognized as myself but he looks different now. He is backing up to get to me.
      Someone seems to be going after me right now.
      I don't notice much before I wake up suddenly as I was surprised by the sudden appearance of something in front of me. I think I might have hit myself with the sphere in the confusion as I woke up >_>;

      Family interactions

      Later I dreamt about being around the family in some rural house. I was looking up on what my sister was doing. I was following her around. She seemed a little avoiding at times. I might have pestered her a little much. She was making dinner I think. She said she was going to invite us over tomorrow. Or we were supposed to go to her then by a previous agreement. She was making preparations already.
      There was some other stuff I don't recall much as well.
    7. Nighthog's Journal: 11th February 2011, Lucid Moon visit

      by , 02-12-2011 at 12:12 AM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Had a little disorientating dream line going today. Was quite aware and lucid at times and distracted at other times. Seems I started to be aware quite early through the night all the way to late morning.

      The earlier bits are a bit dim and some things are jumbled on which order they came about.

      I have a recall of standing about the path from the backside of the house and calling out for my dream guide. I had a idea or something I wished to do but as I saw he appeared with my call instantly. I lost focus and then he quickly said. "Follow me" and ran off and I tried to follow and called for him to wait at a moment.
      He did not escape my view but he was a bit further ahead as I was a little struggling to get accustomed to move about with my dream body. I was a little slow and sluggish.
      I did catch up to him and he had brought me to somewhere... I don't really recall where but I saw a familiar scene and various people. I was thoroughly disapointed and displeased.
      I remember saying. "Not this again..." I've had it with this. Why did you bring me to this? I either said or thought. I was sad and just turned around and went to leave as I tried to gather my thoughts and focus. What was it again that I wanted to do?

      I recall and realize I want to get into space. I try and ponder on how to fly up into the black space above earth. I flew quite slow at first but as I gained some kind of focus and trust on accelerating up and up. I suddenly after a short stop feeling like I could not move up more took a moment to think a quick though with which I unlocked my 'height limit' and blasted into space. I had kind closed my eyes and was feeling my motion with breezes of air when down quite low still. But as I blasted off and then opened I saw things in a blur and a ball of earth becoming smaller beneath myself. I had made it into space and was happy.
      But what now? I thought quickly and came to the conclusion I will go to visit the sun. I'm kinda talking and saying my thought and decisions for myself or someone that might have been there.
      I'm going to go and see if the sun is all right. I want to know if it has any problems or is it really healthy.

      I start to face the sun and fly and accelerate toward it. I'm really blasting by in great speed but a few seconds and I start to see the moon on my path toward the sun. I decide to go and make a quick look if I can find that place on the Moon by Nomad and friends. City of Nowhere was it?
      I approach and get like a flight path triangulation approach pattern in my vision as I search for a location. There is a glow and blur effect about this triangle tracking thing in my vision as I approach. It's kinda like a scanning thing. I go down unto the Moon as it looks a ball of gray at first but as I get closer and descend as I try to locate the place I'm looking for I seem to enter through barriers and dimensions as the sky and ground etc all change from one to another till I finally seem to find what I'm after about to land. I have located a city of sorts and am approaching this open area were a few people are standing about. I don't really know who the persons here are but they seem busy and are talking to each other in a couple conversations. Some look at me but seem not to pay any attention or say anything specific at me. I think that nobody knows me so I just walk or float across the open square and listen in on what people where talking about. Some were about something important and heated. Something was of urgency. They were waiting for people to arrive. Someone did come by through a portal later.
      I remember seeing this blue portal come. A portal like the ones in Diablo 2. Flat and all.
      Soon I vaguely recall people left through one of these and I just flew around it looking at it in more detail. I didn't consider following as what I had followed in the conversation which I now don't recall a word from it seemed a little private and for me to not just go and poke my nose into out of curiosity.
      I now recall a mention about healing...
      I've completly forgotten about the sun now.

      There was slight interaction between me and some character on the square. I was asked something but I'm unsure did I respond at all or anything. Might have been about my opinion of something. It was a guy who asked me. There was a girl as well. She was quite worried about something in her conversation.
      My recall fails for more details than that I was struggling to stay in the dream. I started to keep waking up but managed to chain back. The guy was asking and having a interest in me while I was having this issue which was a little bad timed as I could not really answer back but struggle to stay in the dream.

      The guys disappeared and I soon seemed to drift off into my own dream worlds.

      Much was about swimming pools and swimming and also about school, large scale kitchen or something and peeks into gymnastics halls... I was into my wandering and frantically looking for the right place to be but just finding my way in a circle between pools, the kitchen and the gymnastics halls and school. Was a little frustrating as I didn't want to deal and be with any of this at the current moment. I was looking for something else which I could not place what it really was but this wasn't it. At last I only wanted to escape and get outside to be free again...
      I at last escaped by walking through a window back in the school environment. I had a friend with me, seemed helpful and guiding somehow. We flew off outside into the sky. He said to me why not just leave this behind if you don't want to be here right now.
      Can't recall what happened after that.
    8. Nighthog's Journal: 3rd February 2011, Something Mediaeval

      by , 02-03-2011 at 08:03 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      I remember walking through some grey and dim woods. Looks like fall or something as things are so grey and no leaves on the trees etc. It's murky and musty on the ground. I pay no attention though and walk and have then arrived at a mediaeval looking castle outpost and village it seems.
      Not large. No more than 20 people in the area.

      I stay about and interacted a little bit and then walked inside the castle for a short bit to look and see. Not much of interest happened at all. Bad recall as well.
      Outside I was following some happenings and people were looking out for this herd of mammoth/oxen/reindeer mixed creature? They are strong and fearful...
      Seems they tend and look after them but keep for most part their distance as they are quite aggressive. I follow some kids who run out into the fields and then start to mess with being to close to them agitating the herd.
      They start to chase me and the kids. People in the village are in panic and trying to rescue the children.
      I'm mostly looking at them but being with them close by. Close enough for the creatures to target me as well. I avoid them stampeding through and other times fly out of the way. One time I jump up to step of ones face as it was charging head on. I noticed they had something like a elephants trout by this time. As I flew over them in large jumps I noticed the reindeer horns.
      The kids flee and the adults come and get them and try to calm the herd.
      Focus shifts as they herd gives up trying to chase us around. They move further away instead.

      The villagers have no gathered for the commotion and stand beside a road next to the castle outpost. Seems some one arrived as well at same time.

      Either way I walk off and explore around the shore next by. There are large lakes just behind the castle and the shore is basically rounded off cliffs down to the waters. Something you would have expected ice age times would have done. I'm inspecting what seems to be some port like outcrops in the rocks for small boats from ancient times. I walk along the rocks on the shore exploring and some of the kids are with me going and looking around.

      I encounter a snake creature, or see one aproaching going after the kids from the waters. I yell for them to get away and take a bow and arrow to shot one at it to take it's attention. It goes after me next slithering up the rocks in quick fashion. I quikly pull my sword out to slash at it but as I do I'm about to wake up and have all fade away. I manage to reconnect to the dream and then notice I had slashed off the snakes head after a little bout of disorientation and uncertainty about where did the snake go as I looked around. One kid walked up to me and by then I noticed the dead snake.
      I continue to walk around.

      We come to a what looks like a old tower or something. Looks more like a hill covered in long grass though. It's a really ancient building and it's basically only stone rubble any more. It stands next to a pinch point into a bay of sorts with the lakes. There is tall grass and whatnot growing everywhere from the shallow waters. I look for treasure and find a old empty chest... but wait.. there are a handful something like 2mm across gold coins? fairy coins? There is a inprint/sigil and such on them. To small to see with our eyes.
      I carried out from the shore mud/sand and back to the hill to let the kids see. I notice it's a younger boy who had tagged along with one more child around.
      Next we spot and pick up old strange swords from the sands and mud in the waters. They are pointing out from the waters standing. We inspect and look at them as we gather a few. They really are old. I think and wonder why they looked like to be formed in a circle around the razed building. I worry a little.

      We return to the village and castle. Trouble has ensued. A wizard or mage has arrived and threatened the people. To draw it short. It ends up in a battle. I kill the mage but he turns into some kind of goo monster and everything it touches kind of like gets infected... Basically everyone turns to have green glowing eyes and are after me like zombies >_>;
      I got a little goo on my finger as I tried to slash away with my sword but it was hard to get off. Tried to whisk it off on various objects like trees and grass and lastly clothing of other people. At last I got it off but by then basically everyone was far gone already to zombie land.
      At the last moment I see my friends have turned and looks at me creepily as he then charges at me standing about the woods I was in when the dream started. I'm about to slash or parry but dream destabilizes to make me wake up.
    9. Nighthog's Journal: 31st January 2011, Pirates!

      by , 02-01-2011 at 09:09 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Had a little fun being a kind of pirate on this ship that oh so sank so quickly for whatever reason.

      We boarded and were about to set sail and I saw it was like a rush or race with dozens of ships leaving of for travel of some treasure I think. Can't really remember but we were in a hurry but as soon as we got on-board out ship it started to sink as we set the sails. It was braking into pieces as it sank down into the blue calm waters around us. We saw all the other ships leave and get off without us.
      Ah... to late. We will never catch up like this I said.
      I'm with a few companions as they swim out in the water.. I started to float just above the water line instead and floated along them to the shore, I didn't want to get into the water for whatever reason. Was a little hesitant about it but wasn't really thinking anything special about it.
      We were at like the mouth of a river in which there was much greenery everywhere. Amazonian maybe if I would describe it.

      As we were reaching land I heard my friends tell for me to hurry and escape with them or to hide. Trouble was on the way. They would spot us... I looked back and saw a ship come in and small row boats get out and come up the river. They were after us. It felt like their arrival was what set off the sudden skirmish of all ships in the bay.
      I go and float and see my friends run and hide into a building. I don't feel like hiding and stay in the air and actually go forth to be visible and check them out of what they might want. They look like musketeers or something of the sort. I hear them yell they have spotted us and then command to shoot to kill or capture. Either way is good it seems. I'm a little wondering what are they up to and just float along the river and they start shooting arrows with bows all around. They all are aiming at me. I keep avoiding their shots and some I deflect or whisk away with my hands. It feels a little troublesome and tiring to be avoiding these arrows they shoot so I back off a little to further our distance and I ask them what have we done. Why are they after me/us. I haven't done anything to you. I'm innocent. Etc. I hear no answer and only get more arrows after me from the increasing amount of boats and men about.
      At last as I repeat I get one man to come out and say what I've done. he looks like a command of the soldiers on the row boats.
      He tells me of what I've done against him. Presumably something about crushing/biting his balls...
      I only quickly tell him that's his own fault by trying to do something I didn't like him trying of doing and I was only trying to defend myself. I somehow recalled him and a previous bout of what the trouble might have been about. It was a thing a few days back in the dreams in another setting.
      Now that I recall it was something really unpleasant he had tried and forced to do for whatever reason. It was a easy target... >_>;

      Either way I just flew of now and got behind trees etc and then walked and went into the building the others were to join what they were up to... The pursuers disappeared shortly after a few moments of preparing for like them to storm the building but they never did. They were just gone the next moment.

      We walked and talked and went to continue whatever as the building kinda morphed and we were just hanging about.
      I spotted a alligator in the water. I was warning the others to be careful when they went next to the waters like expecting it to attack and pull them in. It never did though. I was worried though for a while before the dream went to fade away as I woke up.
    10. Nighthog's Journal: 30th January 2011, A Restart.

      by , 01-30-2011 at 12:19 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      A strange but not impossible future.

      I find myself in a pseudo future where civilization has degraded and forgotten about much of what we have today. But it doesn't mean we have lost it all. As there is technology of today and buildings of today all about but many are crumbling down and much is struggling to be still working. The know-how has been lost and people manage by just utilizing that which still works in general.
      I could say it's not more than 50 years into the future but like after some catastrophe to have wrecked the social systems etc to have to start over. People basically lived in like farms and villages again.

      I somehow at a point tagged along with my brother that came along from far away. He had moved away qutie a while back there far away and then got stuck and been there since then until now that he was travelling back here to his home country.
      I saw images of maps and country names. I could not recognise the map layout. Nothing familiar with it. But My brother had supposedly been living in Zimbabwe or Uruguay as some of the names I heard pop out.
      The map seemed to be not to large and was like between Sweden and Finland and some 1/3rd into Russia I felt like. But the country names and areas etc made that a little confusing. Besides the geography made no sense to me. All I saw was there was much greenery.

      The countries where he had lived where thriving and getting good well on getting back on track to whence they were before it all degraded. They had restarted the use of paper money and ... gold was highly sought after once again.
      People were leaving for search of that everywhere to make themselves rich when they returned.
      But there was a problem though paper money wasn't accepted elsewhere but these few clustered countries. Many elders remembered how it went the last time and saw this was exactly the same deal re branded as salvation once again. Some were taking it hook line and sinker.
      Word of mouth was spreading back to where I was on how some of these places where moving ahead at great speed compared to the rest.

      My brother arrived and he got me with him. Or I decided to walk with him to see what will he end up with. He was going back because he had heard we had loads of gold and silver at our disposal as currency but the value was highly different from to where he had come from. Basically gold was not worth much at all here and highly valued there so people were coming over to try and get us to trade it for something of theirs.
      We travelled long and far to get back toward our home.
      At last when we were close we encounter a small Swedish farm village next to a old industrial plant.
      We end up staying in a barn as visitors and tell of our journey. How these were our birth places but we had gone off far and wide. Me though a lot closer but like in Finland instead. I had been a little worried about my brothers plan to try and gain gold. I kinda knew this wasn't going to work. The metals and other goods had completely different values and at times where not interchangeable.
      He finally goes ahead to ask about the value of things. He had a few coins up. Looked like smaller 1/10th ounce silver coins. Some younger girls had 2 1/2 ounce looking like gold coins they were given by their father. They were meant to go buy some things in the general market. He had picked them up as they had showed and placed them on the barrel we were standing by as we talked with some villagers.
      They the girls had said "No, those are ours". We just smiled and said we wanted to look at them as we gave them back.
      I saw the elder man with us look a bit worried about our interest in the gold.
      My brother then asked as some hand pulled carriages with foods was crossing by on how many of these (the gold coins) would be necessary to get a carriage of the stuff they were transporting.

      To my brothers not thought off surprise... 10 years of labor. A marriage... No gold/metals would buy that, besides they are too young still.. huh? (I slightly think he was referring to the daughters pulling them carriages to make a joke). Gold was for other trades. Food wasn't really "for sale". My brothers plans crumbled. He quickly took of and went to leave and head back or try elsewhere. I stood by and sat along in the barn seeing him leave. I have no intention of following him back.
      I heard the old men tell back at him are you like those "missionaries" who try to trade for gold at all costs? Well bad luck, you won't be getting any around here.
      I saw my brother get more irritated and kinda angry as he left for good.
      The man came back and saw me still sit around and asked wasn't I going to go with him.
      No. I tell. I only tagged along with him to see how it would go. I was more interested only getting back to these areas more than anything else.
      It was already quite late on the evening and then I suddenly notice them around to switch on electric lights. I'm surprised they still have electricity here.
      Yeah, the whole village has as they use a old still working generator that is inside the industry building I saw before. I'm told.
      I soon see the man taking care of it come by the house and farm I'm at. They seem to be close friends. He tells me about the generator shortly. Been tugging away reliably for a long time. He knows how to do some repairs and maintenance as well on it.

      Short moment later as I stand about outside looking around at the village and the sky and the lights shining down the road and in the village down at the industry.
      Something isn't right as I see helicopters crashed on the ground in the area and others burned and destroyed buildings.
      Not a moment later I hear the engines and rotors of helicopters approaching. I hear the villagers yell and keep to panic as they run around and get to safety. It looks like 3 black hawks military helicopters are approaching the village now at sundown. One launches a missile that hits a house. machine guns fire down into the village and running people helpless.

      I quickly need to get to cover as they are kinda flying straight at my location. They are soldiers coming down ropes and starting to run about. They are looters. Stealing and killing...
      I have my RK62 like weapon with me with me and pull it out and deploy it. I lock and load and then take shots and them killing a few. They are surprised and don't notice as the others think it's their shots. I kinda take them out where others don't see. I hear them say they lost contact with a few. The Lieutenant or commander of the group comes down with the helicopter and stands with a walky talky it seems on the ground on one knee. He is still to asses the situation. He stand in the open. I see most of the villagers and soldiers are occupied with each other. I take aim and shoot him in the head... he falls down.

      I ran about shooting a little more until I'm with a group of villagers running away. We have entered a old town it seems. There are railways here which we are going by. We activate a door and crossing or similar. A train is coming moving down slowly. It started to move all of a sudden as it got electricity as we pulled some levers. I tell them to take cover and get away from the way.
      Dream starts to fade.
    11. Nighthog's Journal: 19th October: All Night Doom scenarios!

      by , 10-19-2010 at 07:58 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      The interview: Nibiru and similar

      I'm not part of the dream but more like watching a radio/video interview.

      The topic as about this woman who had made all kind of doomsday predictions concerning Nibiru and other things like that About a rogue planetoid swinging into the solar system and then crashing into or skimming planet Earth. Meaning the destruction of humankind.

      But this is all about how does the woman respond and feel about that this has all been proven to be false. The scientific community set out to check through all possibilities and settings and came to the conclusion by observations around the solar system and etc various research that her predictions can't possibly come true in her time frame or at all. Chances were as close to zero as possible.

      I see the interviewer asking and stating these facts and see the woman respond kinda in no way like she was wrong or anything. The interviewer is a younger man in a suit and in some kind of studio you might see on tv shows to this kind of topic. The woman is middle aged and has long red-brownish hair straight or in ponytail.

      They drift into discussing the various material the woman had produced to show how the setting could possible go. These included real well done 3D graphic videos of the solar system showing the entry and clash and then the planet exiting the solar system once for all. I gathered it had had a long and elliptic orbit for a long time as it had been caught like a comet. But with this supposed crash or close miss that it seemed to end with in the last video where is skimmed earth in the south pole with the atmosphere it had a wobbly orbit until it exited the solar system for the last time.
      I also saw before in initial talk up to the studio scene various images of her working room or desk and such. They were littered with self portraits and doodles and drawings of her in various poses and fashions looking intelligent or proud and whatnot, many were childish and there was also her initial work which was really rudimentary.
      But then the super real 3d animations came as a shock.
      The videos were so realistic they had caused quite a stir and I saw real shock emotion from the interviewer as the planets skimmed.

      The object was quite smaller than Mars by not too much but the speed and density made it had the equal energy with it as the total mass of Mars I heard mentioned at one point.

      The invasions

      A dream about a invasion occurring by a opposing faction. We are humans but it's so much further into the future as we have several planets. But not too many though. We had like this planet and the opposing faction had this another. I got a feel there was others as well but they had been invaded by the other faction and was under their control. But we were mainly concentrated on these two opposing ones. If I would take our solar system as a example. We/I am on Earth and the others are on Mars.
      Either way it's cityscape and industrial and dark. Superstructures littered here and there. I basically see no greenery at all but buildings and industries. All dark themed. Many older buildings left to stand, unused as well.
      They were fascistic and dictatorship-tic in their ways. I later saw their officer uniforms. LOL, Would look like Nazi's but they had black and red colours in latex. The black really reflected light. The cap/hat was just like a replica but more stylish fashioned and still with the same black and red design.

      I'm standing down at a street. I've just arrived with a transport. We are a small unit joining others in this area among dark and tall buildings. We are to defend this area. I'm kind of infantry and am left to my own devices like many others just getting dropped off without any kind of instructions but to wait and see if the enemy comes down.
      I see a commander ordering some people to some tanks or artillery or other turrets. There is a large platoon of tanks of different kinds in the area and they quickly go to dispatch to drive off just as I'm looking around just exited the transport.
      Some guys hurry to catch a few. Some were supposed to be crew of those.
      The area becomes quite desolate and I'm standing about with a few idle soldiers. I listen as they talk and gossip about the war and situation. I learn about the battle in the skies up above. They not long ago engaged the invading forces up there. They are worried as they heard they had far much more advanced ships and weapons including larger masses.
      They say how the war had popped out from nowhere as some power changes happened at the opposing factions planet. It seemed they had planned for war a long time ahead on how overwhelming their assaults had been.

      We hear a communication as some people start to panic and soon a person yells that the space defences has been utterly defeated and the enemy has breached the lines and are incoming.
      Not a moment later we hear rumble and other noises coming down from the skies. There is a blanket of clouds high up and it blocks the view from seeing to far upwards. But soon gigantic ships breach the clouds and move about and gigantic transport ships go to hover to drop of gigantic war machines off different kinds. They are four legged, two legged. and other things. They all are gigantic and cowered in all kinds of weapon ports on the legs and arms etc. They utterly blast and shower destruction as they engage and power up. Some gun ships stuck around as the machines deployed to the ground and destroy tanks and other defences about the streets.
      I see there is no chance at all and all the tanks and units on the ground are being massacred in seconds all over the city. I see a new transport move in just above us to drop on the spot we were dropped of at.
      We evacuate quickly and run small corridors and side streets and buildings. We need to stay out of sight and keep moving. The uncountable turrets on the giants all scan and attack automatically. I see a large part of the troops which were with me soon be piles of blood like small balls of plasma or something is shot at them in great showers.
      I barely manage to run through the weapon scans and lasers and plasmas.
      I run and run and see more destruction all over. They are attacking anything moving or living.

      There were still civilians here and there checking out us defence troops getting deployed unto the streets. I see a large group of them be caught by a unit moving through and they were all gone massacred by a enemy giant robot, they were trying to run away but had no chance.
      I manage to run and hide and then finally reach a spot of relative calm were there are still defence units about. Some tanks are setting up in positions not to be easily spotted by the air units flying about. I had a moment earlier just passed through a area with lots of unoccupied tanks and other such things.
      I thought why are these unused. I realized soon that they hadn't had time to move troops to use them yet. But I also realized much of it was useless anyway. As some soldiers were commanded by another leader to board them they refused saying it was a death trap. They had seen how other tanks had been mangled to pieces with ease in seconds. Being on your feet was the best way to stay alive.

      I remember the mobile missile launchers standing about a further distance. The commander was not even aware they were there and I hurriedly took a jeep like transport. They tried to stop me but I said I was only borrowing it for a couple minutes and I'll be back. They agreed to let me drive off. I'm going to get the two missile launchers placed on this carriage.
      I quickly backed up and looked at the hook and such. I was worried was the Jeep powerful enough to drag all that weight but I spotted the clamp was compatible and tried it out. It worked. The jeep could drive of slowly.
      Two large missiles in tow I arrived back at the command area of sorts.
      We get signals that the other defences have all been destroyed. We are all there is left. The enemy is already moving in to take this area now.
      The commander and others seemed really surprised but happy about my bringing. They are just what was needed to better the support of the defence.
      But is it to late? I already see some airships flying past just missing our gathering. These airships were more like starships and gigantic. Large than many of the many buildings in the area. Normal was about 10 stories about this spot.
      I realize having the missiles on the street is no good and I see where can I hide them out of plain view.
      I see a elevator up unto a buildings roof. I in a bit "non possible" way use and lift them unto the roof and see them blend in well with the structure. It was just in time as a robot now moved through the street down below where I just was. They were trying to defend but it just moved through unhindered. I saw the things back reach above the building roof line but there was no sensor or such to look were I was. I was safe for the moment and I heard a large gathering of troops on foot hade made it out of the way into a side street and running away trying to reorganize further away.

      I jumped up and went through the missile control systems and was pressing some buttons and was arming and preparing for launch. The first one was quick and started to rise the missile up. The other I saw was different. It had a network control for organizing a large scale area defence. I pressed around and then tried to find the remote control device. It was something that looked like those old and clunky mobile phones of old.
      I saw the safe was removed and the device was armed and was waiting for launch command and as such I ran away as a smaller aircraft buzzed above. I jumped back unto the streets below and made into the way were others had run away to.
      I catched up with them and we were just about to discuss our next move as the giant robots and airships were moving into out spot. They fired and killed a few but not all. They spotted the commander we had and I saw they were ordered to take us prisoners. A smaller craft came and landed and out came troops and then another landed and there came out this High ranking commander. But.. wait that was the leader of the opposing faction in person!
      He had that nazi like black and red latex officers suit.
      He ordered for some to be taken and interrogated. I was still kinda on the side of many others and saw a opportunity to try and escape I slowly made my way to a side street. But they spotted me and moved about to capture me. I then quickly punched in the code and numbers into the remote control. It really was a phone though.
      The Commander comes to inspect what am I hiding and being such sneaky for. They spot and he sees the control and has men come and grab me as he takes the remote away from me.

      "Why were you trying to escape?"
      "What's this?" as he looks at my remote control device. It's actually a robust kind of phone that can also send those launch kinda signals but you need the proper keys and codes including the 'number' which I had punched in last and was just about to call.
      "Who were you trying to communicate with?" he asks me next.
      I don't say anything and act stubborn.
      He sees the number is pushed in and...
      "well I'll just check myself" he goes to make the call thinking it'll call someone in command or such to report in the situation.
      I hear the call ring and then connect. The call is recieved... I hear tones and scratches like from a old modem dial up. He listens wondering what it is. It's the codes and whatnot being processed and accepted.. He puts it away from his ears and the sounds stop for a second and then a blib... code accepted... LAUNCH!!! a digital type voice says LAUNCH!!! again. I hear roaring going off all around us from wherever these mobile launchers have been placed or been abandoned.
      He has the strangest look in his face as he looks at the phone and me. I'm grinning about madly and I hear soldiers of us laughing loudly in hysteria, the enemy is confused. I look in the distance where I placed the two missiles on the roof. I see the first one fly up and then down into a giant robot just passing by. It tumbles down. I see missiles in different areas flying of hitting targets all about wreaking havoc on the enemy machines who though the battle was over.
      The secondary other kind of missiles fly up into the air straight not going for targets but then going of in the air and you see all lights just shut down and vanish all about the city. I see how aircraft and robots stop on the spot and tumbling down. The city quickly is becoming pitch black as it's night. I hear how the enemy is loosing communications all over the city. They are isolated with us. No missile goes of on the spot we are in and lights stay on this spot but most of the city in the distance is black and you see no movement there either.
      I hear some say it's the electromagnetic -----something---- bombs. Nothing electronic is safe when these detonate. It's the last double edged sword to use. It looks like they didn't expect us to use these at all. They were considered too dangerous as they wreck anything electro technological as the whole society was based on.

      We seize the opportunity of confusion and wrestle with the few troops about as many of the giants were silent now surrounding us. There was still one left but a distance away. It quickly was now moving our way as some guy communicated in a hurry with the last few machines.
      We make a run for it before the last giant comes and I'm going off and then finding my way to the abandoned parts of town. I make my way with a couple others here and we wander inside a building. It's half collapsed but there is a hidden entrance I know of. I open a what looks like a locked and blocked door.
      I'm making my way to the hidden society. I have others wait for me as I go further in and then enter the sealed or quarantined parts of town. The mutants. Dangerous and hostile to any normal person. A considered bane of the cities where they are located.

      I walk my way through rouble and ruins and then enter into some paths underground and what looks like old tunnels. I see the infestation of the organic material all about. I sense they are hiding. I make way to a spot and then call them out as I know they are there.
      I'm surrounded on all sides by the creatures emerging from the shadows.
      "What do we have here?" they say.
      "A all pretty human come here to be flayed alive?"
      "A free gift maybe?" another says.
      "a sacrifice" some whisper.
      I ignore it. I've been here before and I know they know me. And they are just making 'jokes' but they would not be jokes to any one else but the truth. They eat and kill any outsiders to come into their territories.
      But killing me is not in their interests and should be far from it.
      I said they better start defending and start thinking about what they will do with the invaders. They will not let them be and exterminate them of the face of the planet.
      I said some things until I hear and then notice what seems to be reinforcements arriving from the skies. Countless ships are descending all over and moving in to observe the situation.
      Many think it's reinforcements but I realize I don't recognise the ships.

      "Who's ships are those?" I ask.
      "I don't recognise this design"
      Word spreads from the initial relief to more worry than before. They are not reinforcements at all.
      So many ships are descending now. Some smaller transports depart to fly and land about here and there. I see aliens are coming. They have blue skin and they just look ugly. Their heads look like the brain was exposed. They have really hightech gear and weapons.
      A third party invasion force is moving in after the others taking use of the situation.
      I sneaked out from the rubble and back into the normal city scape to take a closer look at these new entities.

      I was looking at some guys moving out from a freshly landed transport. They are soon searching the area. I decide it's better to make my way back.
    12. Nighthog's Journal: 29th September 2010: You are not ready?!

      by , 09-29-2010 at 06:03 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Hi, even though I've not been updating my dream journal I've stayed with trying to have more worthwhile dreams and so on. No new 'shared dreams' that I would put to anyone here on these forums but I might have quite regular ones with family members though time to time. But it's nothing I've discussed or tried to verify with any of them.

      Either way interesting dreams and progress is being made with dream control and exploration of the dream mind and places. I've recognized much further now how much I'm in my own inner worlds where many DC characters exists to come and go. I have long to go with control yet but I'm making slow steady progress for the better.

      This mornings dreams had a little interesting episode when I started to exert some lucid control and remembered one of my goals and took action to see if I can get some progress toward that goal.

      The goal being "remembering who I am". It took the slant of wanting to learn about past lives for this first try into it.

      Well lets start to go through all the different dreams up to it though.
      There was a not so intelligent sexual orientated one. Damn I'm way too obsessed with that time to time. Caught myself in a bad way this time.

      With family in the house
      Short dream early morning which was about myself and my relations to family members. Much about how I would like to change some to different kinds. Improving or whatever. I'll keep it to myself though about the subjects and whatnot. It didn't work out to well in the end. Felt a little crappy when I woke up real early. Stayed up for a while until I tried to sleep again later.

      A little disorientating sexual dream
      I know I was at first in the little playground in the neighbourhood. I had walked up to it to see a group of people. It ended being a large entourage of woman similar to my own age and they were a little erotic and suggestive. In half stupor I went over to try get going with it. But it was a little confusing as I got several different views and signals on what was happening. Like a couple different scenes played back in different ways and melted together. In one the girls where just showing off and teasing. In one I tried to engage in sex. In another a girl was just serving me candy. I ate some marshmallow like things that were sweet and white and pink, having a simple basic mushroom shape. There is one such kind I remember I've eaten time to time. I recall them more often from my childhood though. All in this I was shifting back and forth to wake up time and time again but managing to chain back into the dream.
      The one giving me candy seemed to engage in talk but I was mostly not focused on her but she did end up sitting on top of me at one point to start up the intercourse but all the confusion and dream instability just made it worse after a few seconds of goodness. One mass or another rolled over me to be super heavy and kinda suffocating. I remembered this from many old dreams and knew I need to shift focus fast and Just went to quickly just throw them and all off me in quick sequence, but one mass or another came upon me after the other. All kinds of characters were falling unto me to be distractions and panic causing emotions. I quickly tried to gain control before it goes all haywire to far for recovery. It becomes just way to damn distressing if it goes along for to long. It's really discomforting.

      I saw shortly a fat blob of my brother drop on me and I quickly had it removed and had enough and got up and showed it all away in a lash out. I for f**** don't want this messed up shit. Things got a little more focus and several scenes vanished and all that was left was the teasing and suggestive row of a couple girls in front the fence. I still heard the one girl with the candy beside my behind though. I had heard her complain gently about why did I throw her away. I may or may not have given a short sorry to her as I calmed down. There happened a distortion as she laid down to kiss me from just sitting gentle on me and caused the panic.

      But being half pissed and distracted I just wanted to get this stuff to point and went over to the girls at the fence showing of their backsides toward me. They had short skirts of different kinds etc. Having had a erection and being at times teased or aroused prior before the mess started it got back up quickly and was quite sensitive already. I just took to rub her nether regions as I went to hug and fondle her. But before I knew it it was already time. Way to fast. what, wait?!
      I just in a miserable manner just push her a little forward and legs backward to quickly gain better access. I press it at her parts as I saw she had no panties and had it come and see her react a little surprised. I feel it coming and coming and going... She is enjoying it even though the circumstances. I go with the feeling and.. It doesn't stop? It goes and goes. Wait it's now almost like pee, I get a little worried, but it keeps going as long as I press it at her. I get a little panicked about it and pull off to have it stop. I get more and more worried nothing in waking life happens, I was really feeling it there for a moment. I try to see a link but feel nothing happened IWL but I feel I'm losing the dream and quickly link back to the dream. Oh I didn't wake up? YAY! I go in my mind with a little encouragement dance of achievement for that at least but I check up on the girl I've been engaged with. She doesn't seem displeased. A little surprised mainly. She goes to try and converse with me but something confusing went about again, I saw something I didn't like and I kinda quickly just moved away from her. I went over to the second girl and well in stupid manner tried to get going with her next. She wasn't as willing as the other but before I realize anything and stubbornly try to get her panties down I get approached by the girl in the behind with the candies. She put a new candy in my mouth and gained my focus and I let the girl go. I saw I was just being stupid again. I hear the girl was complaining. I say sorry to her, she had been telling for me to wait a little and not be so quick. I see the other one I was just engaged with a little displeased, I had ignored her so suddenly.
      I look away ashamed I did what I did, I was too disrespectful.

      Things though turn out well somehow as she goes to me and then the three of us go to leave after a quick moment. We clung close together. The scenes changes and it's a large blur about except the two which I can see clearly. We are walking off together and I hear the two ladies talk to each other. The candy girl really likes to mention how I ate many of the white and pink marshmallow mushroom things.

      A shared apartment?
      The three of us now come up to this house and enter. It's a apartment of kinds which I'm sharing the living space with one of the girls I was with. One girl shortly vanished out of view as we walked inside together. It felt like the girl I tried to have sex with is the one who stands beside me and lives with me for now. Or rather we just share a apartment for cost reasons. It seems to be a good relationship but also quite flexible. Inside It's quite nice and large. Really nice furniture and whatnot. I really like the place. It's strangely really a long and narrow apartment. But it's not like we are a couple. The candy girl pops out from behind soon enough again after I had taken my first looks around the place. She arrives with company. Friends of hers and me I guess. They seem overly friendly with me. I feel like I know them but can't really place them on who they really are. I get a university student kind of feel though from them. Candy girl acts more close and friendly than my apartment partner. I feel there are some close relations between us. It's blatantly obvious though by the way the others act toward us two. The guys make jokes and the girl goes to walk of and leave us together. She is going to go be with some of her friends who are deeper inside the apartment. Toward the kitchen area it seems. Our friends go to join them there.
      I hear candy girl mention more about the candy and the ones I seemed to like to eat. Some other girls were about and they seemed to think it as cute or such. Kinda teasing me about it in a kind way.

      More and more people arrive and I see various old classmates about now. The house/apartment changes as I walk from one room to another. It also keeps getting larger to accommodate the ever increasing crowds. I at one point think about doing some lucid tasks but decide not to for a short moment as I want to talk a little. At one point I also start to do wall and ceiling walking with personal gravity control. Though it doesn't work out to well as much of the place is made of glass and it breaks and is also slippery. I though intent on the glass to repair itself as I walk over it cracking it as I go. Standing on the ceiling I don't manage to well as I try to stand on some hanging platforms from the roof made in glass and having many lights in them. People say to me not to do it.
      A while transpires and the place has changed completely and we are now in a large gymnastics hall. People are doing whatever they like and are having fun.
      It's kinda crazy and like a huge free for all party of fun.
      I finally again realize I forgot about doing anything worthwhile lucid, it was supposed only to be postponed for a moment. Quite a while had passed as I got sucked in back to the pace of the whole dream.

      Taking a lucid decision
      I suddenly brake off and walk across the gymnastics hall to a spot where others are not. I stop and stand and then summon energy and go to try and spin slowly. I have no focus but then gather and remember I want to see my past. I want to remember past lives. I want to see which lives I might have lived.
      I hear in the background a girl telling to me not to do it. It sounds like candy girl. I payee no heed to it and went forward. I quickly spot lines forming in the ground. I spin and something like a magicians circle is begun to be created around me where I stand. I hear people stand back and also watch. The girl warns me again.
      I go off to think about doing a spin out or what I've heard of to transition to other dreams. I wanted to try if I could use it to spin myself into a scene of forgotten memory. It shortly becomes blurry and dark and I think I'm succeeding but then I hear all the people around me again and I'm back to where I stood in the same dream.
      The girl seems relieved that it failed and that I'm still there with them.
      I'm completely against this and look at the ground. I see the circle I created and step out from it. A rectangle appears inside it in the middle of the circles and other lines circling about slowly. A screen or view port appears inside and seems I managed to do something in regard to memory playback as it was what I was thinking about.
      "Go to Africa" I hear in my own voice. A map quickly shows parts of african continent to then show some city landscapes.
      "Stand/go here, my higher self" and then the image shifts and changes about to show the pyramids of Giza as I go to point down on one location of the view that is seen. I'm pressing my finger directly at the new formed and zoomed in central pyramid. I was half commanding and half being led. I wanted my higher self to appear in front of me to help with this memory stuff but seems he had control half and made another suggestion.
      The view looks around the Giza plateau and other buildings and whatnot shift through quickly afterwards in non descriptive manner. They were really detailed views and images, live feed as well. not still images per see.

      I had expected for my higher self to manifest on the spot I pointed on the ground which was also the view of the images. I looked up as no one appeared and ended up seeing someone had come about at least for my summoning proclamation around as I peered the scene.
      I made the assumption he is my higher self and went to state my intentions and wants. I wanted to see and remember my real self, my past lives. Who I really am. My 'higher self' wasn't in a good mood about me demanding to know these things and made excuses or arguments. We argue and state various things to each other.
      It's not for me to remember now.... I can't be shown now. "You" really = I, won't know who I am if I recall now. I won't recognize myself or whatever.
      I'm a completely different person now I get out. Seemingly I won't accept what I am.
      Doesn't stop me from trying to peer if I can gain anything. I can't recall or see any past life without it being a hindrance to current life? Not a single detail? I argue with 'myself'.

      I in the end am stubborn to gain something and am soon seeing new views in my little circle and I then pass to walk through it to enter the 'past life' I assume I managed to convince myself showing to myself. It looked like I would be getting a little peek at something. I kinda just went to step into the image that appeared in the floor and I went to step through it to enter the scene that was forming to show.
      I enter a world of the 50s-70s. I see Swedish signs. I'm walking down a down town shopping district it seems. I look around thinking if I might see places of real life. I think I need to make mental notes and remember names and whatnot. I don't take to much with it before I hesitate about the whole thing. I'm a little sceptical and confused about the situation. I came into the world in my own body and didn't see anyone around at all and then with instinct went where my body would like to go and I walked off to walk down a few streets until I came up to this large building cowered in glass panels.
      I see several hostile men come out from this building holding tools and other objects, they are clearly hostile toward me.
      To draw it short they went to attack me and try to kill me. I slowly realized this is no past life thing but just a scheme or regular dream. I was climbing up the wall of the building but only more people came after me and they were now throwing axes after me . They got lodged deep into the glass. Some even made large gaping wound unto me as I barely avoided the fierce flying projectiles or various items. I was really getting pissed and obvious that the strength they were using was anything but natural. This clearly isn't a playback of any memory or the like.
      I ended up jumping down and beating the crap out of these DC characters and in the end shopped them up into pieces with their own tools. They got slices and dices way to easy. I even made myself heal up in a flash from my gaping wounds they at first caused. Felt a little strange having them seal up just like that.
      I managed to get my 'higher self' to appear once again and tried to get out of him why would he try to deceive me like this. Or let me deceive myself. I demanded he let me see a real past lifetime.
      I get a blatant "NO, your not ready yet!"
      We argue some more and then he blurts out that the people in the dreams are dead people, and that spirits are evil. They will do whatever is necessary for their own goals.

      I'm now assaulted by hoards of dead people, zombies, or evil spirits. a.k.a DC characters that are summoned en mass to all go after me. They want to suck out all our life energy I hear my 'higher self' proclaim.
      The battle starts...
      I really believe and get sucked into this ploy of his. "Power of suggestion" is key to dream control.. >_>;
      I end up banishing and vaporizing scores of these energy sucking entities that come out from nowhere and keep going after me and my higher self. I vanquish them at ease in the beginning but I quickly feel myself tired from the energy drain of the use of my powers. It gets more and more hard to have these entities vanish into a mist of vaporization. I saw my other self fighting a few with hand to hand combat but getting over numbered. I used my energy field which I tried to maintain and get more intense and large to get him out of trouble. I only saw a smirk and smile. He was soon back in trouble and I had real hard time doing anything but vanquish those energy sucking zombies closest to me. I could only vanquish those in my line of sight.I spun around trying to remove those who came from behind and soon to many were clinging unto me and attaching their tentacles to suck and drain me. Whenever I detached one it hurt and they got 'evil' but as soon as they attached themselves they got calm and nice and I had this strange pleasant feeling. It was strange and distracting. It really was getting to me and I now saw my other self no more as it was behind a large pile of frenzy.
      I'm realizing my predicament and tiresome low energy feeling and also to think something is wrong with this picture over all. I make one last blast to save my other higher self he walks around like it was no issue. But I'm real tired now but won't give in to these creatures how many there might be. I feel my tiredness but summon and gather my energy and have it radiate from my body. I feel the intensity of it I'm giving off but it doesn't help. They don't get evaporated by it and it seems the more I gather my energy the more zombies come about. I see the expression of my other self only smiling back at me.
      I am really tired and can't really keep up much longer and wake up slowly as I try to fortify and summon my energy.

      I realized I was fooled so badly quite quickly at wake up. Sure by going by that I'm far from ready but then I could not really figure out why lack of dream control would exclude me from learning that which I had requested.
    13. Nighthog's Journal: 13th August 2010: Demons and devils

      by , 08-22-2010 at 01:32 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Still only a draft entry but after so long of no writing, I post it as is as the other few previous entries which really only were quick notes.

      A short trip to hell: Payback

      It played out a little strange this dream by that my vision changed perspective to different dreams back and forth at times. I mostly forgot the earlier parts but thanks to a revisit in last dream I came to get a half recollection of how it played out in earlier parts by knowing which parts went wrong or whatever in that second edition.

      I'm pretty much walking about a larger house complex. It's a personal house but a large one with a few inhabitants. I walk about room to room from situation to situation. I'm not overly accepted in the house though.
      In one instance I go to walk into a room and meet two girls sitting at a table. Looks almost like a small cafeteria.
      The one goes to say after me asking something "Why don't you go ahead and kill me right now!" She was angry and hostile for whatever reason. I recall it was linked to other things I've been doing around the house. One was a short meet with a guy the one I was looking for but he wandered off and I didn't find him directly afterwards again. He had said something to me to mean not something to nice.
      Well either way I have this lady get hostile and all such with me. She really is confrontational. I have no intention to kill her at all. I actually like her. She and her friend have this conviction I'm to kill her and go on about that biting away at me with words.
      some something about their food and "And why should I kill you when I love you?" with a turnaround to walk away casual and said casually. I have other business to attend. I hear them in the background continue for a moment until the friend halts her and they go over to check again on what I had said in the end.
      They both agree they heard right. Their attitude has changed completely. They seem overly interested and go to follow me now. They want me to confirm on what they thought they heard. I don't want to deal with them now and say I only have other stuff to do and leave me alone. It's not good for them following me anyway. I need to have them leave my side before the man/guy comes back.

      he walks in just like that and says something to me. It's not anything good. He made a threat and was sure to follow up on it. But he walked off to go to the small front room where the door outside is. I go to follow. I'm greeted by the summoning of demons in a magic circle of sorts or a altar carved into the structure of the house. A summoning circle? I see bluish-purple and blackish colours.
      He has the demons attack me and I in some non recalled way repelled them from me and made them fly back or evaporate, Can't be fully sure. The demons could do nothing and as such the guy realises he needs to do something drastic and summons 'Nibiru' I think was the name uttered in here but can't be sure.
      The end result is a planet earth destroying summoning. Nibiru is a kind of demon. What appears is like this super heavy object falling from the sky in great speed to by sheer weight clear through all the way to the planets core to make it explode or something earth destroying.
      I just barely walk away from it's path but realise I can't have it enter the crust and use my mind force to stop it before it even reached 5meters underground and then had it fly up and thrown about. The guy saw his ultimate attack has failed and in desperation goes to attack me but I somehow just killed him simply there and then. Was too easy but it was done.

      To the next level:
      I'm now getting access to enter hell, this altar or magic circle or whatever he had constructed in the small room was a entrance to hell. I could not go to make a direct attack at their base. It was of great folly for them to loose such a place intact and running. I had also saved people and made some payback to this guy. I had owed him due dearly for something he had done to me.

      A short trip to hell: The real deal, the true opponent.
      I knew the guy from before was only a lackey, a lesser minion manipulated by whoever behind him. A slave to hell. A fool who sold his soul for power he didn't get.

      I teleport of sorts straight down to their base of operations. It's a direct link gate I see and am happy about my good luck and their bad one. I'm in some side by rooms. There are really none there and they don't know yet their guardian of the gate has lost. I go to walk about these caves and tunnels. I see some demons run about. Seems they finally are reacting and running away to guard the gate room or similar, but it's to late I'm already there and they are making it more easy for me to get further inside the base as the inner guards get further out.

      I walk into a control room or torture room as it could as well have been. There were a few lava pits and it gave a nice light to the room. I walk past some demons who look carefully but are cautious of me. They step back and then I see the commander. he had been wandering around the base and I got the location by some dumb guards talking among themselves as they left from the inner sections.
      *DISCLAIMER: talk is approximations of what was said, basically I don't really recall the talk at all*
      "So I finally find you one again." I tell.
      "It's time I take back what you stole from me"
      "haha, you can always try"
      various chatter about the topic and issues we have to settle. He talks about me and that which he took from me, can't recall it really to any detail.
      There was something to unwise call to come down there. I won't be able to leave or such. Like I'm a lost cause to have come down to hell. I label this guy as the devil or Diablo. He isn't the ultimate source of evil. He is himself only a lackey.
      it goes then too he saying something in reference to Lucifer. The true leader and evil one. Something of the sort to gain his favour by killing me as a intruder to his dominion. I have a counter though. I know him and he doesn't care either and he would just as well leave this place to be run by me as I please if I would so choose and kill him instead. He gets all smile thrown off. Nothings decided until the end.
      I mentioned something to the sort of this place being evil is only thanks to him and his brothers and others being evil and wanting death and destruction with misery.
      We go to stand off and the battle ensues.

      A short trip to hell: Fighting the devil and his minions

      This fight comes to be just barely of what I can manage. I'm heavily over numbered and overpowered.
      The first thing is he orders the demons about the room to go and handle me, "Don't be standing doing nothing. Take care of the intruder."
      They go to approach me and I have to run and walk about to avoid them as I figure out how to get rid of them. But he himself goes in as well using them for distraction. Just what I would suspect from him. He didn't handle things nicely in the first place I recall. He just came and overpowered me back in the day I recalled. The only reason I had once lost.

      Being in hell is not simple. The demons and the devil summon magic and items to attack me. They try to go for torture attacks, which get performed on me but I barely manage to pull through. I kinda try to dispel their creations but they outnumber me with the number and speed which new things appeared. I get caught in a bed of nails and spikes from both sides which impale me and give a world of hurt. But I stay conscious and moveable even though it rips at my flesh. they think they won as they caught me in this contraption but I'm far from giving up at all. I manage to escape from it by using some kind of magic and then I go to escape a little. I hear the devil following and talking in his normal way looking like he has won. He tells for me to just give up my struggle and become enslaved for ever to be tortured.

      I am looking for something.. I sense it near and soon see what I'm after. My 'Flame'! I saw my flame sword floating in a red and orange lit room. I go to get closer and soon see the sword is hanging in the air over a large pit of lava. This is what he had stolen from me.
      I hear him talk there in the back and he has realised I'm going after this. He though said it's useless and pointless. I can't grab it nor use it he thinks. I prove otherwise as I fly through to grab my flame and quickly bear my twin sword fangs down unto the devil. The darkest blackness and the fiercest fire.
      I take him by surprise as I slash at him and he quickly goes to defend himself with his own sword that looks full of darkness. A sword of evil, a great evil one. He backs a step but parries my strike well and then goes to say I have no idea what I'm putting myself into. Give up now or 'else' before he gets angry he tells.
      I won't listen. I unleash my attacks and attack and attack, he can barely believe I'm doing it and thought for a moment I would be killed right now and then but instead... I'm pushing him back. I let my swords roar. He really has a look of chock in his eyes and fear starting to set in for his own peril. He can't be taking this lightly. He goes to try use full force but I counter with more and use whatever I managed and have and more. I unleash my whole soul. I see a great flash of fire in yellow and orange and swirls of black darkness.
      I look at my opponent. The devil is no more. I heard the last few curses go to echo in the air as it was getting dragged away into 'hell'. non corporeal hell?, back to where no one has power or something to the sorts. I only recall really knowing you don't want to go there and that it's the deepest parts.

      I've won and gained control of hell. I'm the new devil. Though as I walk back into the hall where the command central was of sorts I still saw the minions of hell about. The demons hadn't let go of the old. They all leer and go to try attack me as they encircle and enclose on me. I only push some away and others banished away. I tell them to behave but they won't so I go to turn the demons into beautiful things instead with a mind of kindness. Their evil spirits turned about.

      All right I'm going to be turning around the whole nasty reputation of hell from now on! Where going to help everyone from now on! I looked toward Lucifer there somewhere in the distance through this window in this command central. I knew he wouldn't care.

      I start to check the systems and controls. I'm having them who are now my lackeys bring me up to speed about all the plans laid about. Many to overturn. I see many evil plots and current events as points on a plan well ahead.

      I have a friend down there already and he goes to tell me his investments in the dollar and it shows a large likelihood on it crashing at any moment if it continues like this. Good, it will be a good opportunity to turn about many things.
      *hell works on manipulating and leading events in the world but only though manipulation of individuals who have laid down their trust in hell, which in this case are usually high power individuals in high places*
      Lucky for me I can tell. I can work my ways through them without them noticing the groundwork to pull the rug out from their feet.

      other dream notes:

      Little wake time:
      Gymnasium dreams
      Wandering around school.

      I soon open my heart to cry at the hands of a girl. A young girl. She responds full of wisdom. She tells me and reads my mind and heart. I think she might be my spirit guide or similar. I need to show my true emotions for me to show my sincerity.
      She will tell me the good things about me and the bad things. But dream ended before she did that.

      The wacky dream of chaos spreading. (once had before and knew that in the dream)
      I start to escape with a huge bunch of friends. I see the chaos manifesting. Inorganic materials gain life and whatnot.
      Heading up this road and path. We find the place I hid in last time. It's a cafeteria, swimming pool mix of a place. A mental institute adjoined as well.

      Outside I find to confront mister evil himself. The one behind all this bad. I summon up a black sword and the fire orange sword I retrieved earlier. He is the same guy I battled in the HELL dream. My friends come about to help. One takes my fire swords. Evil man gets it back as result.
      I'm going to kill him anyway. I have a much more evil source. My black sword is of the most evil kind. I give of a maniacal laugh as result. I want my fire back.
      The fight sudenly ends for whatever reason. It was a test of kinds. like a tv show. It's strange. It wasn't serious at all. Me and tree friends are sat down infront a public and they talk about our determination and will. Each of us had a diffrent reason on fighting him. I feel down as I don't have a light hearted reason as the other.
      "My will was to kill you" I tell, crowd gasping as I got up with black sword to the side walking up to guy. He just embraces it and has hands full out. I try to come up with a idea of how to get away from the killing. I wake up as a escape.

      I try to replay the Hell dream from start. I wasn't to sure on my recall about it all and wanted to revisit it. Which I did.
      Though my recall played a foul part into it. It wasn't as natural and I went through each situation and place awkwardly compared to the first time. In the end I fail to see many scenes and he the devil type guy isn't killed. he escapes and I have to make a new alternative timeline for this dream. I continually am with someone who I discuss the dream with and how it played out differently. It didn't matter it went differently to me as we had allready done all this the right way before. But seems the 'devil' had also recall and that made his escape to not be killed. I never got down to hell as a result.
      Tags: demons, devils, hell
      lucid , non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    14. Nighthog's Journal: 14th August 2010

      by , 08-22-2010 at 01:29 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      We are Nazi Germans...

      A dream about being in a building as Nazi germans. Though every individual seems to be familiar characters as friends. Though I think I heard some of the names and they were Himler and the Hitler one.

      Replay a few times to get it right. I don't want to leave this dream failed and dead. Which seems overly simple end result.

      Solution is to deliver the document the two high ranking officers had to the prosecutors instead of having them leave and have the court case closed as lack of evidence. Or turned around so they aren't falsely convicted as the document wasn't known.

      I started to talk to them about it's a dream and whatnot. They took particular interest in that after a little while.

      I'm a civilian in DEAD SPACE...

      Damn was that a little creepy. I had no weapons or guns or anything to defend myself but try to hide where ever. You could hear them creep about.
      That tongue monster wasn't nice.
      In the end I ran out to a courtyard after being in like a library toward the end. I was no longer in dead space setting but still monster influenced.
      lucid , non-lucid
    15. Nighthog's Journal: 17th August 2010

      by , 08-22-2010 at 01:26 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      I'll post the notes I wrote:

      A dream about some kind of battle. Guns and weapons fired. I'm crawling next to a lake to not be spotted. Though they do and snipe away at my location. I think I was killed.

      Next I'm being pursued and trying to hide away from these guys using a chariot pulled about by a large bull. For some reason the bull always knows where I am.
      It ends with me being about a gymnastics hall in some school.

      I'm browsing a small kiosk, some girls there.
      Outside trouble ensues. A battle of kinds, The gigantic transformer robot is there. Some small destruction. I go to follow ot about. It had gone out from a American army base. People are amazed of this super technology. Something that looks like the queen of Britain is there.
      The robot docks into a container and then transforms itself really small and smaller untill it is a small ufo kinda thing. Flies off in great speed. I see a degree diagram and other things apear to note and calculate how fast it flew away.

      I'm walking about a mall. Many friends. When I wander into a furniture shop I am in the end introduced to a small broken sword. The old guy who had it before is done with it. He can not use it anymore. What buisness he has with it is done. I'ts something linked with the great transformer robot. It's a neural transfer something. It makes it so that you can use the robots.
      "Tha'ts my sword" I with great determination tell a few times to people about. They soon agree it's for me and I'm given it.
      A girl is to take it to be reforged. But before that A guy takes a needle/line from one and goes to insert into my skin and body on my right hand. it ends up transprting and extending to create a network in my whole body. There are some hexagonial centers on my hands though. They are the processors or something. It felt a little strange to have it enter my body and make the network.
      But soon I spot the lines have come out my fingers a bit. It's sabotage. I'll die if it's not fixed. They get to work.
      It fails even through all that trouble.
      But I feel fine.

      I'm in a classroom next. I'm literary dead and trying to sleep. Teacher picks on me for this. I have to try and correct him after I talked a little about the system I had incorporated. He asked if it was windows or Linux based. I said neither. It's soul/body based.
      I went to the front and started to mess with the computer by wifting my hands in the air. I was hacking it.
      Rest of class I keep the hacking and whatnot going ahead. I'm learning many things. The system shows me things of myself.

      I'm taken to a meeting. I'm greeted to the operators of the giant robot. They ask if I'm with FBI. I'm not. I join their organization as I'm now a operator.

      A new school and classes. I'm there trying to figure out some complex riddle of a murderer or similar. A girl there is the key. She knows something. She writes a strange language. She can't read our language.
      The writings are taken into class to be deciphered.
      It gives some trouble from another professor. the occult professor it seems. He knows this language I figure. ( a continuation from older dream I recall)

      I meet the boys from Full-metal alchemist and windy. I see windy reconstructing Al the armour boy. He takes sheets of metal, brown? and goes to weld them together at parts as she works it onwards.
      Later he is fixed and I'm with bot boys. They drop a watch. It revealed two philosophers stones. They both take one but I notice there is a third one. We eat them. It's like candy. We all run off as some guys come after us. Some familiar friends but we can't have them know about this it seems. They'll get angry. We leave and run away.

      I end up walking and travelling around. Mostly by some highways and side by roads and such. I end up going to a place where there are several super markets. I walk around the parking seeing many people. Lots of girls.
      As I leave and get back to some green grass and forests.

      I'm being called by a voice in my ears. She/he calls me by a name I don't recognize but then switches to my real name as I didn't really react to the other. It's the processor. he/she asked if I was doing anything important and I said I was thinking and trying to figure out how to do such a thing. meaning no. He/she went to remember me to check my messages. I thought about email and went to check it out on the spot. I got a screen come into my vision all across. I was now checking my mail. I saw several messages marked in orange text. These were from the processor. I saw that I hadn't read many for like a month or more. I start to checkout the older ones but as I read I loose dream stability. I end up waking from the reading. My focus to see the text was destabilizing. It was hard to see the text to be able to read it. When I got it readable stability got a whole big whack at it.
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