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    1. Wierd as usual

      by , 01-23-2014 at 06:08 PM
      I where in a small yatch parked next to 2 other boats.
      The boats where parked in an arctic area, in a valley.
      My boat where in the middle of the 3 boats.
      The mountain behind us was about 200 m tall and really rocky.
      The one infront of us was about 30 m tall and was very wide.
      It was more like a pice of high terrain than a mountain.

      But after i first noticed i was in this boat( wich shoudnt be suspicious at all )i noticed that 2 of my friends where there Martin and Philip.
      And they told be that in the boat to the rigth of us there where some gangstas with guns. And the gangstas didnt know we here there.
      And they told be that we gotta get to the boat to the left to survive.
      But we just jumped over to the boat to the left like it was nothing!
      But after i got to the boat i remembered that i forgot my ice-cube-shape.
      And i went back to get it. After i got it we went out of the boat
      To get icecubes to put in my icecube shape.
      And for some reason my swimming couch where there.
      After a while walking down the vally to the left we came to a place filled with snowballs. After a while my couch threw a snowball onto the mountain
      Wich was when i realised that a baby was taking speed and jumping
      Onto a sledge and just sliding onto the top of the mountain.

      But as we was walking downwards i saw that there was a gigantic skeleton of some elephant-like creature on top of the mountain.
      Afther a bit of more walking we came to some jungel-like place where there was tons of these skeletons often standing in a fully uprigth possision.
      Then i suddenly was in a concrete building and i woke up.

      Fuck, i could have written so much more but my real DJ is written in
      My motherlanguage(Norwegian) and it takes some time to translate