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    At a chinese temple

    by , 04-03-2015 at 10:37 AM (264 Views)
    Me, my wife and sister-in-law came home from somewhere. Finally we stopped at a Chinese temple that has many fishes. When we will leave the temple, my sister in law broke the glass of temple's door. Finally, I went back to the temple again to apologize to the owner. The owner is a good guy, we sit on a terrace that has many plants and mandarin song is playing. He said the price of the door is two hundred thousand Rupiahs (my currency) only. I said, fortunately its not millions because I had no money.

    when we were going to the exit door, I met with people from my hometown. They get together and chat with each other. I met with my aunt's family. My aunt is sick, but had to meet with the family law in this temple. The cost of treatment for her sickness is 10 million rupiahs per day (dammmn....) .

    Then when i wanna left the temple I met my sister and mother, we wanna went home together. The road was not the same with the time when i went up, steep and dangerous. Finally, I hold on to the grass and fell first and then help my mother, sister and my wife down.

    -===sorry for my bad english===-
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