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    The zoom out

    by , 03-08-2014 at 08:35 AM (266 Views)
    i am walking in the saddar town, its clear day, i see lots of action, there are open shops and every one is doing something, while walking suddenly my hands came in front of me from my pockets, i am staring at them and suddenly i realized i am dreaming i immediately glanced at one of the shop signs and did a reading RC, it worked. i am now standing at cross roads, roads are very big and spacious, i don't see any traffic, i remembered last night i was reading Robert Wagoner's book in which he mentioned something about a certain frequency or beam of light. i tried the same, suddenly my whole dream world starts to shake and i felt vibrations in my body, it got stronger and stronger, then i started to float upwards and kept floating, its like i am zooming out of Google earth from street view to globe view, but i get zooming out and out until i am in the void. i am thinking what was that, waited for another dream imagery to appear but i got to frustrated and opened my eyes.

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    lucid , memorable