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    little recall...need to focus more

    by , 09-12-2010 at 04:06 PM (301 Views)
    sept 4: I was with my lunch group at highschool ( Ryan Widdis, Tommy Schroeder, and Christian Merkau) we were going to a panda express in a neighborhood I havent been to the panda had a forest in the backround, or heavily tree like area. The panda express was apparently advertising a new Mountain Dew Lucid that only remains at panda express. sadly I didnt realize what went on...

    sept 5/6/7: no recall

    sept 8: I was running a race at a place that looked like melas and fenton combined. I was on the finishing straight away under a group of tall trees that hung over like the ones at melas. I was right behind nick mckee. jordan cheered me on to finish and catch up to mckee.

    sept 9: no recall

    September 10:I had dreamed I was at a hotel. I think I walked around the lobby or somewhere large in the hotel, then I had decided to head towards a hallway where our room was. House keeping was moving very fast from door to door she then got to our first room so i went into our second room which was quite large it felt like it had a raised roof a large window and a few other doors. as time passed my dream turned into a third person perspective dream and the room changed; the window was open and there were rocks and water and the floor lit up into a light changing circle and then a battle took place. I was a Buddhist that was dark gold with a red gem on my forehead(keep in mind this is still third person perspective) and I was facing scott richards I think? but he was using a jirachi or some sort of fairt as his fighter. The fight included intros showing each character before the fight. then the fight began I remember the jirachi thing jumped and stomped out a light wavelength circle around itself as an attack. I think I lost the first battle, but ended victorious the final battle.

    September 11/12/13/14: no recall.

    I really need to stop slacking and focus more.

    if it goes into a 5 day dry spell on recall, I'm going to start recording details of how i felt, acted, and functioned to help clarify whats stopping me.

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