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    1. First entries - 3/25 and 3/26 (dreams the night before)

      by , 03-26-2015 at 09:58 PM
      I don't usually have food dreams. It mighta been because I just found out you can taste food in a dream?? Nah whatever. I accept. Mundane life. Actually that's what I wanted to see more of in my dreams.

      i remember making a peanut butter sandwich and showing people. I was saying how i used to do this as a kid in class, like the teacher would ask me what I’m doing and I’d say “making a peanut butter sandwich” (in my lap, trying to be discreet). They all thought it was funny so i kept going until I made and showed them one.

      I don’t remember anything else. Green and Narli an old friend maybe couches and movies like trying to get there?

      I did go to sleep drunk too, and something else on barbs birthday at red tent.


      I forget the first dream. For some reason I keep thinking of batman. But it was something else.

      It’s weird coz I woke up remembering that one and it led to remembering the one after.

      Something to do with Ciera, this girl I live with?

      It ended with me on the phone in arizona trying to make a dominio’s order and see if they were still there (I used to work there). Then I thought, ‘why don’t I just go there’? It’s a 3 minute walk.

      Me and my sister are there. It looks different. The colors are the same. There’re more things, more room. I ask about it and they said something about a lot of money being put into the store, so I guess it got more successful after I left. I wonder what happened to the manager Ben. I kinda figure it was too much stress eventually. Teenage Taylor still works there. She might look older but not significantly. Kinda more modely but still her. She says that his working with me stressed him out. I’m kind of surprised. Me? I had my problems but I wasn’t that bad. I was even on-call sometimes. Then she added that he was using her secondlife. (she mighta said fet but it was in reference to 2ndlife the online game thing I’ve never really played but know a little about just how people talk about it). I got confused and in that she asked if I had seen her youtube channel and I didn’t know she had one. She looked disappointed and I said “oh! so ben is on secondlife and you have a youtube channel” and she answered in the affirmative and looked pleased, but I still hadn’t known she had a youtube, but it looked like I knew more than it seemed.

      Helen was being really social and friendly with everyone and vice versa as fits her personality. I’m not like that and was awkward and wondering what to say. But Helen made it easier and things happened. There were these vending machine type things for soda and a hook-grab-the-stuffed-toy game, and three were connected. One guy showed us a trick where he opened the glass door to the stuffed toy game to grab a soda from the other machine. It was supposed to be locked was the point coz otherwise you could just get a free toy. He said that was his secret basically and it was really funny, and something about the machines being shaped like that (slanty, squatter) coz of this old lady, but don’t tell her that. Maybe she complained or something and they beat her to the punch, idk, can’t tell.

      Well, we’d ordered a pan pizza with feta, sausage, and bacon, and garlic on the edge. I had been trying to find out specials on the phone and it was confusing I think, and agreed to something. I was waiting for the pizza and the third time of wondering it arrived,(i think a pc screen apeared, but they also said our orderr sorta) and Helen had been pouring this hot sauce type into a liquid measuring cup. I had been wondering about the garlic sauce and how to get it or ask. Now I wondered how that would help her – cool, she can do it casually like that while talking like nothing is wrong but where are you going to put it since we are going home? On top of the pizza? No. Then the pizza is here and we open it and it looks like the sausage is there? I try a piece – but the bacon and feta might not be. So it just takes like this cheese pizza and I had been worried I wouldn’t like dominos food anymore since I started eating healthier, and it looks like it’s definitely true. But they had also gotten my order wrong. But anyway, helen started pouring SALSA on the edges of the pizza and I’m like “What! Why are you doing that?! We were going to put garlic sauce!” and she says “Oh, what is this?!” and I say “Salsa! Now what do we put the garlic sauce on? In the middle…??” and I’m like mmarrgh and take this circle bit from the middle and put garlic sauce on it and try it and I think I go into this cylindrical tunnel and wake up.

      WTF. But helen is great. The domino employees – I couldn’t see their faces really. White guys.
      non-lucid , dream fragment