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    1. Creative Revolution

      by , 05-07-2012 at 11:45 AM (Talk About Being a Dreamer)
      The president spoke to us on the radio, and it was like everyone was suddenly caught up in his instructions, which were about doing something. Our something was to start drawing a picture of a doctor, and even though neither my husband nor I can draw, we were drawing an amazing sketch of a man.

      One of my friends came over equally entranced, and she was working on a drawing, as well. On the radio they were talking about "Where were you when the president spoke?" and were all recounting the projects they were now working on, including musical pieces and novels.
    2. Working with Witches

      by , 05-04-2012 at 11:42 AM (Talk About Being a Dreamer)
      There was a guy, somehow I was both him and not him, watching and occasionally flipping into his p.o.v. He knew witches and wizards existed, but he also knew he was not allowed to know about them. Then, his brother disappeared, and he went hunting for him. Along the way, he discovered that his brother had met the witches and wizards.

      He went to see them, and found out that they had not taken his brother. Whatever had taken his brother was trying to fight them as well. Their own kind were dying left and right to this mysterious force. They were preparing for battle, and the head witch told the guy to get a wand from her robes. He said, "isn't that against the tradition?" And she said, "All of this is against the tradition." Before I woke up, I got the feeling they were falling in love with each other, but first they had to get everyone ready and fight against the enemy.
    3. Looking for a Woman and a Book and a Coupon

      by , 05-03-2012 at 12:06 PM (Talk About Being a Dreamer)
      I was working with a team trying to find Temperance Brennan (Bones) who was missing. We finally found her, but the only way to free her was to get a magic spell book, and since the spell book had been missing for years, the only way to get it was to go back in time.

      Which is exactly what we did.

      We went back in time and had to fight through a mob boss to get to the book. Wherever we were was in disarray; there were piles of trash and smoke everywhere. I was in camouflage and carrying a gun, but I kept stopping at the trash piles to look for coupons because there could be one in there that would help me get the spell book.
    4. Sex for Clothes, Raiding, and Winning a Game Show

      by , 05-01-2012 at 12:01 PM (Talk About Being a Dreamer)
      At first, I was some kind of transient. I don't know how, but I ended up alone in the streets. I found this place where a bunch of homeless people were living together, almost like a commune, in an old building in the city. They all had food to eat and decent clothes, and most were women. Then I found out how and why--there was a man who ran the place who exchanged things like clothes and food for sex. He was pretty forceful about the whole thing.

      At some point I joined another real-life raid (this has got to stop happening. lol) with my guild, only this time it was a big white building that had some Star Wars theme stuff in it--cheesy stuff, though. Like we were raiding someone's personal Star Wars collection. I remember there was a boss room that looked like it had a big chess board on the floor, but instead of chess pieces, there was some blue/purple semi-transparent blob thing that I understood to be the boss.

      There was also a microwave in the wall. There was a blonde kid who wanted to make popcorn, but he had to wait for the Chewy Jerky to get done. I remember it had a little over a minute left.

      We ran into a new room and it morphed into some kind of really strange game show about cleaning up houses. Me and three other contestants were asked to go into a big pile of dirty clothes and find the grossest item we could find. I found a pair of jeans with some unidentifiable yellow crusty stuff on them. They made me heave, so I brought them up, and the audience chose me as the winner of the first round.
    5. Rotten Teeth, Sick Soldier, & Stuart

      by , 04-29-2012 at 05:08 PM (Talk About Being a Dreamer)
      I went to bed late and must have hit a REM cycle, because I went immediately into a dream (you know that feeling of almost falling into one? That.) In it, two of my 3-year-old's teeth were loose, and I realized they were rotting. I was really upset, and I woke up for a second. I told myself, "If his teeth are loose again, it's a dream." And did a reality check just in case. My daughter came in at that point and told me about a bad dream she had, and when I fell back asleep, it was a new dream.

      There was a war going on in our country, and there were tanks and soldiers in this neighborhood that I believed was mine in my dream, but it's not the actual neighborhood I live in. Anyway, somehow four soldiers had gotten sick inside a tank and were so dehydrated they couldn't move off the top of the tank under their own power, so some other soldiers and civilians were passing them down to people on the ground to get them to treatment.

      I took one soldier to the med tent, got him all set up with a nurse. They gave him some kind of IV and he had fallen asleep, so I headed back. I started to worry that I'd taken too long with the one soldier and maybe they needed me to help with the others, so I should hurry.

      On my way back, I became distracted by an elementary school doing some kind of field day activity. Among them was a little blonde boy, about 8, named Stuart. Stuart was the kid who won everything, who was good at everything, and who charmed everyone. His dad forced him to be really competitive, and I apparently had heard rumors that his dad made him go days without eating, practice for hours and hours, and had even slapped him around on occasion to make him keep going. So basically, I hated Stuart's dad.

      Somehow, I ended up at the church Stuart and his dad attended. It was nothing like my church. It was a huge building and the people were all very snooty-acting. They all also adored Stuart and his dad, which made me pretty ill. At some point, one woman pulled out an agenda and started talking about how wonderful they are, and I stood up in the middle of the meeting and said, "I'm going to excuse myself, since I can't stand that man."

      The lady met me in the bathroom afterwards, and I felt bad for making a scene (not bad for thinking Stuart's dad was awful, just for making a stink about it when all I had was rumors), so I apologized to her. "Hey, sorry for making a scene back there," I said. She put on her most haughty tone and replied something to the effect of, "Well, we all have to learn manners sometime, I guess." I'm pretty sure I considered slapping her, but I woke up then.
    6. Parties, Crimes, and the Most Beautiful Sunset

      by , 04-27-2012 at 11:52 AM (Talk About Being a Dreamer)
      I was at someone's house. A brown-haired lady, a little annoying, terribly whiny. She kept getting huffy with people. We were having some kind of party or get-together; there were a bunch of people, all of whom I (apparently) knew. We were there for some kind of common interest, but I don't know what the interest was. I remember that the foyer area was separate from the rest of the house. When you walked in the door, you stepped up two big, white and black steps. There were thin, white wooden, short walls that formed a little room when you came in the door. It looked pretty cool.

      In addition to the party, there was some kind of crime to solve. Dr. Soroyan was there, and she kept making me rewrite this test type thing she was making me take. The reasons she wanted me to write it were completely random, everything from "you're being too friendly, take more time to focus" to "That pen is not acceptable, do it again." Dr. Brennan was there and we joked about Dr. Sororyan. In the end, Dr. Brennan and I discovered the murderer and Dr. Soroyan had to accept me, bad pen and all.

      Then I was driving down he road with a man to go get something for our friends. A can of blue frosting, I think, so the rude hostess lady could finish writing a message she was writing on her van as a way to say "hi" to all her visitors. As we were driving down the road, we were sort of flirting with each other. Then we crested a hill, and there was the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen. It was like a painting; in fact, the sky had canvas textures. Big orange sun, these orange-red clouds impossibly perfect, big in some areas, small with sun poking through them in others, dark and light orange and a hint of red. We both gasped and I started taking pictures of the sunset. I kept taking pictures until the camera was full, telling the man I was pretty sure i could crop some of the photos into amazing pictures. He said something indicating that we ought to hook up, and I giggled.
    7. If It's Not WoW, it's Bones

      by , 04-26-2012 at 11:44 AM (Talk About Being a Dreamer)
      I was helping chase down a guy who killed people with arsenic. I was working with a friend (who looked like a shadow priest), a cop, a guy who specializes in poisons, and a guy who helped homeless teenagers (this guy was tall, blonde, an well-built). I remember at one point the guy helping the homeless asked the kids to bring him ketchup, and they had a communal fridge that had a lot of ketchup, too.

      We dodged several bullets by the time we started to catch up with the killer. We were all banged up but no one was seriously hurt.

      We didn't catch him, but I woke up when I could see his back in front of me running away.
    8. PvP Playground

      by , 04-25-2012 at 08:33 PM (Talk About Being a Dreamer)
      Last night I dreamed something about a giant monster.

      Then it morphed into me putting on armor, turning into a tree, and agreeing to step into the arena with a friend of mine. We got to the gate of the arena where we were supposed to enter, and it was a gigantic slide. We were going to PvP...in a playground. We're bad like that.
    9. Fragmented Candy

      by , 04-23-2012 at 03:25 PM (Talk About Being a Dreamer)
      My dreams came in bits and pieces. I remember two things very clearly:

      1. Talking to two of my friends via Ventrilo, but I was on a playground at the time.

      2. Buying candy from a young, blonde teenager in a building with lots of big, round windows.
    10. Sidekick? In Your Dreams. >.<

      by , 04-19-2012 at 04:02 PM (Talk About Being a Dreamer)
      I know it was really clear while I was dreaming it, but I had a hard time with recall this morning. I drank a little last night and didn't get much sleep, so maybe that's why.

      I was helping a superhero that looked like some kind of real-life, beefed up MegaMan. He liked to jump around a lot. I was apparently his sidekick, but I remember he was super cocky and treated me like I was useless. I remember I got annoyed with him.

      Thor was there, too, the one from the movie last year. And some kind of villain, but I don't remember details. I remember a room with glass walls and a parking garage with blue paint and a bathroom with blue stalls.

      I feel like I knew who the superhero was, but I can't remember now.
    11. Can't Imagine Why I'm Dreaming This...

      by , 04-18-2012 at 11:42 AM (Talk About Being a Dreamer)
      Couldn't be because I raided for four hours last night and then stayed up late. >.>

      My World of Warcraft guild was fighting Heroic Zon'ozz and Heroic Yor'sahj, only it was real. We weren't characters, we were ourselves. And I could see the sky, I remember lots of stars. We were given two--buffs, I guess. They were small white packages with different colors, one blue and square and one orange and rectangular. The blue one gave us all our health back, the orange one made our tank not lose threat.

      Our tank was our GM, who is a rogue. And he was really big. One of the buffs made him really tall, so he towered over everyone.
    12. Hmmm.

      by , 04-17-2012 at 12:59 PM (Talk About Being a Dreamer)
      It was hazy this morning, the fine details are just out of reach.

      The general idea was the story of a young autistic woman who fell in love. Her father refused to believe that she was capable of thinking for herself ((all too common, unfortunately)), and somehow managed to get her fiance arrested and charged for rape.

      I remembered her rocking on a couch and saying his name (Kevin, I think. and Mc--something. McDermott, maybe?). And her father had started some kind of organization teaching people that they shouldn't look at autistics as being normal people, and part of Kevin's sentence was to assist him in this.

      All of that really made me want to shoot the dad in the face. Pity I didn't become lucid so I could at least punch him.
    13. But What's the Big Orange Thing?

      by , 04-16-2012 at 12:04 PM (Talk About Being a Dreamer)
      It's been a long time since I tried to intentionally recall my dreams; even longer since I grabbed a pen as soon as my eyes opened. Took going to the bathroom to bring this one back.


      It was post-apocalyptic, and I was working in some kind of building. The building had something growing in it--mold, maybe? Or something similar. There were four walls covered in something black and toxic.

      I was working with 4 guys and 1 girl, though I don't remember much about them. One of them looked like a co-worker of my husband's, and I feel like I recognized the girl, though I can't recall her face now. My dad was there in a different room doing some kind of military thing with the co-worker guy, but I didn't know what it was. There was a radar set up in there for something, though.

      I was working on some kind of big neon orange rectangle, like almost twin mattress-sized, and very light. Reminded me of the kind of material they make flotation devices out of, only thicker. There were velcro flaps on it, and I was attaching them.

      As I was doing this, I was discussing things with the other people I was working with. Either myself or the older black guy I was working with said, "There are already two of us dead. One of us is going to die from this," talking about the exposure to the toxin.

      I remember being on the floor velcroing after that, and I said, "Yeah, my mom didn't want me to come, but I told her, 'any job I take now is going to be just as dangerous. At least this way I'm closer to home.'"
    14. Jeremy's Kind of Cute

      by , 04-15-2012 at 10:24 PM (Talk About Being a Dreamer)
      I was in an event with a bunch of people from The Biggest Loser. One of them was Jeremy from this season, and as he and I were walking up this hill, we were talking, and I was thinking he was kind of nice.

      We stopped halfway up the hill because there was a bathroom. Yes, a full bathroom, stalls and everything, right in the middle of this hill. Near the bathroom was a room with a table. When I came out of the bathroom and walked toward the room, I heard Jeremy say something about me. I don't remember exactly what he said, but it was something that had to do with having a crush on me.

      I thought it was cute, so I didn't give him any grief. And he has cute dimples, so it was okay by me.
    15. Catching Up

      by , 04-15-2012 at 10:19 PM (Talk About Being a Dreamer)
      I've been dreaming a lot lately, which may be why I stumbled back to DV. Here are a few of the ones I've recorded from the past month:


      Dream 1
      I was in a store and realized the shorts I thought I had on were actually menís briefs. I walked through the whole store before I realized my gaffe, and made my husband go get me a pair of shorts while I hid between racks of clothes. Interestingly, no one seemed to care that I was pantless but me.

      Dream 2
      I had a flashback experience where I saw the place Hagrid was born. It was beautifulóhigh up in the mountains, impossibly pale blue sky. Hobbit-like village, if hobbits were 12 feet tall and lived on mountains. Young Tom Riddle traveled back in time to kill a pre-Hogwarts Hagrid. His best buddy Gharj (second boss in Eternity Vault in SWTOR) came to his defense and rescued him. They were best friends forever from that point on. It was actually pretty touching.

      Dream 3
      I was playing some kind of real-life game where you shoot guns at other people. They donít die, of course, but somehow they are real guns. Iím not sure how that works, but it made sense to me then.

      I came into a match halfway through, and it was clear that the players here had been snipers. The room was all white, everyone was wearing white clothes and facepaint, and there were little sniper perches set up from these white pentagon-shaped boards that could be snapped together.

      One of my friends was in the match, and he was concentrating intensely on someone he was trying to snipe in the corner, so I snuck into the abandoned perch next to him. He didnít see me, and he was covered in white paint, so all I could see was the outline of his eye protection. I was lining up my shot with my sniper rifle, which somehow had a heart-shaped barrel, when I woke up.


      There was some kind of race. I'm not sure if it was post-apocalyptic, but it had a Hunger Games feel to it--we were being forced to participate and the whole event was completely unreasonable.

      We were paired up. I was paired with a male friend of mine, and my husband was paired with a blonde woman that looked strikingly similar to an ex-girlfriend, although I didn't recognize the woman as the ex-girlfriend in the dream.

      We had to travel down this long, dusty road that seemed endless. We were in a place that was completely flat and dry. There was grass, but it was all brown, and there were no trees. We weren't given any provisions except what we brought ourselves and could carry, so my friend and I were carrying a few bottles of water each, and that was all. I remember being very thirsty.

      People were dragging themselves along, trying as hard as they could to make it. There were officials at the edges in suits, I think some even had guns, to make sure we stuck to the course. After a few days of traveling like this, we reached the end of the road. There, at the end, was a deep trench of water, 50-100 feet deep straight down. We had to jump in, swim to the bottom, and then swim back to the top.

      Somehow, this wasn't too big of a deal. By the time I got back to the top, my lungs were burning, but it didn't feel life threatening. I made sure my partner made it out, and then we traveled back down the road. When we finished, everybody hugged and cried and laughed.

      The woman my husband was partnered with said something about him being a married man, and I yelled out, "and don't you forget it!" to him, laughing.

      Then, me and my partner were at a table somewhere, but somehow it was like we were suddenly teenagers, and he was wearing a gray hoodie and had his hand in the back pocket of my jeans.

      I ended up writing a poem about this one:

      Dusty feet running, walking,
      dragging down a dirt road
      with no end. It makes me
      think maybe the world
      is flat and drops off
      in a hole filled with water
      a hundred feet deep, but
      we are not surprised
      to find it. We push
      down to the bottom
      with lungs that shouldn't
      breathe but do and we
      claw upward through
      pounds of impossible
      pressure. We break the
      ceiling and grin and gasp
      and redefine life
      for the ones who
      have merely lived it.