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    The First Lucid, Feb 20 2011

    by , 07-12-2011 at 03:02 AM (359 Views)

    I was an alchemist, like Edward Elric, and I lived in America. A portal opened and i stepped inside, revealing a new world. It was a humongous swamp, and I was standing on a wooden boat dock. An old man came up to me and explained his life in this world, and then showed me weird vehicles on water that looked like motorcycles called aquacycles. He then taught me how to drive one. I hopped on one aquacycle and began riding around the lake, occasionally encountering alligators that I would perform water alchemy upon. I came to a cave, filled with treasure, and saw a large button. I pressed the button and i believe i was then warped back to the dock. There, I am attacked by a large robot. I escape back to America, but the next thing I know I'm back in that world. But this time, it is filled, covered with those robot things. One attacks me, but I dodge it and jump on the aquacycle I had driven earlier. I drove extremely fast while robots on similar machines chased me. Citizens were all along the water, swimming, so I swerve and turn to avoid them, but in the process I turn too far left and hit a child, then going up a ramp into a sewer. I then teleport back to the dock, but instead of robots waiting for me, I am greeted by a dozen hot cheerleaders. (SKIPPING ADULT CONTENT BLA BLA) We have a huge party and everyone celebrates. All the robots, however, are gone.

    OBJECTS: aquacycle, alchemist, robot, dock, cheerleader, alligator, button, lake, child, kingdom hearts style

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