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    Random Things and Agency Test

    by , 12-06-2010 at 01:03 AM (899 Views)
    I was suddenly put in this dream where I was in a hall and these like 10-12 year old girls started singing altogether. Oddly, the song sounded far much better qaulity and also was perhaps the most beautiful peace of music ever. They moved around a little and kept singing until I went down the hall they were singing in and kind of crouched in the right corner of the left side exit of the 3rd hall. They music ended and I got up again and magically got teleported into this weird area.

    It was a track and I kept oddly driving away from this thing which was attacking me and got stuck underneath a sandwich of two roads with one road being a ramp going in a half round circle. I tried backing away and the thing kept trying to attack me then it skipped to this weird island. "You have passed the test. Congratulations." the man who was chasing me asked. I was thinking "What test?" and then the guy showed me the technology and the place. It was sort of a little house, on a dock, in the middle of some ocean, with a spectacular view of whatever is out there. I then exited with him and was told to enter this building and oddly had to climb this thing which allowed me to much like a video game and that is when it ended.

    What's so odd about it? It's like a mix of Crackdown and Alpha Protocol. Though, I think the man was an angel.

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