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    Oneiric Mirror

    There will be several categories...

    Dateless dreams: Dreams that occurred between the age of 12 and 18.

    Lucid dream: This goes without saying

    experiences: strange things go in here, hypnagogic hallucinations, paralysis....every sort of strange stuff

    Premonitions: dreams that "came true"

    Read the comments at the end of every entry to see its category.

    1. Some conclusions...

      by , 11-03-2011 at 08:23 AM (Oneiric Mirror)
      All my lucid dreams were product of MILD technique.

      Ive decide to try the WILD technique, and reached the conclusion that its fundamental to any lucid dreamer development and progression to find the right technique, or else the dreamer will get frustrated with his own project, and quit.

      This is a conclusion that i think you all took it some time ago.

      Being able to know yourself is fundamental in the process of lucid dreaming...

      Its impressive the amount of dreamers that dont take the time to know themselves, and just grab a technique that they think its the right one for them...

      A lucid dream is a door to a realm, to your inner realm...and the path to your inner realm should not be be built upon fragile structures, and such structures can only result from lack of self knowledge and a sense of hurry in reaching a lucid state....

      I was once like that...always in a hurry to have the next lucid dream.

      Right now im going through a dry spell stage...

      I need to get of that dryspell stage, but im not worried, because it can only go away with ease of spirit and a calm mind...the opposite is only going to make the dry spell last....

      I felt the need to share this with you all, because dry spell stages are something that in my opinion is not discussed often in here.

      Anyway all this was just a thought.

      Walk the path, open the door and lose yourself in your own eternity.

      Red King
    2. Old Storm/New Storm (Between August 20 2011 and August 21 2011) --- Second Dream

      by , 10-29-2011 at 02:09 AM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm at Charles Xaviers mansion. Im an X-Men.
      I'm Wolverine.

      The mansion is white with brown doors. It has tall columns, white as well.

      In a room is Gambit and Storm . In another room is a younger Storm.
      She wants to be the successor of the older one.
      The older Storm, doesnt think the new one is good enough to succeed her.

      I decide to test the new one and we both go to the Danger Room to train.

      She flies a bit and then lands in front of me.

      She raises her hands and I see, from the the tips of her fingers, yellow rays coming out in cascade.
      I think that the visual effect is very poorly done.
      We struggled a little, and I think she's got enough technique.
      The wooden door separating the room of Gambit and the Danger Room is closed, and suddenly it is covered with a metal door that closes and locks us into the Danger Room.
      I look at the window and i think:
      "I'm Wolverine,i have mutant healing factor, so I do not think it will cost nothing if i throw myself through the window.
      I think the pieces of glass will not hurt me at all."
      I run towards the window and run through it. I Land on the other side, the porch, without any pain.
    3. Lulullu (between July 29 2011 and July 30 2011)

      by , 10-29-2011 at 12:40 AM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm in my room on the 5th floor. The room has a light blue light.

      I am at the entrance of the room looking. To my right I have my bed, and to my left theres a sofa, the sofa is like a kind of bed.
      There lays three or four people, including A.

      The other person is a woman who does not have more than 18 years old. It has medium brown skin and long black hair.

      She has a nice body.

      I start flirting with her and A laughs in approval.

      I read a book that appears next to me, and on the book theres the word "Lulullu" and I know that this is her name.
      I begin to kiss her and I touch her lips with the tip of my tongue, she loves that and gives me a french kiss...

      Suddenly she takes the blanket off her and decides to come to bed. A smiles and leaves the room.

      Lulullu is in bed with me, shes reading a purple paper, and she tells me in russian: "We may as well stay here until 2 in the morning doing nothing, or we can see the effects of an explosive sexual penetration ..." and he laughs mischievously for me.
    4. Suicide and Other Conforts (Between August 16 2011 and August 17 2011) --- Second Dream

      by , 10-22-2011 at 01:25 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I am a Spartan, and I belong to the elite troops of Sparta.
      We are in the middle of a fight. From the woods comes out arrows (which are sharp branches of trees) in my direction. I throw myself down on the ground and turn to where the arrows came. I run down the hill, throwing stones and sticks at the enemies.
      Our battalion is elite, but we are losing because our enemies are many....
      R is our commander.

      Flashback:: I have a vision of a deformed hand closing.

      Return to the dream::

      When the hand closes, I see the R with a Spartan uniform, stabbing himself in the chest.

      He committed suicide.
    5. The Jewellery Store (Between August 15 2011 and August 16 2011) --- Second Dream

      by , 10-22-2011 at 01:17 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm in a mall
      I enter the mall and go to a Jewellery

      I dont like what i see on the first Jewellery
      store, so i leave the store and go to another Jewellery

      On this second one, theres another costumer beside me customer.

      I look at the owner, who is behind the counter.

      Hes around thirty years old, has black hair and a brown cream shirt.

      He complimented me and asked me if he can help in anything.

      I tell him I'm interested in seeing the papier mach package of a ring, and that i want to know the price of a thick silver silver necklace.

      He and the client have a strange behaviour during the time I'm talking, they look like theyre not understanding very well what Im saying.

      Comment: It seems that during the time I speak, the owner and the client freeze...I think i was close to lucidity, as during the time they were frozen, I realized that there was something wrong, something unreal in all that...

      The owner and the customer return to normal and the owner tells me he thinks he can help.

      The owner begins to show me different jewelry.

      The counters are made of dark brown wood,they look a bit old; the counters have glass, both on the shelves and on each side of the counters.

      Herein appears the owner of the first Jewellery store where I entered before.

      Its S.

      She shows up and starts looking for anything on display in this Jewellery store.

      She says, "Okay, I'll have to sell here."

      From what I understand, it seems that S will sell some of her merchandise in this jewlery, but she will keep the profits.
      The owner of this Jewellery store does not seem to matter.

      I look to S, and I notice that she has a very prominent forehead ....
      I look better and notice two tops in her head, like two misshapen and large blisters.

      I go to another store that has clothing and surf articles.

      I enter the store and i see a blue bodyboard on the wall.
      Behind the counter of this store is S A.

      Me and the owner of the second jewelry are eating something at a bakery in the shopping.

      During the breakfast he says that he would eat S's pussy if I could.
      I turn to him and tell him I know S from elementry,throughout high school.

      He is embarrassed for saying what he said to me.
    6. Wrong Feelings (Between August 14 2011 and August 15 2011)

      by , 10-22-2011 at 12:53 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      The street is poorly lit.
      On the street I see an old and wide car.

      In the back seat of the car, through the backwindow i see a young woman banging on the rear window with both hands. Shes in panic, but I do not hear her or the banging, i just see the gestures.

      I walk in the street with a strange feeling of fear and that something is wrong ...
      On the sidewalk are two closed umbrellas . One is black, I think the other is red, but I'm not sure.

      When I approach one of them, so I see a fuzzy, cloud-like black someked presence,it lifts the umbrella and begins to hit me with it.

      Im full of fear, but i attack the evil black presence and it disappears, dropping the umbrella on the ground again.
      I keep walking and I approach another umbrella, another evil spirit comes and raise the umbrella and starts to beat me again, and I, again full of fear, attack the presence and it drops the umbrella on the ground and disappears. .. this confrontations happens two or three times more.
    7. Leonidas like (Between 12th August 2011 and 13th August 2011) --- Second Dream

      by , 10-22-2011 at 12:16 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I am someone very similar to Leonidas ... I leave a fortress city, to its exterior. I see the city wall which extends through the endless desert ... the sky is very dark brown, very dark ... the whole dream is in sepia tones.
      I say something, but I do not remember what.
    8. Geomagnetic forces and cougars (between 12th August 2011 and 13th August 2011) First dream

      by , 10-22-2011 at 12:13 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      Its night time...

      Im in an observatory ...

      F and I are in a place where geomagnetic forces ​​manifests... the ground is made of soft and loose dirt, and we walked over small, low wooden bridges that define between each other geometric floor openings, some bridges, between them, form land pentagons, other for land rectangles .... these figures are not formed on each bridge, but between bridges.

      The bridges are equal in shape, and height.

      I look up, and although this structure is outdoors, there is a "ceiling" of the same wood beams of the bridge, forming a dense web of beams, and through them I see the sky and the stars.
      I explain to F what geomagnetic forces are, and we both jump to the pentagon-shaped piece of land between bridges.
      This piece of land as a construction line through it ... wires of metal connect the bridges to each other.
      I say to F: "Here, precisely, is where geomagnetic phenomena is generated... can you feel it?"
      He is not convinced... I insist on my explanation a little more...

      but it comes to my mind my real concern ... a comet or asteroid coming towards earth ... apparently I'm the only one to know that.

      I have a sudden vision in the middle of this dream - I see a dark control room... T is in the room and complains to me that C F walked agains him.

      He is really annoyed and angry with the situation, I'm glad with him being angry.

      I return to the original dream and I keep walking, leaving the area of the geomagnetic manifestations way back, towards the main building.

      The building is a long parallelepiped, made of white marble, and very large glass windows . As I walk I look up and see C M on the third floor going upstairs to the fourth floor. Beside him is a blond woman with a red dress. When he sees me he stands still and both look at me.

      I feel I have to disappear from their sight, and continue to walk towards the building.

      I have a glass door in front of me, locked.

      I make my identity authentication (can not remember if I pass the card or put a code) , the door opens.
      I go through a series of service corridors and I end up in a kitchen. There are 4 or 5 "Cougars" there.

      One is dressed in a black felt coat, has brown hair by the ears.

      All of them are excited by my presence.
      One in particular is more excited then the rest.

      She is blonde, with hair to her shoulders, her lips painted red.
      Froom the waiste up she is dressed with a bodice and from the waiste down shes dressed with lingerie.

      Shes the cook.

      We (me and the cook) got out of the premises and go to a lingerie store that lies between a subway station and a Shopping Centre.

      She puts her hand under my shirt,licking my belly, tasting it, saying something like this: "Yes, this is / will be good, very good."
    9. M V (Between 10th August 2011 and 11th August 2011)

      by , 10-22-2011 at 11:46 AM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm in a room with poor light.

      F is there,and M V is there too. He looks at her for a moment and suddenly the two begin to have sex. Shes on top of him.
      I approach M and ask her: "What are you doing?"

      She says to me: "Come close...",i approach her and she starts to perform me oral sex.

      Days later I find myself in the kitchen with her,at work , and she says hi in a normal way, like nothing had happened.
    10. The Disco (Between 1st of August 2011 and 2nd of August 2011)

      by , 10-22-2011 at 11:29 AM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm in a nightclub. I walk closer to the front desk of the DJ.
      On top of it see a Propellerheads, its the decksanddrumsandrockandroll album.
      The album is under a average-sized dj headphones.
      I recognize the cd because of the cover, which has flames of fire, like in an explosion, and the silhouette of two men.
      I think I have a glass of something in my hand, most of the disco lights are green, although there are purple ones too.
    11. The beach (Between 21st July 2011 and 22nd July 2011) ---- third dream

      by , 10-22-2011 at 11:20 AM (Oneiric Mirror)
      Its night time.

      I'm on my way to the ship-terminal, but the path to the terminal looks like a sealine with rocks and sea, On the background of all this i see some mountains.
      I begin to climb the rocks, they have green slime, and find a door of a house,where two "cougars" come out...i flirt a little with both and i walk way.
      Later on I get to the terminal, which is actually a beach.

      The hole set of the terminal looks like a schenario being built in front of me at an incredible speed.
      The stone structure of the terminal comes floating in the water at great speed and its put into place, several boats are put in place, all with an incredible speed.
      Then comes the main boat (do not know its name) also at enormous speed and is anchored.
      I can see the bottom of the boat because it is anchored dry.
      I turn to M and ask him what to do, because i need people to tie the boat in place, but the crew in charge of doing that task will only arrive to the terminal in 2 hours. M tells me not to worrie. R is with me and laughs at the entire situation.
      P and L are with me also.Next to the moored boat the staff of the pier put another boat in place,slowly, in a dry dock, securing the boat and holding it in place with logs of wood.
      I'll call someone and not wanting to play with his arm in a phone log of wood, which gives off the whole structure and makes the boat go down on the main tidy opening a tear in her hull. I turn to Malachi and tell him what happened.

      I'm in the middle of the sand in a tent. Its early morning, and P is with me, He has long, gray beard.
      I leave the tent and go away.
      After im gone the tent is occupied by an ice cream vendor.
    12. Shady house (Between 21st July 2011 and 22nd July 2011) ---- Second Dream

      by , 10-20-2011 at 08:06 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      A house in the woods, the house is tall, made of wood, its like a church, the house is painted white and has a dark look.
      Tags: church, dark, house, woods
      dream fragment
    13. The Genious (Between 21st July 2011 and 22nd July 2011) --- First Dream

      by , 10-19-2011 at 01:24 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm sitting in a mall, at the food area, near a Pans Company.

      I look up and see television screens (or just windows?).

      Outside I see kids playing football on the grass.
      One has black soccer shorts, orange shirt, is blond and has curly hair.

      His hair has streaks of pink.
      Sitting by my side is a gray-haired man, of his 40 years with a laptop.
      He tells me that this player has an girly look, and that he is his father.

      He also tells me he has straight As at everything in the school, especially in mathematics. I tell him that all geniuses look strange, but as a father he should be proud of the son he has.

      He doesnt seem very convinced.
    14. The Instructor (Between 20th July 2011 and 21st July 2011) --- Third Dream

      by , 10-19-2011 at 01:17 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I'm in a shopping center and attended several exercise machines. A is there and I try to show my physical capabilities to her.
      Suddenly appears a teacher from Chile, and says that in order for the exercises to work I have to do 400 minutes of
      racing time in a machine.
      I tell him no,but he programs the machine timer to a 400 minutes session workout.

      The machine rises to a considerable height (more than 30 feet above the ground) but I manage to turn it off.
      When i reach the ground again ask the instructor who he thinks he is and where did he got the theory of the 400 minutes race.
      He replies that it was in Chile, while he was in the army.
      I dont care, and leave the mall.
    15. The Prophet (Between 20th July 2011 to 21st July 2011) Second Dream

      by , 10-19-2011 at 01:05 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      M is talking to everyone about the fact that spirits will come down to Earth, around the year 2012, in great numbers to speak to the living.
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