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    Journey to the middle of my subconscious

    My dream journal!

    1. Second lucid dream with SSILD

      by , 08-25-2016 at 08:59 AM (Journey to the middle of my subconscious)
      After completing my SSILD cycles I go to sleep. After some time I am vibrating. I focus on my mind think of where I want to be. I imagine a sport hall full of people.
      I am in the corner behind some huge baby blocks(Those cubes that have letters on every side).
      There is like a party or something. I hear EDM it is so beautiful.
      I start to stabilize my dream. I stay calm, focus on my dream, rub hands, do reality check, do some math.
      I try to get over one of the blocks. I cannot. I go by them to see the people. There are some girls from my school and stuff.
      I jump around the hall like crazy. Then I see my english teacher. I sit down next to her and ask if I can ask her a question.
      I don't make it, I wake up!