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    1. School Fire LD 6-5-2016

      by , 06-05-2016 at 04:31 PM
      I haven't had a dream set in this location before. Typically my dreams are in more familiar locations or completely fantastical.

      It was a three story brick building, like an old New York Firehouse, with fire escapes on the outside. It was a school setting, and each student only had three classes per day. I remember sitting through one of the classes, and the desks were crammed very close to each other. I was doodling on a pad as I half listened to the professor and the other students. I knew that I wasn't a student there and didn't belong, but the others accepted me. Suddenly, I had a bad feeling. I left the room and ran up to the top story. There was a fire that began, but it wasn't a normal fire. It was sentient. As I walked through the smoke and flames, that's when I gained lucidity and realized it was a dream. I put up a forcefield to keep the sentient fire back, and began barking orders at students to get out of the building and back up, because it was going to explode (even though I realize it's a dream, I still like to play it out). Some students didn't listen and I had to go back up and get them down. A couple students had their face melted off by the fire, the faces literally melted like rubber or putty to the ground. About at the point, I woke up to my alarm.
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