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    Lucid Dreams

    1. The 2nd day of the 2nd week of the Winter Competition

      by , 12-11-2022 at 01:20 AM
      These three dreams were pretty good actually. I got to do a few of the winter competition tasks!

      In the first one, I was in this Half-Life type dystopian world. I was in the middle of a desert with a set of 4 relatively small skyscrapers that were parallel to each other and a relatively small parking lot with a hole between two of the buildings. The mission was to protect the city from foreign invaders (Half-Life 2 nerds will most likely understand what I'm saying.) . The foreign invaders happened to be Advisors (these gigantic maggot-like alien creatures that have telekinesis and such). They were throwing debris from the buildings they broke around, I was using my Colt Python Revolver in order to stop them. It wasn't long until I was interrupted by Alyx (side-character in the Half Life game) and Dog (her.. mechanical pet) . They were trying to help me and it wasn't long until the desert turned into a forest, the skyscrapers turned into smaller buildings and multiplied in number. I was shot by a small rock, piercing my heart and causing my death. After that I suddenly found myself in an empty basement, with this weird man mumbling something to me. It clicked to me that I was dreaming all of a sudden, so I started phasing through the walls and flying at incredibly high speeds. After flying away from the basement, I teleported myself back to it to yet again complete one of the simpler tasks that is interacting with a dream character. His appearance was distorted, looking like a stretched and pixelated image in photoshop. I asked him as to what he's trying to tell me, only to be met by this odd and peculiar gaze.. Shortly after that I woke up, went back to sleep and that's where the second dream started.

      In the second dream, I immediately knew that I was dreaming. I was at home, eating a freshly made hamburger. I decided to put a ridiculous amount of ketchup on it and dove in. It was one of the best things I've tasted in a dream so far, it was really tasty, and even the entire table was covered by ketchup! Afterwards, just when I wanted to get a good view of the outside world, I woke up. This was an extremely short one, but it was nice.

      The third dream features some adult and inappropriate topics, so I'll avoid mentioning them.
      I found myself in the suburbs, taking a casual stroll. Wasn't long until I got a sudden burst of awareness and lucidity.
      I used telekinesis to suddenly stop cars that were passing by, after that I took off with insane speed and flight, headed to my house. I arrived within seconds. I was able to sense that someone was in my room, waiting for me. I turned myself invisible and slowly flew through the walls like a ghost. I turned visible again and stopped levitating, dropping myself to the floor of my room. I wasn't able to see them with my normal sight, I was only able to feel their presence. I made them visible, changed them into an attractive individual. I got rid of all the other dream characters, manipulated their mind into.. Well, I'm not allowed to get into the details, it's uncomfortable enough just talking about this publicly.

      That's all I'll be getting into for tonight :)
    2. Winter Competition Second Week, 1st Night

      by , 12-09-2022 at 06:28 PM
      This was a rather peculiar and odd dream.

      I found myself in a pitch-black manor.. I wasn't able to see much besides a few things. I gave myself night vision and was able to see a zombie-like entity that was headed my way, lunging at me. Before I was able to react and fully process the fact that I was dreaming, I've already woken up in a pile of sweat. The dream was really intimidating and it surely managed to scare me.

      I shortly went back to sleep, thinking nothing much of it.
      But there was I again, in the same manor. This time I was pretty mentally prepared and nothing could catch me off guard. I was not in the same room, but it felt like the same manor and I was sure of it.
      I recalled the competition and the tasks and immediately got to work. I phased through a nearby wall, and it felt like I was slowly making my way through gelatin. I wasn't able to see much besides the texture of the wall, until I was pulled back by something and I woke up, again. This time, the dream was trying to fool me into thinking that I've woken up, but I already knew that it was the same dream. I stood up from my bed, opened the sliding door to my balcony and flew off at a medium speed. But shortly after that I was woken up by my alarm clock, and didn't get to do much.

      That's basically it, since the weekends have started I'll be getting more dreams since my sleep won't be interrupted.
      The two dreams were pretty weird in my opinion, I don't get nightmares often anymore so it's a pretty rare experience, I had fun overall and actually enjoyed them.