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    1. Tornado Alley O.O

      by , 08-12-2011 at 06:21 PM
      A frequent dream I've had over the years. My town is like assaulted by hundreds of tornadoes and they destroy everything.

      From memory there are three versions to this dream:

      1) It centres around my primary school. It happens while I'm in class and the next thing I know I'm outside being CHASED by a tornado!!

      2) This one happens while I'm at home: once we see the tornadoes form, my family and I rush to the tall apartment buildings near our home and hide in their cellar (for some strange reason). The building still collapses but we survive.

      3) This one happens while I'm in town and driving down a road. A massive storm system forms and I take refuge in a book store. However lots of tornadoes form and begin destroying buildings. At the end of it I exit the building and drive home to find only the centre of the towns business district destroyed.