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    1. Of Letter Factories and Destruction.

      by , 02-16-2016 at 04:42 AM

      Old dream here.
      This dream was had in the span of approximately two hours, from 9:11 AM to 11:11 AM. It's worth noting that I fell asleep with a children's cartoon entitled “The Letter-factory” playing in the background; This probably had a hand in distorting my dreams.

      I can't remember much about this dream, other than it seemed to take the events of a “Letter Factory” in a children's cartoon (In which the young protagonist proceeds down through levels of the factory, meeting talking letters and learning how to say them) and put them into reverse:
      With me (possibly standing in as the protagonist?...) moving UP through the floors of the factory. But there was a twist: I think that the protagonist's guide (An anthropomorphic weasel scientist) had become evil and/or blighted (disfigured in appearance and speech) and as a result, I wanted to kill him and everything he had created; This included the letter-factory and the letters themselves, although this could have just as easily been motivated out of sheer annoyance of them.
      I also think that a few of my family members assisted me, with my father (And possibly oldest brother) being one of the main... Helpers?

      Anyway, we somehow managed to proceed up the levels of the factory, (which, if in the cartoon, would have proceeded from Z-to-A: It's worth noting that this is NOT how we proceeded, in fact, I believe that the “W” and “K” rooms were destroyed several times over, but this may have just been a dream loop.) obilerating every room and character we came across. (When the bottom floors were destroyed, the walls caved in to show us that there was nothing outside the factory, only a blank white expanse. More and more of this expanse would be revealed as the demolition progressed)

      When the final room was destroyed, we proceeded into the heart of the factory, otherwise known as the surface, decorated for the final act of the original cartoon. I'm not sure exactly what happened here... Perhaps we destroyed the weasel, or got caught in the machinery.
      But what I'm mostly sure of is the fact that this dream looped. Either that, or we were caught and “sent back” by the weasel to the lower levels, with the rooms rebuilt?... (This was probably caused by the cartoon in real life reaching its end and being played again) (Of some note is the fact that we were transported using large blue pipes with glass caps on their ends, much like a telescope; The transporting effect was similar to teleportation)

      My recollection of what happened next is fairly fuzzy, but I think that we may have just repeated the same thing, only lingering in different rooms longer. But what I am mostly sure of was that, in the end, we erased almost all existence of the factory, beyond the “cube” that the heart had stood on (with some meager grass effects and part of the machinery and floor), and a few large earthy-colored blocks stacked below: I believe these to merely be what's left of the earth after it was shaped by the tunneling for the factory. And there we were, left in a void with nothing to do.
      Except rebuild. And I think that's just what we did.