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    1. Finally! An oasis in the desert that is my dry spell.

      by , 12-29-2010 at 06:18 PM
      This is sad.

      This is the first entry I have ever had for this new blog system, and the first post in a DJ for months.

      BUT, I have an LD after... *counts* 6 freaking months. It's not a long one, but I finally have something to work off of.

      Type: WBTB, DILD. Length: too short. Quality: excellent.

      I started off in my room, in broad daylight. Nothing out of the ordinary considering winter break. I 'woke' to find everything basically where it is IRL. At the corner of my bed was my little sister, wandering in. In reality, she is 13. I was seeing a 3 year old. I tried the 'plug your nose' RC to find this as a dream. I tried it again after standing up to make sure, with the same result. I glanced at a digital clock to find the numbers all wrong and distorted. Already, (unfortunately) the dream was breaking down. Everything started to darken and get a black static effect. I tried to stabilize the dream, but to little success. I cleared the static, but only for a moment. Then, it took over my field of vision and I woke up. Stupidly, I recorded the event in a notebook, and because of it, failed a DEILD.

      But at least this is something to work off of later. I haven't had such a chance in a long time. And with the record standing at 5 LDs in more than a year, I kinda suck at this.

      Only time will tell.