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    1. Murder mystery

      by , 07-23-2017 at 03:03 PM
      I've been very inactive here in the forums, but I still had some LDs (not in my DJ here) a few weeks ago. I lost my motivation after those LDs and haven't been recalling that many dreams lately. Like, still atleast one per day, but not as clearly as usually. But I'm getting my motivation back. But I'm getting my motivation back slowly. Here's my dream from last night anyway:

      I'm not any character in the dream. I'm just watching it like it's a movie. There are two young boys (like 10 years old or younger). The other has blond hair and is very kind but seemed to be a little weird and weak and easy to bully on. He had a white shirt. The other has brown hair and seems more of an extrovert and stuff unlike the other, but is still propably not the most popular boy in the school. He has a white T-shirt. The boys are friends. They are somewhere near my IRL house. There are lots of detached houses there. Outside one house there's a girl and her mother. The girl is the boys's classmate and has a braided blond hair and a simple white dress. The mother is really obese and seems evil. She also has a purple T-shirt. Then there's some part of the dream where the boys deal with some code name or something. It was "LunNiMax". Really weird, but turns out it's related to the girl's name. Her first names where Ninni and Max apparently, but her surname is unknown. Then the boys find out Ninni has been murdered. The boys want to find out who did it. The dream ended very soon after that, but I felt like the blond boy might become the next victim.

      I tried to put more detailing to this than usually, so that's why the text seemed quite long for a short dream that wasn't even remembered properly. I found the dream interesting and after woking up I kept thinking about it and what could have happened next, what where the murderer's motives, how did the girl and the blond haired boy die, did the boy even die afterall, etc.

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    2. My crush as a player - Haunted house at the beach - Another haunted house

      by , 06-17-2017 at 09:18 AM
      So, I got three dreams and to make it simple I'm just going to write them all at once. None of them was lucid. Btw I'm writing all my dreams to my own notebook too and because it's my main DJ I might not write here at all if I don't feel like doing so. But here are my dreams from last night:

      #1 This dream was pretty short. I remember my crush being there. He smiled weirdly and was trying to get me date him even thought he didn't really like me. I knew that but apparently I still fell for him...The dream ended.

      #2 At first I was hanging around with some girl. I didn't know her IRL. We were at the beach and there were some random red stairs so we were hanging there. Then my companion changed to my family and relatives and we went to some house. It was round and off the ground (it had pillars). It wasn't that big and I think it was red too. The house was haunted and had quite disgusting history. Also it was swinging like a boat for some reason. Some of the walls were unstable. There was propably some secret room. I felt sick and was afraid some ghost would show up. Others had no problem with the house and seemed happy. I went outside. I puked. It was very weird but not as bad as IRL. The dream ended.

      #3 Another haunted house dream. This time the house was more big. It looked gray. The dream begann already inside it, I think. There were people I know IRL including my sister. Most of the people were girls and younger than me, but there was one boy who was the same age as me. Some went to a room that seemed scarier than the other rooms. Or atleast I felt like it was scarier. They got stuck for a while and the boy went to save them. I just ate salad that someone found. There were plastic forks. Weird . The dream ended.

      I also remember having a fourth dream, but I only remember that I was in school in it, so it doesn't count imo.

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