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    The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal

    1. Dream Journal Entry 22: About Bloody Time -08-26-2013-

      by , 08-26-2013 at 04:01 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      Two, one is a fragment.

      Dream 1 (fragment): I was at some house. I go outside, and I'm in a little bay somewhere in the city. I'm looking around for my car, but can't find it.

      Dream 2: I was at my late uncle's condo. We're just sitting around chatting. At one point he just sits there with a smile.

      And then I go "Wait a minute, he's dead." Lucidity obtained. The area starts shaking, and I just sort of close my eyes for a second and re-open them, along with clapping, to stabilize them.

      So I jump out the window, there's a four story drop, land on the street, jump up to the roof immediately after. Looking around, I see that there's a lot of fog. I look back over the edge, and some dream character shows up and says "Don't do it." I say "Fuck you, here I am God," jump down and jump back up to the roof of another building [buildings in the area are 10-15 stories. Can't remember their real size].

      Another random dream character appears, and says something. I look right and look back, bam he's a bird now and flies away.

      Sadly I woke up after that. =(

      I believe this falls under a "WBTB" as I woke up at around 3:00AM and fell asleep again at around 5:00 or 5:30AM. I woke up again at 9:50 or so.
    2. Dream Journal Entry 21 - A vivid dream, and a central character. -07-24-2013-

      by , 07-25-2013 at 05:55 AM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      So, early on in the dream, it was...well, chaotic and disjointed.

      I remember that there was a large forcefield around what was apparently a school. The forcefield was somewhat spherical, and spanned quite a few blocks, and had a green color to it. It apparently would vaporize anyone it touched, but not anything else, and cut into someone's house.

      There was also something about nanites. Not sure what.

      Then I was in some kind of theatre, or church, or something. Lots of seats facing one way. Individual seats, like in a theatre, except all on the same level.

      I apparently created a clone of myself, who was right next to me. This clone sort of...shrivelled up and withered away over the next minute or so. It was...kind of disturbing.

      Anyways, at the back of the large room I was in, was a relatively large, clear area. To my left was a wall, to my right was a crowd and the rest of the room.

      In front of me appeared a character who was the central focus of the rest of the dream, a girl named Sofia. I still remember her appearance, too. Roughly my height, shoulder-length brown hair, blue eyes. She was wearing...I think it was a t-shirt and shorts, but I don't remember any other details about them.

      I found myself at a place that was apparently my house, resembling my old home, before I moved to my current one. Where my gaming room was, which was just a sort of large alcove between two rooms, separated from the hallway from some thick curtains, was a bathroom. I remember the layout fairly well. The door opened inward and to the left. There was a bath on the left, a sink to the right, and a cupboard past the sink, also to the right. The toilet was to the left, around a slight corner behind the bath.

      I found myself at the front door to this house. Unlike my old house, this one had a simple brass [or some other metal of that color] doorknob, one that you would find on a bedroom or bathroom door, as opposed to the front door.

      I opened it, and here I remember the smell of fresh air and freshly-cut grass. There was a small concrete "landing," and then two steps down onto a concrete path that extended out to the road. To the left and right was a well-kept lawn. This front yard was completely different from my real one.

      Sofia was there, holding one of those paper bags you use for gifts and such at parties, it was blue. And yes, it was shiny. She comes in, and we chat for a bit, and head out to the backyard.

      My old house had a sunroom, this one didn't. In place of the rather large backyard my old house had, this one had a concrete patio. It was fairly bare, and there was a wooden bench, like one you would find in a park or beside a sidewalk. Sofia and I sat down on it, and continued chatting for a bit.

      Then I woke up.

      I actually remember how a good chunk of things felt, such as the brass doorknob, and I remember that smell.

      I did not find out what was in that bag.
    3. Dream Journal Entry 20 - Reality Warping Senior Citizens, and a mall. -07-12-2013-

      by , 07-12-2013 at 08:27 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      AKA "How the hell did I not notice this was a dream?"

      This dream has a lot of blank spots in it, and it seems I was stuck in a loop.

      I found myself sitting next to someone, I cannot remember who, in a restraunt in a mall. Across from me is an elderly lady, one who doesn't appear to look like anybody I know. I'm also apparently not wearing clothes at all, and have a towel instead. Something happens, I get up, the lady gets up, too, I turn to run, and [blank spot].

      I then find myself looking at a map, for a You Are Here symbol. To my left, I think I was aware of a Millenium store, though I don't recall actually seeing it. I finally found where I was on the map, and according to it, my destination, which I cannot remember what it was, was to the right, then a left, then two rights from where I was. I start moving, [blank spot], and find myself at a dead end. I think there was an exit here, but it was pitch black outside, and the entrance itself was extremely dark, yet the glass was perfectly clear. The stairs were to my left, if I was facing away from the entrance. I could see another area on the other side of the stairs, but they ended at a wall. They went up, and then to the left and right. Underneath the stairs, there was no path to the other area, but rather a few stores. I moved back and forth about three times, trying to understand how this works [as, from one perspective, it was impossible to have those stores fit there], but failed to understand. Somehow, I'm not lucid. I notice that the floor tiles, stairs, etc. seem to be a golden-ish color, but still obviously normal for a mall [ie. not gold]. I turn to go up the stairs, and [blank spot].

      I find myself in the restraunt again. The scene there repeats itself, and at the blank spot, I find myself at a computer on some website. I was apparently playing some hybrid of a point-and-click game, platformer, and Choose Your Own Adventure book. It was 2D. I was playing a female character, who was standing next to another female character, who was apparently going to get married. We walked down the aisle to the altar, and found someone resembling a character from a forum game [Specifically, the blue Nelly from Paradise, but I doubt anyone here knows who that is, save one]. Something happens, and I run to the left, and [blank spot].

      Restraunt scene again, it repeats itself, and at the blank spot, I find myself running across a chasm, across a wooden beam, with about...thirty other people or so. When I got to the end, I couldn't see any people at all, and [blank spot].

      Restraunt scene, repeats itself, at the blank spot I'm playing some game nigh-identical to AI War. However, you could apparently zoom out to see the entire galaxy, seeing every planet at once, and I think that wormholes were extremely rare and you had to move between planets the old-fashioned way - moving between them normally. I used some cheat to get full vision, which apparently only included certain AI units that had a line-of-sight. I could see what I think were Warbird Starships moving around, and on the other side of the map, the AI had a few Hunter/Killers moving around. I paused and looked at them, and they had completely different names, save for the Mk3 version. I cannot remember what the names were, but I remember the name "Mary" and the word "Tomato." [Blank spot], and I found myself looking at some kind of .gif or something that only advanced when you weren't looking at it. Apparently the Hunter/Killer units turned into the .gif somehow, which involved several unidentified female anime characters moving around and talking. Then [blank spot].

      Restraunt scene, repeats itself, at the blank spot I'm back at the point-and-click platformer. When we get to the altar, Nelly suddenly throws me back, and I get knocked into the other screen, and land in what is apparently "corrupted water." I'm also transformed into a stone at this point. Nelly apparently says that this will purify the water, then transforms me into a bean and throws me into another large pool of water, then shrinks me down even more, kicking me back into the original pool of water. I can apparently move around still, by jumping around, and I manage to get back to the "wedding scene" and I'm transformed into my original character. I run across, holding a sword, go past the altar, [blank spot], and find myself at the beam again, only there's two beams now, the second one to the right of the first and slightly higher. I cross it with all the other people, several of which fall off, and at the other side I see a platform made of wooden boards. The second beam was definitely higher than the first, by about half a foot or so, despite both beams being perfectly straight, rigid, and originating at exactly the same level. Then, [blank spot].

      Restraunt scene again. I'm chatting with the person sitting next to me, something happens, but this time I take a lot of time to get up. I turn and run, and somehow the lady sitting across from me manages to catch up with me and just sort of grabs me on the shoulder. I stop instantly and turn around, and for some reason start trying to give excuses on how I could have been someone else [at one point I pointed out "no ID at all" and that I didn't have my wallet, and she pulled it out of her pocket. I also know that I was never pickpocketed, as I apparently didn't bring my wallet at all]. She says that she can accept this, or she'll get [forgot the name] to help me, and indicates some Japanese person next to me. At this point I finally put on some pants.

      Apparently I'm stuck in this mall. The reality-warping senior citizen [she definitely teleported during that chase, and I distinctly remember it as her actually teleporting] says that I can leave, but "they" are out there, indicating the pitch-black area outside. I say "Let me guess, safer in here than out there?" and she just nods. [Blank spot], and I [obviously] find myself exiting the mall. It's extremely dark, but I can still see clearly. It's cloudy out, there are no lights, there's a large overhang above me, and to the left are a number of bushes. There is definitely a parking lot. She is out here with me, and says [cannot remember]. I eventually mutter something about "Blowouts from STALKER" and then the sky starts lighting up in places, a red glow covers the area, I back up, and from the bushes comes what appears to be a massive, mutant black dog [or something similar]. I run back indoors, and close the door. I walk up to the other set of doors, turn around, and see one of the first set is slightly open. The one I didn't open. I immediately open the door I'm standing next to, step back inside the mall, and a [normal sized] black dog jumps at me, but is pulled away by someone else. I face the entrance, and notice that a small area, shrinking and expanding based on how far away I'm on it, is transparent, except static-y, but I can see through it. Everything else is pitch black. [Picture a sphere around me. Where it intersects the pitch black area, you can see through it but static].

      I turn around, and walk up to some gaming stand. Someone asks if "Criken" [a YouTube user] is currently here, and the person running the stand says no. I mutter something about "stuck in this mall for eternity and I just missed meeting Criken." The reality warper turns to me and says that everyone's here, apparently, and that there was an entire section of this place devoted to weapons, ammunition, etc. Some other girl, cosplaying as Samus [in the Zero Suit, not the Power Suit], jumps slightly, turns to face me, and asks when I got here. I say that I was here for a while, and then mutter "Who am I, Kellam?" [A character from Fire Emblem: Awakening]. [Blank spot], then the cosplayer turns to me and asks if I'm up for a few rounds of gaming. I say that I'm apparently a bit rusty, but sure. We turn around, the area behind the stand is now a gaming store, and there's a TV with some Call of Duty game in [I think it was Black Ops 2]. We pick up controllers [Probably Xbox 360], and the dream ends.
    4. Dream Journal Entry 19

      by , 07-12-2013 at 08:25 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      Forgot to post this one ages ago, apparently. Here it is.


      A single fragment, unfortunately.

      I was in my room. It was apparently 6:00AM. One of my friends was there, and he was saying something.
    5. Dream Journal Entry 18: Restaurants, Minecraft, a fragment, a war, and more. -05-02-2013-

      by , 05-03-2013 at 06:02 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      I am currently sick enough that I could not go to school today. As such, I woke up at roughly 6:40AM and fell asleep about an hour later.

      I experienced three dreams, one before that particular time, and two after, one of which is a fragment.

      Dream 1: I was in a restaurant, in a mall. There were a few of my friends there, though I barely remember whom. I stood up, and walked to another area in the mall, where I found someone entering some door, to an area that was apparently a photo booth. I saw a bright light from the crack in the door, and they walked out wearing something completely different, and also wearing sunglasses. In a relatively-dark mall.

      Two of my friends went in there, at different times, and the same thing happened. When the door was open, I could see that there was some passage forward for about roughly two meters, and then it turned to the left.

      I did not enter myself, and turned to the left, and after a bit of walking, I found another entrance to this area. At this point, the walls of the immediate area had changed to resemble the stone brick block from Minecraft.

      I had apparently made it my job to figure out what was going on. I had someone as an assistant, though I don't think they were anyone I knew personally IRL. I opened this other door, and stepped in, and found some pressure plate. I removed it, heard some whirring, and jumped out. As the door closed, I heard some high-pitched sound and the area inside was too bright to look at.

      I had my assistant enter and exit this area twice. Evidently, the machine or room or what have you was now damaged, as the only changed appeared to be the color of her hair, both times.

      I went over to the other entrance, stepped in, and apparently found a ledge covered in bags of chips. I knocked all of them down (there must have been thousands, to fill that area, and I somehow knocked them all down all at once), and exited the area. A friend of mine asked where I got the chips, and I just pointed to some area to the right.

      At this point, the scene changed. It was an open area, floating in some bright void, though the immediate surroundings resembled this machine, which appeared completely wrecked. The front part was completely destroyed, but I apparently described it as the gaping maw of some monster. The whole thing also appeared as if it were in Minecraft. The interior was just an empty, unlit space. On the outside, embedded in the edges, were pieces of rock with glowing lines through it (If you have played the Thaumcraft 3 mod for Minecraft, they looked essentially exactly like infused stone). There was apparently someone else here, and to "mine" objects we had to jump up or down or hit the bottom of the block (by jumping up on the block beneath it). We reached the top, and the dream ended.

      Dream 2 (fragment): I was at the house of one of my relatives. It was a clear, summer day. There was an oddly-constructed "outhouse" (which was more like a bathroom that was simply disconnected from the rest of the house, rather than an actual outhouse, as it had plumbing, lighting, and heating). We had found a dead woman in this place, though there were no injuries of any description. As we were trying to figure out what to do, she apparently got back up. I cannot remember what happened between this and the next part, however.

      We went back to the "outhouse" and found her there again, once again "dead." There was some pole, about two meters long, suspended from the ceiling on a string and swinging around the room somewhat. She got back up again, and some other girl, apparently her daughter or some such, also appeared out of nowhere. I cannot remember anything else, though I do remember there being more.

      Dream 3: I was in a room, part of some "palace" (though it appeared to be a hotel of truly bizarre design). Outside was a series of seemingly-random hallways and doors, many of which would lead to rooms that would qualify as closets, assuming they were there. This particular dream constantly swapped between two different scenes, one in this "palace" and one in a snowy forest, trees separated by wide paths and clearings. It was apparently being narrated by a kobold, though I never saw it. There was some war going on in this forest. The narrator said that he had betrayed his people by being a spy, and was responsible for their defeat or some such. The scene kept going to someone running around a clearing, full of large igloos, firing some kind of weapon, which apparently fired some large, green projectiles. This person, apparently the leader of the narrator's people (and also apparently Gangrel from Fire Emblem: Awakening, judging by his appearance), kept randomly firing up into the air.

      If that was their leader, I'd hate to see their soldiers.

      Anyways, the scenes back at the room in the "palace" varied in content - sometimes I would head outside, and it would be a clear sunny day. Sometimes I would be in the hallways, almost always going back from a bathroom to the room, and sometimes I would just be in the room, too sick to do anything, and drink something. The narrator would always speak during this, too.

      Said narrator went on to say that he had asked a general, apparently Yoda, to tell him where their troops and refugees were - and would send it to the enemy leader.

      At this point, I apparently knew that the enemy leader was Bowser, and that he was currently at the other end of this "palace." I cannot remember anything else.
    6. Dream Journal Entry 17: Necromorph infestation -05-01-2013-

      by , 05-01-2013 at 01:58 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      Two fragments.

      Dream 1 (fragment): I was at a house, in the backyard. There was some wooden platform, with the center part being stairs. On both sides, on the platform and on the ground beneath it, was a car or truck or other vehicle.

      Dream 2 (fragment): I was hiding in a room, with some two friends of mine. Outside was a circular area. In it were apparently some Necromorphs from Dead Space (presumably the first one, considering how they were running in circles), as well as some other people I know. One of my friends was evidently injured, and apparently died, and her last words were apparently to promote me to General?

      Later on, someone else came into the room, and that friend spontaneously came back to life (not as a Necromorph, though).
    7. Dream Journal Entry 16: Two fragments, and phazon. -04-28-2013-

      by , 04-28-2013 at 04:22 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      Two fragments.

      Dream 1 (fragment): There was some open area, with a raised area next to it. This area apparently had Phazon from the Metroid series in the ground. There was some kind of water pump, and phazon would pool right in front of it, and we had to clear it out with a shovel (?).

      Some girl tried to get water without cleaning it up, and got corrupted, but without altering her appearance.

      [Note - Phazon does "corrupt" things in Metroid, for those who don't know].

      Dream 2 (fragment): I was in my grandparents' bathroom. It was much larger than normal. The door was locked, but the actual locking mechanism wasn't actually there - and was simply empty space. I could also see through the crack in the door. Despite this, it closed and locked perfectly fine.
    8. Dream Journal Entry 15: A store, a restaurant, and a "lord of death." -04-26-2013-

      by , 04-26-2013 at 01:22 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      A dream and a fragment.

      Dream 1: I was in some grocery store, with some friends/family of mine. We walked around and left it. Then, we began heading to our car - and suddenly there was a sharp pain in my right knee. I said something about not being able to lean backwards or I'll fall over.

      We get into the car, and we see some building called "The Hardcore Cup" I think - apparently some kind of restaurant, and it was shaped like a blocky wine glass, and I could hear something akin to death metal being played. I also remember someone saying that particle accelerators were no longer pointless in cars.

      Then, I remember riding in the passenger seat - but I don't remember us actually pulling out of the parking lot. I apparently had a phone with Skype, and sent a message to my father with some quote from a user named "greenhorn" which was also apparently me, or some such.

      There was more, but unfortunately I only barely remembered this as I'm typing this entry up.

      Dream 2 (fragment): We had entered some unidentified tomb, apparently - which had either a rough circular or octagonal shape. There was something about a "lord of death" or some such, who entered the room we were in through an opening in the walls. He was wearing something resembling Space Marine armor. He also had some kind of necklace, with three dials on it that spun like a slot machine. I remember someone saying that they came to serve this lord of death, and said lord of death caused the three dials to spin, and they landed on skulls.
    9. Dream Journal Entry 14: Three fragments -04-24-2013-

      by , 04-24-2013 at 01:16 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      Two fragments.

      Dream 1 (fragment): False awakening. I woke up and glanced around my room. It was a bright, sunny day outside. I did not leave my bed, and fell back asleep.

      Dream 2 (fragment): I was driving past some stores. One of them was a jewelry store - with no front wall. It was also a bright, sunny day.

      Note - Today is rather cloudy.

      EDIT: I remembered one more thing after posting this, but only got the chance to edit this entry now.

      Dream 3 (fragment): I was in an elevator. There were two people with me - I seemed to recognize one, but the other I did not. I exited the elevator, heard something about artists being untrustworthy, and entered what resembled my grandmother's condo. I was wearing some kind of cross between a trenchcoat and a raincoat - and it was blue.

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    10. Dream Journal Entry 13: False awakening. -04-22-2013-

      by , 04-22-2013 at 01:09 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      One fragment - and a false awakening, at that.

      Dream (fragment): False awakening. I woke up, performed a failed reality check, then actually woke up.
    11. Dream Journal Entry 12: One dream or four fragments? -04-20-2013-

      by , 04-20-2013 at 04:01 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      I'm not certain if this was one dream, or several shorter dreams/fragments. They seem to be somewhat related.

      Part 1: I was playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with several of my friends. We got to the character select screen, which was a mess. There were many characters missing, and many characters that didn't belong, though I can't quite remember who. There were two Meta Knights, for one - I selected the second, and picked a bizarre-looking costume that looked like it had a o_O face on it. The game started, and my character looked like Kirby, except he had similar moves to Meta Knight. I hit B, and it looked like I was just Kirby with the Tornado power.

      The game ended, and my friends just vanished - I started looking at several of the other characters. Selecting them had odd effects - selecting Link had the game say Zelda, selecting the one next to Link had it say Mewtwo. Going over to Samus, it was automatically in Zero Suit, though in a slightly different pose, and I could switch to a "Dark Samus" costume which was nearly identical, save for the facial expression and a much lighter skin tone. I went over to Ganondorf, though the name displayed was "LEAVE." I started a game, with no other players, and it ended.

      Part 2: False awakening. I got up, and found myself looking at a completed dream journal. Elements from the previous dream were present, including the odd names and such. It mentioned something about a modded game, and the G-Man from Half-Life.

      Part 3: I was outside, on my driveway. There were several friends of mine present. There was also a roughly 3x3 foot piece of sheet metal - presumably 16gauge steel. I picked it up, and simply snapped it into three equally-sized 2x1 pieces and one 2x2 piece. One of my friends came over, and said something about needing it, so I dropped it. I walked over to the other end of the driveway.

      Part 4: I was on YouTube. My inbox mentioned comments - I clicked to view the video in question, and it was a video of part 3, from my perspective. The comment was something along the lines of "I'm impressed - my friends Colonel Ans and General Angus know that's a difficult way to" - and I cannot remember the rest.
    12. Dream Journal Entry 11: One fragment, Superman -04-19-2013-

      by , 04-19-2013 at 04:08 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      I only remembered one fragment today, though I do remember it being somewhat longer.

      Dream 1 (fragment): I was playing AI War: Fleet Command, and I had some insanely powerful unit, and it was chasing around a unit representing Superman all over an empty map. I got him down to 1/4 his HP, but then I woke up.
    13. Dream Journal Entry 10: Two fragments -04-17-2013-

      by , 04-17-2013 at 01:10 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      Two fragments.

      Dream 1 (fragment): I was brushing my teeth, and one of my friends was in the bathroom with me, also brushing his teeth.

      Dream 2 (fragment): The Starbound beta had been released, and I was playing it - though it only vaguely resembled it. I appeared in some tower, jumped around a bit, went to the right, found a cliff, mined some gems (diamonds, and what appeared to be rubies), fell down a pit, broke something, got an item, and got attacked by flying headcrabs.

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    14. Dream Journal Entry 9: One Fragment -04-16-2013-

      by , 04-16-2013 at 09:57 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      Only one fragment, sadly.

      Dream (fragment): I was playing a game that looked suspiciously like (ie. nearly identical to, save for graphics) AI War: Fleet Command and was scouting around on the galaxy map.

      I suppose I had to make up for the past 2 recalls.
    15. Dream Journal Entry 8: More dreams. -04-15-2013-

      by , 04-15-2013 at 10:17 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      I fell asleep at...around 12:30AM-12:45AM after going to bed at 10:15PMish. Yes, I have some difficulty falling asleep.

      I woke up at 3:40AMish to scribble these down in a physical DJ I now keep by my desk.

      Dream 1: I was playing Kerbal Space Program, and had a simple rocket. I was in some kind of tutorial, doing a moon landing. Everything was extremely fast, as if it were at 250x speed or so - even faster at times. I rapidly landed on the moon, then time reversed and I suddenly sped back to the planet.

      I then found myself in space again, and did another superfast moon landing, this time onto a large concrete structure. The "moon" seemed to be about 250 meters across, but the scale wasn't very consistent - the platform seemed to be much larger. Must be just a trick of perspectives in dreams.

      Anyways, I landed, and the tutorial guy (who was suddenly present and voiced) said "Almost done, but build me a rocket." I found a bunch of parts just lying around, and the tutorial guy says "put your finger on that part at the top" which was a floating Mk3 cockpit.

      At this point, the tutorial guy started laughing like crazy, as I start assembling the "rocket" or "shuttle" or what have you. The tutorial guy had his own character at this point - running around like a typical idiot in gMod (in fact, we both had physguns). I attach two parts, then attach some kind of "suicide part" which was apparently a self-destruct for whatever part it was attached to.

      Then, I opened a menu of some description (which was a light blue) and it said I had four "Battle Rifles." I go to select one, but the dream ended.

      Dream 2 (fragment): There was something about a murder - someone forcing people to take suicide pills. Similar to the pilot of that Sherlock Holmes TV show (the British one) which I watched earlier that day.

      Dream 3 - I was in a restraunt with a IRL friend of mine. It was night out, and the lights in the buildings across the street were out - making it appear that the windows were pitch black. Apparently, someone was killed in one of the buildings, and he was caught on a traffic camera. The murderer exits the building, wearing a blue jacket with a hood. My friend and I get up and chase him, but lose him in a crowd.

      At some point, we pass by what vaguely resembles my home from the side - despite never leaving the street and such.

      We were walking down a path by a calm lake, and it was a clear night sky with a large, full moon out - perfect for a romantic night, if A) My friend was female and B) We weren't chasing a murderer. We eventually came to a dock, with two "canoes" (which resembled a simple wooden boat with a few seats) and lots of people.

      Four of these people had the blue jacket the murderer was wearing, and three of them were Asian. I noticed this and pointed out that "statistically, the killer is one of them."

      Note - I have nothing against asians, nor any minority. I evaluate others on an individual basis, and hate everyone equally until proven otherwise. That is, I am neutral towards them.

      We get into a "canoe" with about ten other people, and take off - but almost immediately, something happens and I fall into the water, sinking just beneath the surface.

      I'm floating underwater, which appears perfectly clear as if it were just air, I can breathe normally, and above me is the boat and the surface. The dream ends at this point, but I remember there suddenly being 3 boats.

      Dream 4: There were rock people/golems present, apparently called Gorons, but they were definitely not Gorons, and just some kind of golem. We had built a golem/robot as some kind of gift or replacement for them. Both it and the "Gorons" appeared roughly humanoid, with distinct joints and made of a brown rock. The golem we built rolled/jumped/moved/? donw a path, jumping/passing over seven wooden gates, each decorated differently. Each time, it changed appearance slightly - some change in color. I remember either the fifth or sixth being green - likely sixth, if I recall correctly. When it reached the bottom, it was brown, and had a facial expression of >:| .

      We said something along the lines of "It's not perfect, but it'll do."

      Note - "We" being "my group" despite me not remembering a group - just that I was part of one.

      Anyways, there was a montage of the golem we created showing off - it could fly through the air with its' arms extended, and there were several bird-like creatures made of rock flying alongside it, which were hit by falling lava and killed/destroyed/?. The golem flew into some cave or pit and dived under lava, starting to travel in some lava-filled tunnel.

      At this point, I remember seeing some lava dripping down a stalactite at the left of the tunnel - which was still under lava.

      Dream 5: This might actually just be a scene change of some description from the previous dream - I do not recall any distinct "cut off" beyond a scene change. I was walking down a cave, with a reasonably wide stream beneath me. It was shallow enough that I could see the rocky bed beneath it, and light was shining down through cracks in the roof. At one point, the water rapidly drained - passing through the rocks. I started running, and exited the cave and found myself on a tiny beach. To my right, there was a small hill of wet sand up against a cliff, which merged with the cave entrance. I notice the waves getting larger, and hear someone shout "Flood warning!"

      I started to climb up the sand hill to escape the flood, but even though it was barely two meters tall (and even though I know I never would have climbed up such a thing in the first place to escape a flood), I could not get to the top, as I kept slipping down. It also behaved as though it were a solid object, despite being made of sand.

      I went back to sleep some time after I finished writing this - Likely around 4:30AM, as I finished at 4:10AM.

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