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    Wondering if I'm asleep

    by , 02-10-2012 at 10:39 PM (379 Views)
    Had a dream that was intensely realistic, it's hard to arrange these memories as its almost like they have no order. I was walking around a street when I got a strange feeling, like I was in a dream, I jumped up and down and realized that I could jump higher than normal. So I flew around this neighborhood but I woke up in a classroom wondering if I was dreaming again, but was conflicted about that because of how real the classroom was. The teacher was talking to some students as I walked out of the classroom. I walked through a hallway and saw a window, realizing that I was in a skyscraper by seeing the landscape through it, I jumped out the window, shattering it. I started trying to to fly as fast as I could.

    I can't remember anything else other than some tiny fragments about this guy eating fast food and slowly turning into a frog.

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