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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Monkey Apocalypse

      by , 03-31-2013 at 12:11 AM
      The dream started with a couple in a bed,they slowly started to turn into half human,half monkey creatures,like those in Ape Planet. The wife started to get really hungry,and then the focus changed to a street,lots of those monkeys wandering off,eating rats and what they could find.

      Then I was following a group,they were at first in a mall or store,but settled down in a box shaped boat made of metal. They decided to look for supplies on the store,got them and killed two old man that were trying to kill us. My mother also fell from a tube we got to enter.
      The group sometimes had my family and myself on it,along with a woman with a young child,a young girl,a guy that looked a lot like Andrew Lincoln,a guy that looked like Rupert Grint and a girl that looked like Odette Yustman.
      The Odette lookalike complained with the Rupert lookalike how all of the women thought she was a diva.
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    2. Latest Dreams

      by , 01-22-2013 at 01:16 AM
      First Dream
      I was bored,talking to someone in a old telephone,and teleported to where he was.It was a beach place,there was people I know from different schools,and a teacher I have a bit of a crush on,he hugged everybody as we were coming closer to him.Later I was in this room in a colorful square pattern(ground,walls and ceiling)mainly of blue,red and yellow.There was some videogames there,but it was suffocating,and I decided to leave.The hallway was the same pattern,and suddenly I was in a pine forest place,with long bodies of water with a bridge to connect the land.I tried to go back but fell into the water.A guy helped me,I asked where I was,I was worried on how I would go back home.He said it was a viking country in Central America,and dunno why,I got relieved.

      Second Dream
      I was on a family meeting,the house was a fancy beach house with bright colors on the wall such as red and purple,dark wood furniture and moroccan design.I was in a room talking to my mother and the same teacher from the first dream(it happened the night before this one) came into the room and started to talk about something

      Those dreams were not lucid,but very vivid.They happened a few night ago.
    3. Green Skin and Singer

      by , 12-03-2012 at 03:41 PM
      First Dream:
      I was a girl that looked a lot like Saoirse Ronan,I had some disease,and my biology teacher was a doctor here,and said he could cure me,giving me hope and such.We were in a open field area with a huge machine,I was pulled by this machine and though "I hope everything goes right" and then when I realized,I had green skin,the doctor was deeply sorry,but I didn't thought it was bad.I saw some glimpses of my life with green skin,I looked happy.

      Second Dream:
      I was a singer,I was in the bathroom with my manager,she asked me if I travel by my own,I said I was scared of driving on the road,and since my friend is also just a girl(me and this girl were 19) I said I always travel with my father as the driver.We had a laugh,and the dream was over.

      None lucid,sadly.
    4. Romantic Rome

      by , 11-05-2012 at 07:19 PM
      No lucid.
      The dream was in Rome,or a very similar place.There was this small.yellow,church-like building with a beautiful garden,like a miniature version of Versailles gardens.There lived one of my chemistry teachers.This girl visited him,they chatted.Latter,she was on downtown Rome in a small street,talking with a friend about how her parents would react with she having a relationship with an older guy,(50 something),and some flashes of a school or university.

      Later the girl met my teacher again.They chatted and he showed a thing that exploded,maybe related to the fact hes a chemistry teacher on real life.He suddenly grabbed her hand,as they talked and walked on the garden.Then,I could see from the door of the building,they laying on a bed kissing and cuddling.The teacher is quite a cute guy.The dream was over.

      For a short moment I was on the girls POV,but mostly just watched the dream
    5. Death and Bookstore

      by , 10-12-2012 at 06:57 PM
      None lucid,though my last dreams were more vivid again,though sadly,none were lucid.
      Dream from last week:
      I was at my parent's friends house,everything was bright,and as I was going upstairs my parent's friend fell on the floor,and as I turned back he was dead with blood all over.Everybody was surprised,and my dad said "Oh,that was unsuspected".

      Dream From Tonight:
      There was a guy from my class,Emma Watson as his friend/crush and her mother was Liv Tyler(they were not their real selves,but I'll call them by their real name,for convenience's sake.Liv owned a bookstore in a small town on USA.Emma invited the guy to see it,and I remember the bookstore from another dream.Upstairs,there was some small sculptures made by Liv,and this time I was with them,and both me and the guy said one of the sculptures was cute.I soon vanished,and the scenery changed.They were outside,the guy followed Emma as she got a cheese grater from a car and was about to attack something.
    6. Shape-shifting Dog

      by , 08-28-2012 at 01:07 AM
      Not Lucid.
      The dream started with me and my brother in a room(not our room)talking about missing some extra class.It was Thursday,as I suggested us to go the class Friday(dreams tomorrow) because it was our last.
      We got out,and stopped in front of our house.The street had much more vivid colors,and more trees.Overall,it looked way better and nicer then usual.There was a couple walking three dogs on the other side of the street,a small white one,a medium black one and a bigger black one.The bigger got loose,the couple didnt bother to get him and just crossed to our side and got out.The dog turned into a white male in pink shirt and a rat-like face and started to try to attack people.My brother and I were scared and decided to run.The dog followed us,we got in other streets to run,soon it was different then usual.As we ran there was a big three in the middle of the street,and I decided to hide,while my brother kept running.The dog was now a white and cream horse with golden hair.I though he would pass straight through the tree,but to my dismay he appeared right next to me,screaming.He then started to run around me,I screamed for help,my brother got there and somehow calmed the horse.The dream soon ended.
    7. Abandoned factory

      by , 08-19-2012 at 01:11 AM
      It seems like there's days I won't remember my dreams,but most of the times my dreams are very long.I forgot to update my journal,one of these nights my dream was of my history teacher with brown eyes talking about a surgery he had(he's blue eyed).I remember very little of last night's dream,but I remember feeling the emotions,fear,excitement,it seems my dream feelings are stronger now.
      The dream:
      I was walking in the ruins of a abandoned factory or mall,with a old friend and some guys.We found this massive spaceship,and decided to get into it.As we were inside,each of us got a separated place to sit,we had a board and screens to communicate.We got pretty far from Earth,I started to freak out,and saw my dog trying to open the window to get out.All of sudden,my vision got to another ship,a guy was lost in space controlling it alone.He was a teen with blonde shoulder length hair,he looked pretty much like the main character's best friend in some teen movie.Soon the dream ended

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    8. Therapy and Vacation

      by , 08-14-2012 at 06:28 PM
      Last night I could remember a dream I had,the last couple of night I could not.Sadly,it was not lucid.
      In this dream,I started in a small office like room in dark colors with some orange details.My father's friend was the therapist,I remember little of what it was like the therapy.By what was told to be 3 weeks,he told my father(the three of us were in the kitchen,my house's kitchen) that he found out about me having a condition,and that I needed treatment soon.After he left,my father complained about expensive medicine he'll have to buy.
      I was going home by car with my father and brother when he(father) passed straight through our house,saying we could not go there by now.It was dark,but all of sudden we were in a sunny street with green meadows.There was a man-made-like island very close to the continent,but it was bigger then the ones of Dubai.There were beautiful neighborhoods,although with no streets and about 10 as houses,and a area with some buildings next to the beach.We had to take a bridge,because the place we were was higher than the island.The bridge was thin,reminded me of those loops in Sonic's games.
      Soon,I was watching myself from profile view in bathing suit and diving in a pool.The room was a modern house with some traditional features,like columns.The water was very refreshing,I remember feeling very good,even as not much fan of pools.as I was swimming I got to the border to rest a bit,and met a chubby girl with dark olive skin,brown eyes and dark hair kept in a long braid wearing a reddish pink two pieces bath suit.She complained with me of how much she hated shaving,and as she said that I soon saw that her face was covered in stubbles and ingrowing facial hair.
      I got out of the pool,and found a news about a overweight woman that died by wearing a spiderman costume of her father,that didn't fit her,and made her loose body parts until she died,with her mother's quote "her ears started to fall".I got into a computer and found a website and forum for waring of wearing costumes to small for you.The forum was about a lot of things,even sexuality and gender issues.
      The dream was soon over
    9. Last Night Dreams

      by , 08-09-2012 at 05:55 PM
      I had 3 dreams last night that I remember,sadly,none of those were lucid.
      Dream 1:
      I was walking down the street at night,it was a street next to my house,I was with a old friend,that brought some friends of his,who were all kinda douchy.Along with us was my used-to-be-best friend,that wore a purple satin blouse and a straight wig that ended in curls,the color was a fake light blonde.He went by the female version of his name,and like in the dreams I have of him,he is like his old self,back when he was my friend.After some conversations that I don't remember much,and him(now her) showed his ID,now as female and the dream ended.
      Dream 2:
      I was showing my parents my grade in a test along with my brother.I though I scored 74,and showed proudly,but as I was about to show them,I read that my grade was actually 34,written in green.I quickly kept the test hidden,and pretended I actually scored 74,and they believed,soon the dream was over.
      Dream 3:
      I don't remember much of this one,it was a modern,square-ish white house with some black details,the decoration reminded me somewhat of a mix of modern and ancient japanses houses.There were portals and time machines that me and a group of people wanted to use.There was also a dragon or bird monster that came from another dimension,it was very docile.The dream was messy,it's all I remember.

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    10. School Dreams

      by , 08-08-2012 at 07:48 PM
      I have a lot of dreams of school,but the most I remember are those two:

      I find myself in a beautiful school,very big with a fake city area for the smaller kids,a kitchen/play area for them too,very cute like in a library for kids.The hall are more modern,they're big,I see a female teacher leaving a room,and a lot of students walking down the hall.
      After walking around I'm in a book are,it looks like a mix of a fancy school library and on of those big bookstores.It had white carpet,cream colored shelving,although some were in dark wood,and dark blue couches.I was in a navy skirt, over-sized navy sweater with a white shirk under it.My hair was blond and kept in pigtails.I was with a brunette with the same clothing as me,and then got a magazine from a shelving,this one looking like one of a modern bookstore.I start reading it,it had a dark orange reddish dragon,and had a CD with it.Soon,the dream was over.

      This one the school was big and modern,without any classical design.The main colors were white and light pale green.I talked to some old friends of mine I don't see anymore.Along with us were the other students,wearing a white shirt as a uniform,I didn't payed attention to the pants.They entered the building,after walking around some outside halls,while I kept going till the a not so modern or pretty area.The grass was tall,and there was two wooden houses painted in the pale green.As I entered,there was people from 8th grade and high school mixed up,and even my teacher from 8th grade.Some people tried to talk to me,I don't remember the subject.After some time,the dream was over.
    11. My Dreams,both Lucid and Not Lucid

      by , 08-08-2012 at 07:39 PM
      This place will be where I post some of the dreams I remember,and hopefully will be able to start posting about my future Lucid dreams.