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    1. Laura the Monster Slayer?

      by , 02-16-2014 at 08:08 PM
      It's a little unclear, especially the beginning, I'll try to see what all I can remember...I was at my place of work (Alamo Drafthouse Cinema), I guess in the main hallway because there were lots of lockers. Some of my co-workers were vampires. I wasn't really afraid, I didn't see them as a major threat, they weren't trying to attack me. I'm not sure if I realized it at this point in the dream, but later on I was aware that I was a vampire slayer. However, in the beginning, I felt like I was friends with them or maybe even a vampire also. But apparently one of them (Andy?) had been bitten by a werewolf and was turning into a weird hybrid. That I was afraid of.
      Somewhere along the way, the dream scenery changed briefly. One of my co-worker's mother's was throwing away... a model window? It was like a miniature version of the big window in my bedroom, even had the colorful cloth with the Ajna symbol above it like I do IWL (in waking life). I couldn't believe they were throwing it away, I wanted to keep it for some reason. Then I realize there was a smaller one stacked inside of the bigger one. Felt like I couldn't take them both? So I decided to leave the smaller one and take the bigger one. It felt sturdy, like it was made of metal.
      Back to the work scenery. My were-coworker had bitten someone else before I could stop him! I felt like the werewolves were more dangerous - faster, stronger, more primal - than the vampires, and the were-vamp hybrids were even more-so. Very quickly more and more people were being turned. They wanted to turn me, like it was their mission. I became lucid at some point around here, and was trying to take complete control to fight them. I couldn't make the things I wanted to materialize come about. I wanted a flame thrower, I figured it was the fastest most effective way to fight them off, so I started pretending like I had one in my hands trying to set them on fire but it wasn't working. I did have a steak from the first part of the dream and was fighting them with that, but it was difficult, there were so many of them. I decided since I couldn't make a better weapon just appear out of thin air, I would find one. Began trying to open the lockers to get better weapon. I thought for sure that would work, but locker after locker I just kept finding shoes. =| Really cute shoes I wanted haha. Most of them were browns and blacks, with heels. Finally I called out loud something like "Why do I keep finding shoes?" to see if my subconscious would tell me what they symbolized/why I kept getting them instead of a weapon. I got an answer, just a voice going through the hallway (which I think now more resembled a school hallway) but I couldn't hear the answer clearly (I've had that same issue before in past lucid experiences when trying to ask my subconscious questions). I tried asking for the message again more clearly, but it didn't come. I felt like the answer I didn't hear well was a bullshit answer, something like "Because it's just what you do"? Whatever. Thanks for nothing, subconscious. Still fighting off were-vamps and checking lockers when I'm able, I finally come across a straight razor, like for shaving. Also, since I became lucid I tried doing some really bad-ass fighting moves, like back flips and other gymnastics type stuff. It didn't feel like I had total good control so I was sort of able to, but it felt slow and sloppy. I tried slitting someone's throat with the razor, it didn't work out that well. It was like it just made a little cut. Hmph. I ended up in a "locker room" in a part with a bunch of showers. There were a few girls showering in there. I felt like all of my co-workers had been turned but for some reason I wasn't worried about all of them attacking me, just most of them. I think I was trying to hide in one of the showers? But they didn't have curtains and weren't really good for hiding so.. yeah, they definitely found me. Around this point, I was frustrated with trying to fight them all off and it not really working and I finally realized maybe that wasn't the point. I remembered something I had read before about dreams where people are being chased, confronting what's chasing them. I decided maybe I had to just let them get me to understand the meaning of the dream, and I wasn't afraid since I knew it was a dream. I was ready to surrender. So I told them "Ok, I'll let you guys change me if it's done by Garret and David" (two guys at work I think could be different sort of people from everyone else, and I'd be most likely to be interested in if I weren't already attached to someone). I think they went to get the guys. Very fuzzy here, I may have changed my mind and said Andy can just do it to get it over with already. Then I guess I woke up before it happened.