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    1. 17 March 2020 - Lucid, TOTM

      by , 03-17-2020 at 02:34 AM (squidnapping's journal)
      Go into ĎNanaís houseí, call for her but she seems to not be there, itís dark, (itís basically Kandy crescent house, but not fully,) I go around looking for something, but weird things start happening: in the dim light I can just see a chest of drawers come sliding down the hallway, and either it bumps into me or I kick it; I kick it and the drawers fly out. I call out ďwhoís there?Ē, ďNana?Ē and ďstop it!Ē Soon I start to walk down hallway to leave, and more things happen, things just fly around, I might scream, I hear noises, and I might shout at them. I think I still ask about Nana; do I ask if sheís here, if sheís ok? I know I need to leave this house. Outside, Iím flying, and it soon occurs to me that Iím dreaming. Iím aware of this for a few seconds before I decide to actually stop what Iím doing and do what I want to do. Then Iím like, ok, be lucid, Iím lucid, and then I go down on the ground and I think of eating lettuce, a basic task of the month. I basically am on a mission now, I expect a fridge is where Iíll find lettuce so I find a house, actually I think I go back into the same house, but I am hoping it will look different to before, and it does. I go to the kitchen, open the fridge, on my way to there I'm sort of rushing, thinking I want to get it done fast before I lose focus and forget or wake up, but then the rushing means Iím not even experiencing everything Iím doing, so I force myself to slow down, and think about what Iím feeling and seeing as I open the fridge, hoping to kind of move at the same speed as my body, not letting it get ahead of me. I seem to remember seeing carrots, but donít think I do anything with them. I decide to open a tub of margarine and scrape some up in my fingers, hoping I can smell and taste it strongly and be anchored more in the dream. I sniff it but canít smell it, it barely has a scent. I give up, must somehow get the butter off my hands (I donít remember, perhaps I just forget itís there), and then look to find some lettuce; on the bottom shelf, on the left, see a lettuce, or a third of one, the bottom third, but itís a lettuce nonetheless, Iím sure, not cabbage, and I pick it up and take a bite - suddenly outside again? - and Iím feeling pretty amazed and on top of the world because I just for the first time ever completed a task in the correct month and it feels good. I take another bite or two of the lettuce. Itís quite thin leaves, or the first was, but it still feels ok, not like rubbery or old. I donít focus very much on the taste or texture. Then thereís something about Mum, and Adam? I think of other goals, thereís a person here and I try to think of a lucid goal involving them (though there might not really be any)? Expect I soon lose lucidity.
      At like a little beach or lake, with my mother (maybe Jenn Husser from Claws) and others, I start to notice and get suspicious about part of the water, basically the part of the beach/shore next to a building the others are standing nearer to, so from where they are they canít so much see it, but a few dogs are standing on the shore, maybe first just a couple and theyíre barking, and also another person - Polly? nah maybe not - says something about it. Iím getting ahead of myself - I think first, Iím suspicious, but canít prove anything to myself, and finally the other person points things out, points out the bones which confirm my suspicion that my mother/Jenn (if thatís who it is) killed her sister and this is where.
      Ask Polly about other womanís, my motherís, sister, who died, if she knows anything about it; remember as I'm about to ask that it was Polly's sister who died; ask anyway, hoping I might still be right about that. Pollyís face changes a bit like sheís thinking about it and worried and then she quietly says Ďyesí, tells me about it? Or her telling me yes is enough for me. Then I go into the room, upstairs (?), and Polly comes too, and are we packing? Preparing to leave?

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