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    1. sai baba in another country

      by , 06-26-2011 at 06:08 AM
      I am going into a lot of stress lately, so i am not in control of my intention to remember my dreams.
      Today when i woke up, i remembered the dream that our neighbouring country pakistan was claiming that Sai Baba was a Muslim and from Pakistan.
      And they had this huge bus with followers and other artifacts of Sai Baba.
      It wasn't much, but atleast it gave me a confirmation that everything is possible in dreamland. The details of the bus, etc was almost real.
      I hope I get a little more grasp of my dreams and that too soon .
    2. Dream day3 jun 16

      by , 06-16-2011 at 05:51 PM
      Dream day3 jun 16
      All the java developers in my office were there in my dream. We all live in a society and I am a nw joiner. I dunno if I am a working or student. Some of them r nice to me some try to take a test and trbl me. They'd ring my bell n disappear. To test if I wud be staying or wud run. Then I am transported to village kind of place where there are huts and bonfires. There they hide behind the houses and poke at me. Can't remember after this.

      in process. Looks like continuation of drm 1.
      I Get some hypnotic jerks. We're in some kind of a science lab or something maybe a lab where they teach ld. While were waiting we bitch abt the teacher and also wrote down a formal complaint in our copies. She reads them n gets offended and said she will take an action. Asks all of us to leave.

      Drm 3
      . We somehow abuse or complain abt the teacher and she/he gets pissed. Then she is taking the entire class through a busy market to punish us. Looks like a tour thru Macau.

      Drm 4
      My friend shikha Bedi wins a contest in which she's made the president of India. Her parents move into the big palacial house. But their room is old n pathetic. I book my tickets to go see her. There is a lot of rush and I somehow make it to the counter. Finally I get the ticket I go and try to meet her. She does meet me and I tell her that her parents should be moved to a better place and she is very lucky all she has to do is whistle and there will be a limo waiting for her outside. She said yes and she whistles and there comes a limo outside. Pretty funny eh.
    3. dream day 2 6/15/2011

      by , 06-15-2011 at 02:56 PM
      today i couldn't remember much
      maybe i was a lot tired and also i slept late

      i repeated mantras
      1. i will become lucid today
      2. i will wake up after each dream
      3. i will do reality check whenever i become conscious

      of these i did wake up twice thrice, but i couldn't remember much.
      I remembered that there was this person at my workplace whom i had to mentor, and my boss had asked me to keep an eye on him whether he's picking up stuff or not.
      I got a dream that i am telling him to be more attentive and spend more time on work and also go home and spend some time on the topics.
      That's all the gist of the dream i could gather.

      hope to catch something tonight.
    4. Drm1 June 14 00:36

      by , 06-14-2011 at 10:39 AM
      Drm1 June 14 00:36
      Wnted a ld badly so dreamt that I was having a LD where I was sleeping and snoring. Then suddenly I became aware that of my snoring and my surroundings. I became elated that this is what u mean by being lucid. I followed my snoring n breathing and I tried or looked sideways while snoring and it was pitch black but still I was able to see n snore. But then I realized this is not possible as in rem sleep ure paralyzed and then I was ejected from the dream within the dream. I got elated in the dream and wrote about it in the forum or maybe I thought I will write about it but then I got out of that dream too. So I cursed myself why I didn't do the RC. And tried to remember the entire dream and wrote about it.
      Ok gnite. To dream 2 prolly. Bye.
      Note to self: RC.

      June 14 08:30
      Then I had 2 more dreams which I don't remember. Final dream. I am going to Bombay with my wife n my friend's faimily. We took a bus or a cab to Pune which dropped us to the Pune railway station. I could see vivid details of the station. Old very few ppl. Some vendors selling tea. Then a person incharge of selling tickets. He gave us 6 tickets to bbay. And his assistant told us that the train aid arrive on platform no 13 which is the first platform from our side. He showed us some train layout map which confirmed the train would come on platform 13. Also the train was to leave At 3:20. It was 12:30ish at that time. Then there was a lag or gap and I was telepprted to London. I was there with my Sis and my cousin from Bombay and we were on a bike. We were trying to reach somehwhere but we were in a continuous loop. The road was like a on mountain with steep valley on the other side and I was riding on a narrow road. We would climb out of the mountain but then the roads would be closed due to some construction work and we had to go back. In between my cousin asked me to go to the place where his ex lived in London. And she cited some stories about good times she had with him. Finally we asked some local ppl there how to avoid the loop and go where we wanted to go. They told us. We thanked them and started towards that way but the doorbell rang and I had to wake up.
      I think this dream would be more because of the conversation I was having with my friend yesterday that there was a bus from bangalore to Pune and it was just an hour's ride from Pune to Bombay on the express highway.