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    The Adventures of The Dream Prophet (stonedreams)

    5/14/13-??? comments are welcome!!!

    1. 5/15/13- Fragment: Gay

      by , 05-16-2013 at 02:43 AM (The Adventures of The Dream Prophet (stonedreams))
      One of my good friends (he is a guy) and I were in some sort of cafeteria, maybe my old high school cafeteria? Not quite sure though. My friend then said to me " You know I never really found you that attractive, but now I do". I don't remember what my response was but I can imagine what it would be. End of dream
    2. 5/14/13 Observing Love- A Coffee School

      by , 05-14-2013 at 08:03 PM (The Adventures of The Dream Prophet (stonedreams))
      Observing love
      It all started in my ancient history class, I was talking to this girl in my class about her current situation with her "boyfriend". She told me that she had texted him over the weekend and he didn't respond so it was over.My dream then jumped to us walking outside, we were going to the mall apparently. It was beautiful outside luscious green grass and trees flowing in the wind. I soon realized it was my old neighborhood in IL, it was the coolest feeling to be in my old town again. Their were lots of my good friends along with the girl from my class and her boyfriend. We continued to walk down the sidewalk until we reached a big red brick building. All the girls in our group left and said that this was the mall, all the girls left except two. The only two that stayed were the girl I was talking to and one of my good friends. We continued to walk until we reached a triangular like building and the girls boyfriend said "babe, why won't you talk to me"? She replied " What do you want"? The dream then ended abruptly.

      A Coffee School
      It all started with me talking to this girl from one of my classes, I was explaining how I planned on opening a very successful coffee shop. We were overlooking a triangular shaped school like building that was rather large. My dream then jumped to inside of the triangular school like building, there were lots of school children running all about. I noticed that there were two coffee shops inside of the building near the entrance of the building. One seemed like it was a regular coffee shop with just two or three items on the menu hanging above the store. The second store was very large and had lots of french sounding items listed on the menu. I soon found out that I owned both of the stores and that one was doing great and the other didn't attract any customers. The worker of the regular store was also very upset about something.That was all I could remember, end of dream