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    1. Bizarre Lucid Powers

      by , 08-21-2016 at 03:05 AM
      I was in the middle of a city, still daylight but turning dark. I was being chased by a angry mob of people. They wanted to lynch me for some reason, no idea why just kind of got dropped into the shitty situation..

      While running from the mob I became lucid. They were closing in on me and I wanted to test some lucid powers out. I was standing in the middle of a street and decided to merge with the road and become part of it using it as a disguise. I didn't know if I could turn myself into the road but I tried. I melted into the road and became part of it. The mob ran right past me, it worked perfect.

      I emerged from the road into my normal form. A new crowd of people came up to me impressed with my powers but they seemed to know all about it. I asked them if I could use this ability anytime...they said yes but it would only work when I wasn't dreaming from now on. I asked if I were to be hiding as the road and a car drove over me would I be harmed...they said yes but it would be worth the risk. I agreed and somehow convinced myself this really would carry over to real life and would be a useful power.

      A woman then started emerging from the street like I did but she was naked and had pieces of the road stuck to her skin. She got stuck in the concrete, bent over in a compromising position. The new crowd told me she was a evil person who was a threat to my powers and everyone else. This is dark but they said in order to keep my power and stop her for good I had to force myself on her sexually. I said no I'm not doing that. They said I had to and besides it was just a dream no one was really going to be hurt. This made sense to me in the dream so I did it while the crowd cheered me on until I woke up...shaking my head thinking how messed up that was.

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    2. Bad choices, I apparently made?

      by , 07-13-2015 at 06:32 AM
      This dream tossed me into some stressful situations that were results of my bad choices but the weird part is I never actually made the mistakes...I was just thrown into the aftermath and left to deal with the consequences.

      I walk outside of my house straight towards my car. I'm startled to see my new car covered in rust spots all over the hood and along the top. I panic and think how it looks like shit. Am I supposed to tell my insurance? Then I realize oh no I've made a horrible mistake...this isn't my car. There was a mix up when I was at the store earlier apparently. I must of drove the wrong car home thinking it was mine bc it looked just like it (how did I overlook that rust?) I start to think about how I'm going to sort this out.

      I'm then instantly thrown into a even worse situation.

      All of a sudden I'm looking at my tablet browsing some website, then I look up and holly $#!t I'm driving!

      I quicky tried to get the car under control. I was so angry at myself why was I doing that? So stupid I almost wrecked...what the hell was I thinking? I look around, I'm so lost. I'm on a road out in the desert. How long was I driving like that and how many wrong turns did I take? I wonder.

      I'm trying to navigate to any clues of my location so I can make it home but I'm swerving all over the road. Oh no...I'm drunk too! I'm so wasted. I wonder to myself how the hell have I not wrecked yet? So irresponsible. I have to get home now.

      It keeps getting worse..

      I look in my review mirror and see a car and behind that car is a cop car. I think about pulling over to the shoulder and letting it pass but decide not to because it's too suspicious.

      I do my best to get it together and drive right. It works well for a little bit until I look back again to check on that cop. It's way back everything is fine I think. Then I look straight ahead and notice I over shot a turn and was now driving down a intersection on the wrong side. Damn it!

      As expected the cop hits the lights and races towards me. I pull over. I know the gig is up. I think about the expensive dui I'm about to get.

      I wake up. So relieved that wasn't real!
    3. Lucid Nap

      by , 07-05-2015 at 10:41 PM
      I took a nap today and was going for a wild but dozed off like always.

      I don't remember where I was when I became lucid, pretty sure I was outside. I was losing it the second I realized what was going on. I did the spin around and around to save it which did seem to work.

      I'm now standing in a yard. It's daytime...it's on a property I lived at growing up. I fly around but it's really hard to go any higher than floating a couple feet off the ground. I try harder and send myself way up into the air in one gust. I did that because for one I wanted to get on top of the church next to my old house. I had looked at that church for many years but could never see the top of it. It was flat with a brick trim so it was a big mystery.... in my dream I really wanted to see what it looked like up there. The other reason I launched myself so high in one shot was bc I knew I would have to learn to fly good now or crash hard.

      As soon as I flew up I went straight down. I thought I was going to crash and lose the dream. I grabbed the edge of the roof on my way down and climbed onto the roof. Finally I can see what it looks like..

      I walk around on the rooftop, it's just a flat roof black with dried tar. It was very realistic I'm sure it looks just like that in real life.

      I wonder since I can't fly how will I get down? It's just a dream I don't care if I fall hard! I jump long distances from rooftop to rooftop.

      I finally land and walk across a empty grass lot. I try to remember some tasks or goals or something to do but I can only remeber the ones I already did.

      I talked to a man walking his dog. I tried to have a conversation with his dog. It never talked and I started petting it and got distracted.

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    4. Graffiti Spree

      by , 06-14-2015 at 05:15 PM
      I'm riding in the passenger seat of a vehicle. I never look anywhere except out the window so I have no idea who is driving or what type of vehicle I'm even in. It felt like a car for the most part but at times it felt like I was on a bus too.

      I'm going down a intersection with lots of businesses in my field of vision. The buildings are very vivid. I start to notice graffiti on all the buildings as they passed by. Every single building had at least one thing spray painted on it with black paint. Most of them had the letters DRE or DREO in bubble letters.*

      One building was a car wash with it's own businesses sign blacked out by the paint and under it someone wrote "Shitty car wash."*

      My assumption was a gang member had went on a wild graffiti spree the night before and I was amazed at how many buildings he was able to hit before or likely without getting caught especially in the span of one night. All the writing matched so it all had to come from the same person.

      Many many buildings in a row all had been sprayed with the exception of just one that had a huge fence surrounding it but sure enough the next one was sprayed.

      What I found most amazing of all was the places the graffiti was found on all the buildings. It was all placed way high up on the buildings to where the person would of had to of gotten access to the roof and not just that but would of had to hang in some fashion while "tagging" all these buildings.*

      The thought of being at those heights dangling in what had to of been a homemade strap device of some sort made me squirm in my seat.
    5. Strange Weapon

      by , 06-09-2015 at 12:01 AM
      I was outside on a strange creepy looking farm property. It's nighttime and I'm all alone. I'm standing by a fence about 300 yards from a house. The environment was definitely set up like it should have been a nightmare but I never felt panic or fear throughout this dream.

      A small creature the size of a large rat runs by me. It looked like a cooked buffalo wing or something. I grabbed a fishing pole and smashed it to death. One or two more ran out and I smashed them too.

      A larger animal the size of a raccoon runs out. It looks like a fox with a monkey face. I take the pole and slap it to death. It took a lot of hits to kill.

      Finally a large animal that looked like a mountain lion runs at me. I took the pole and kept swinging and swinging and hitting and hitting it until it retreated. It took human form and was injured.
    6. Work will never be the same.

      by , 03-14-2015 at 09:45 PM
      I was at work sitting down prepping something. Things were just a tad out of place but nothing seemed unusual to me in that regard. I did get a feeling like it might be a dream through so I went ahead and did the nose pinch RC and when a little air came in I knew I was dreaming. *That was my first ever successful RC.*

      I didn't really have a goal set up so I thought why not have sex? I went to a empty work area and was thinking since no one is here I should just make someone appear. I picked a woman I like from work. I close my eyes and then open them and she appears in good form.

      I proceed to get her half naked and carry on with the task. In feeling and appearance the dream started to fade a little so I closed my eyes and reopened them to better visuals but the feeling was still weak. I was losing lucidity at this point and the dream transitions to a normal work dream.

      I'm now back in a work area and am given a few work tasks. I get bored and start walking around. I know I'll get in trouble for slacking off if I get caught but still take the risk.

      I sneak out of work and go to a automotive shop across the street to hang out with people I apparently know who work there. Me and some other people sit at a desk in the shop just talking when a professional lady walks in and sits next to me. My hands suddenly seem wet and sweaty for no reason.

      The lady goes to shake my hand and freaks out when she touches the sweat. I think geez I need to wipe my hands off before shaking someones hand like that. She starts caking on disinfectant (lol) and I make fun of her for overreacting. She opens a door and starts washing her hands with a hose I guess to rise off the disinfectant. Water pours out into the parking lot and freezes into ice. A car comes speeding up, hits the ice and crashes into the building.

      When checking the wreck out I see across the road people from my job are coming back from lunch break. I think oh shit I have got to get back to work before I get caught.
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    7. That's a dick move.

      by , 03-08-2015 at 11:09 PM
      I'm standing in a garage with two friends I don't know IRL. One was female and the other was a male that lived at the property the garage was on. I got the vibe we were all 3 teenagers in this dream.

      The guy that lived there was messing around with a snow blower or a generators that was gasoline powered. Me and the girl were egging him on a little until he started getting careless with the gas. He dumped it on the machine and then went to throw a match inside the gas tank. We both tried to stop him but it was too late and a fire broke out. The blower or generator whatever it was got ruined but the fire went out quick.

      The father of the fire starter came storming out to the garage super pissed off yelling about what the hell is going on. That asshole that started the fire told his dad I did it and the dad blew up again and told me to get the hell off his property. I thought it was going to get physical and I was mad too that my friend lied and threw me under the bus.

      I left the property with the dad behind me yelling the whole way. I then realized I left my keys in the garage. The dad told me that's too damn bad leave NOW. I said if you don't let me get my keys I'm calling the cops. He let me get them and I started cussing and getting angry. As I walked to the garage I said "I didn't start the fire, that idiot right there did!" Then I pointed right at his son.