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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Almost Fellatio

      by , 12-02-2012 at 11:03 PM
      It's been a while since I've had a vivid dream like this one, but that's only part of the reason that this dream was so asonishing. Well, maybe astonishing is not the word, but it certainly surprised me to wake up and realize that it wasn't real.
      I really can't remember the plot of this one that well, but there was one main point that really sticks out to me. A girl that I know from school, whom I don't that well, kept insisting on giving me a blowjob. Now, it being a dream, one would assume that I would take her up on her offer, but I wasn't lucid. Instead, I treated it very seriously, since I thought it was all real anyway.
      So what did I do? I couldn't really decide what to do, so I kept dodging her, but I was always sure to never completely say 'no.' I was really torn. Part of me really wanted her to do it. Let's face it, I'm horny and that sounded great.
      However, another part of me thought that it wasn't that great of an idea. I was surprisingly logical about the situation. I knew that I don't love her, and I didn't really want her to be the one I would lose my virginity to. I also wouldn't want anyone to find out, should we actually do the deed.
      By the time I woke up, she never did blow me. Oh well, I guess it's nice to know that I have morals, even in the dream world. It really does make me wonder though. Had I been lucid, would I have taken her up on the offer?
    2. Game Shows and Time Castles

      by , 12-28-2011 at 04:14 AM
      Wow, this was a vivid one. First off, I would like to tell you the cast of characters in my dream.
      Gramma- My real life grandma
      Cork- My uncle, he's about my age
      Miley- A girl in my class. She's kind of annoying
      Computer Man- A DC in the dream, he doesn't resemble anyone in my real life.
      Aunt Sally- My great aunt in real life.

      It started out at Gramma's house in the computer room area. There was a man at the computer, teaching me about different HP Desktop software packages, even though I believe HP is a hardware company. I honestly wasn't paying much attention to him though. I was more focused on the TV in the other room. There was a show called SOCKS or ROCKS or something in all capital letters. It was a game show where families competed in weird challenges. One challenge I remember watching was when the families raced in a pool. It was weird, but I remember that the little boy of one of the families hugged his mom. She laughed and said "Honey, don't do that. You penetrated me." Then, about halfway through the show I got a phone call. I answered it and it was from Miley.
      "Are you watching SOCKS?" she asked.
      "Yes," I replied. Then, there was a period of silence. I decided to break it with a joke. "So," I said, "can you get me a train?" I don't really think that's funny, but I thought I was quoting a funny commercial that only existed in the dream world. Apparently the DCs found it funny too as Miley, my mom, and Gramma all laughed at it. So, I made one more joke as I hung up the phone. "Alright," I proclaimed, "just bring me that train by sunset tomorrow or else!"
      After hanging up the phone I resumed watching the show again. Except now, I went IN the show. In this next challenge, which I was now in, the families had to explore a castle. It was crazy, but the castle was like a level from Sonic CD. You could time travel to see what the castle looked like at different points in time. In the present it was a large stone castle surrounded by a few small groups of trees. In the past, there wasn't really a castle. Just a small camp surrounded by lush forest, foreshadowing the major fortress to come. The future though, was a huge robotic metropolis where the castle once was. There were flashing lights and electronics everywhere. Sadly, there was no nature to be found though.
      Soon enough, the castle faded away and I was back in the game show. I guess the castle didn't really belong in the situation anyway. It just came into the dream for god knows why. Anyway, now we were back in the game show. I don't know what this challenge was about, but I remember that a mom from one of the families had to do something while Cork shot at her with a pistol. By now I was able to get a good look at the woman and believe it or not, she looked exactly like my Aunt Sally. Aunt Sally-looking woman then proceeded to ask a doctor, who just appeared on set, a question.
      "Are you here in case I get hurt?" she asked.
      "No," the doctor replied, "I'm here because I'm one of the few people here who can operate the gun.
      Then, I woke up. Who knows what this dream could have really meant.
    3. Hidden messages? Wait.....what?

      by , 12-22-2011 at 02:07 AM
      This was an odd little dream I had last night. First let me tell you some of the "cast", if you will. All of the DCs in this dream are people I know in real life. Mr.C was my math teacher last year and Vic is my best friend.
      We were all in Mr.C's room. I can't remember a lot of it, but I do know this one little excerpt of a conversation. Vic` was wearing headphones and he is the first one I remember speaking.

      "Sometimes, I listen to two scary songs at once to find hidden things in them." he said

      Mr.C replied "I've never done that, but," he continued while raising a worksheet, "I do like to find hidden things in puzzles."

      And from there, all I draw is a blank.
    4. Our first date

      by , 12-03-2011 at 09:09 PM
      This is about a wonderful dream I had last night. I wasn't lucid (wish I had been), but it was great all the same.

      I went on a date with a beautiful girl, I don't know who she was but she was beautiful. She had long blonde (almost more white looking) hair and a pretty face. I don't remember what the date was like, I think we went to a drive in movie, but I can't say for sure. The most vivid part was the end of the dream when we had a little conversation.

      "I had a great time." she said

      "Really? Good." I said (relieved that she had fun, I've never taken a girl out before.)

      Then we just stood and looked each other for a moment. Her eyes were beautiful, sparkling in the dark. Then, like I didn't want her to go, I hugged her. Grabbed her and hugged her. After a few seconds I let her go. She seemed shocked that I hugged her, and soon I felt that I had done the wrong thing. But, to my complete surprise, she giggled and hugged me. Then she walked away......

      I only hope that I'll see her in another dream again. That's why I must become lucid!
    5. An odd little conversation.....

      by , 11-30-2011 at 03:47 AM
      This was a small dream. I was not Lucid (I've never been before), but I remember it quite well. I was with a girl I like, we'll call her Emily as an alias, and we were lying down and talking about something. I only remember this bit of our conversation:

      Her: "I masturbate you know"

      Me: "What?"

      Her: "Yeah, but I've never had an...." as if she can't recall the word " an.... an asm"

      Me: "Ummm.... you mean orgasm?" nervous to say such an odd thing.

      Her: "Yeah, that's it! An orgasm!"

      That's all I remember, a strange dream isn't it? Oddly enough she wasn't at school today. Maybe she was.......uh.....no.
    6. The Car

      by , 11-29-2011 at 01:51 AM
      This is about an odd dream I had last night, I was not lucid, but it was rather vivid. Before I start you must know some people I talk about in my dream. Mrs. B is my band and chorus teacher and Vin is my best friend.

      It started out at school, like a usual day, but I was told, by Mrs.B, I was to go to County Band Fest today. County Band Fest is an annual concert performed by kids in my area, you get two days off school to practice. She told me to wait in her car with Vin until she was ready. So, I did.
      We waited there for a bit and suddenly the car started to drive itself. Before we knew it we were on a highway! But, we weren't scared. By now I probably should have done a reality check, but I wasn't aware I was dreaming. The car just kept driving, and it didn't hit a single car.
      This went on for a while and I couldn't take it any longer, so I grabbed the steering wheel. Then we started hitting other cars. When we hit them though, we would go straight through them unharmed. The cars would fly off the road into oblivion and we wouldn't feel a thing.
      Of course, I only went through this for a couple seconds until the car stopped. We got out and we were greeted by a trucker-looking man with an orange beard. I've never seen this DC before, so we'll him Mac. Vin and I asked Mac if he would help us get back to school. He said he would if we helped him with a favor. We went up on a hill and he told us to help him throw giant stuffed plush Angry Birds (you know, from that addicting cell phone game) at the local gas station.
      Without questioning why, we did as he said. Eventually some people came out of the gas station and started throwing the birds back at us. It was fun, like a snowball fight. Then.... I don't remember what, this part of the dream is blank to me, but picked back up as if it were the next day.
      I went to school, so apparently Mac helped us get back I guess, and I was in the shop room. There was Mrs.B, I have no clue what she was doing in the shop room but it's a dream, and she asked me to come over to her desk. She said the County Band director called and wondered why I wasn't there yesterday. I started my explanation, but then the dream ended.
      Oddly, this dream has some elements of truth to it. County Band Fest is this week and I wasn't asked to go this year. Maybe that's the message behind the dream.