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    Rising [LD]

    by , 11-16-2015 at 01:02 PM (585 Views)

    I seemed to have 2 dreams, both were in my house, and both were unusually vivid. Probably the effect of WBTB.

    More importantly, the second dream started off rather normally, with normal events.. Up until i was answering a phone and i got a creepy response and you can guess how i reacted. A missing piece here, but i remember being in the basement of my house. [COLOR=#0000cd]I realized that it's a dream.[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000cd]

    [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Unfortunately, i didn't stabilize nor increase vividness and memory..
    Right after knowing it's a dream i started talking out loud saying "Where the hell are you? Come out!" because the nature of it was about to turn into a cat-and-mouse nightmare. I was apparently feeling like i'm being chased by someone.

    I went through a door that leads outside and there i saw a kid standing randomly, though i didn't bother about him. It was also raining, there was no sun but it wasn't night either. Anyway, here i wanted to fly. And judging by my past experiences of flying, it didn't look like it was going to be smooth. I started sprinting first, then made the leap into the air. I'm now very high up, something i have never experienced before! I had some issues with speed and control but i was able to make it feel better by shaping my hands like a wingsuit would be like. The air blowing into me with my speed was intense, and most importantly was the view from so far up.. Nothing short of breathtaking! I truly felt free in those moments i was flying in.

    After a few moments, my senses began fading away, the most obvious sign of dream ending.[/COLOR]
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