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    1. Falling straight jacket

      by , 06-14-2011 at 06:43 PM
      The whole night i remember tossing and turning.. whenever i have these nights it seems really easy for me to drift into a dream and realize i'm dreaming. Anyway.. all i remember is falling. while i'm falling i notice i have a straight jacket on and one of my arms are halfway free.. it seems as if i'm falling through a new building.. i mean a building where only the steel is up.. steel beams are flying past me.. and i remember thinking "wait a minute! i was just on my couch!" and at the same moment i stabilized in mid air and landed on one of the steel beams and looked around.. i always forget to look at my hands and spin.. i was about to go explore when i started to see all kinds of colors and then nothing just blackness.. and i knew i was waking up and that i was looking at the back of my eye lids
    2. 1st lucid dream! Wild technique

      by , 05-02-2011 at 10:13 PM
      first off let me say that determination is key! lol i was laying in my bed in sleep paralysis mode like i do pretty often and i was about to give up and bam! it happened lol.. I've been practicing for about 3 weeks now keeping up with my DJ doing RC's but none of that seemed to work.. this WILD tech is unbelievable. I tried it before but i did it wrong. its similar to the WBTB method..actually i think i mixed the two techs.. anyway! the dream was awesome! the transition into the dream was even awesome!

      So I'm laying in my bed in SP mode and I see a strange face.. a womans face for a split second she was kind of like a rainbow outline of a face with hair.. and i feel my body start to shake and i mean really shake.. and then i woke up or i thought i woke up.. i actually woke up in the dream.. i was like a newborn baby.. i woke up in my bed and couldn't move for the life of me.. i was swaying i hit my wall and kind of floated back into the bed i grabbed onto the side of my bed and i noticed my hand it was balloon like lol after floating around trying to stand for a few seconds i kind of realized how to do it and i was up.. i think i jumped because i felt like i floated onto the ground (so awesome!) i walked over to my window which was so bright from the sun you could barely look out but it didn't hurt my eyes at all i didn't even squint.. and the great thing about the WILD tech is that i didn't have to tell myself i was dreaming because i already knew! so while i'm at the window i think if this really is a dream i should be able to put my hand through this window.. but that didn't work.. even though that didn't work it didn't bother me too much.. so i walk or float to my door and i open it and look around and i think, for some crazy reason, i would like to fight a lion! lmaooooooo who does this?! who tries to turn their dream into a nightmare?! anyway the lion appeared and it was so cheesy it was half cartoon and half real and it wasn't even mean or hostile.. i kicked at it then i waved my hand because i was already tired of him lol.. so THEN i figure why not try this sex thing out? lmfaooooooooo there she appeared so i walk up to her and.... i fucking wake up!! awww man i didn't even get a chance to spin around! smh anyway mission accomplished tonight i will try it again..

      I just want to thank everyone for the advice and telling me not to give up and i hope my story can help people and if you have any questions i'll be glad to answer!