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    Coming back to my LD pursuits after 2 1/2 years away

    , 01-09-2012 at 08:25 AM (361 Views)
    Dream Recall is not a major problem for me and for some reason I'm very proud of that. I just follow the advice on this site by setting an alarm, drinking water, having a note taking device handy (laptop this time around) and tell myself over and over again I'll wake up and remember my dreams as I fall asleep. I'm 2 for 2 so far. Last night was the first time I tried this in over 2 1/2 years, I don't know why I've waited so long to come back to this, because it is fun.

    Here is my dream journal for last night: No LD's but I'm optomistic because 2 1/2 years ago I had a short LD the first time around and recorded over a dozen distinct dreams. This time no LDs but I have at least 8 distinct dreams but fewer details. I think I need to get to bed earlier and not sleep while it's light out still! lol

    Start of Dream Journal for Sunday January 8th 2012

    6:30AM - Went to Bed - All dreams and writing sessions are written in backwards order last thing first, first thing last.
    Went to bed at

    9:30AM Woke up myself at naturally!! and wrote the following:
    Dream about my Dad and Autumn (Sister) sharing stories about pupeteering. Autumn was telling me all about the different ways its done in some culture/place etc, while she was talking I saw the puppets/marrienettes were on a castle wall top and there was something peculiar about the situation they were in but I can't remember...

    Before that I was by the water (river/canal) with my grandparents (Mothers parents) and my Aunt Jenny and for some reason we had a small single person boat/sled type thing which was made of metal and painted white. My grandfather was afraid was going to get SCRATCHED UP. I almost jumped in the water, I felt really cold and warm sorta at same time as I ran around the place my grandmother was. I believe my grandmother was either sitting on a picnic table or gramma was sitting while holding the sled object (somebody else was there) Before this we had been all inside something like a car but it was not exactley a car, somebody other than me was driving and they drove towards the water and grampa got really upset because they drove so close to the water that the tires/something like tires/sled bottom went over the waters edge...

    I was at autumn and dads living room wth Autumn/Elise Aunt Jen and somebody else we were laying on the couch in order from left to right Mom(or someone else) Elise/Autumn (changed to elise after a while) elise was taking pictures that made entire Pictures that had frames and many smaller shots under neath (when she took the picture of me at the end of the dream the framed picture just appeared above her hangiing in mid air)...

    Before this I was in a hospital of sorts and I was in an elevator after running from somebody...

    Before this I was with Sheldon(from Big Bang Theory) or my friend Scott, I'll just call this mystery person my friend in a house and we were talking about measures to take in case of a zombie attack or something along those lines. I went into a small place in the corner of the room we were talking in that was supposedly a way to get to the protected celler but I was in there and my friend was trying to get in there or something, I had a small camera in my hand I was trying to give to my friend but the opening between us was too small, there was a glass jar attached to the ceiling above me and I put the camera into it as if I could then screw it back to the wall and have my friend retrieve it from there. While I was doing this my friend was getting frustrated because it was obvious that this was not going to do anything practical, I was very amused by making this attempt but my friend was not (LOL)...

    At some point in my dreams there was a war of some sorts that I was part of but it was more like a video game, I was trying to destroy all these things that seemed humanoid, they were outside and I was running from them and also hiding and stalking them a little bit...

    I was at someones home and family was there with me and a child that I didn't know, there was an older woman sleeping in a bed and two people and myself were trying to get something off a table near her bed without waking her, when we were trying to do this the something we were getting started to make noise (it may have been a cassette deck that looked bigger much like a VHS tape) I started to pull out the magnetic tape when it started to make noise and tried to stop the tape from moving in a vain attempt to stop the noise and keep the woman from waking up by holding onto it tightly...

    ...I had a some sort of sex dream involving (edited) perhaps, it was not very detailed but supposedly it was (edited), very strange, never rememembered any sex dreams involving this person before. We were in some sort of shower room and I remember some sort of sex on the floor...

    After logging these dreams I stayed awake in bed
    Total Sleep approx 8 hours Gotta go to bed earlier!! With work on Monday 11:30AM to 8PM I should get to bed really shortly after writing this. Thanks for reading !! If you made it this far... hehe

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