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    1. The birds.... started to speak hebrew (shorty)

      by , 11-06-2014 at 03:52 PM
      So I was here , on this never ending bridge , I was non lucid, I was flying like if its easy as breathing.
      I was not gone high I was flying on the bridge .
      There was black birds , not ravens, these birds were little.
      Then the birds started to speak hebrew . I was suprised , but this still was not enough for me to be lucid.
      I started to search for them saying 'where are you".
      Then I found a woman who was about to fall of the bridge
      the birds were taking mugs on her shoulders making her harder to hold on.
      I tried to help her, I flew off to her but then suddenly theres a city and the ground is under the women, now shes safe.
      So that was my dream.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Lucid Wtbt WILD Finally

      by , 11-04-2014 at 05:30 PM
      As I Transit , I became unable to move ,hearing a very loud sound , and feeling that the pressure changes.
      Like a compression. So here I am , able to do nothing . In app. 10 seconds later this ends.
      I'm in . I stand up , I'm in a bit different room , the lamps are a bit different, there are some unfamilliar thing..
      There used to be an electronic clock on top of the TV which show the time in red colour . Now on the left side of the TV , there is another clock like that , difference is , this one was glowing in light blue instead of red.
      It showed 15:00 minutes, I guessed that its all the time I have in this dream , but then I blinked for testing.
      It changed, with the original clock. It was quite funny and fascinating , I played with it for a minute and then leaved the house.
      I decided to walk to the neighbour , and kill them with a lightning ,for the fun.
      But I was unable to cast the lightnings. Nevermind then
      I continued walking and then I met with an old woman, with blonde hair and weird greenish-bluish eyes.
      She looked a bit surreal , and now she wanted to hug me for no reason , and said something but I did not paid attention. So I threw her with an aikido technique , and then she charged to me and I threw her again, and again and again, In the end it looked like if we practice aikido , I'm the tori and shes the uke. lOl
      Then remembered that I need a dream guide, I asked her in english if she is, . She said something again but I did not understand. I asked her if she can teach me something, She started to talk , but hell if I remember what she said.
      In this second ,when shes talking, the dream fades away, I tried to relax and stabilize , but failed .
      Tags: lucid
    3. Surviving instincts , Weird FPS

      by , 09-11-2014 at 06:35 PM
      All I remember is that I said something like this while I was talking with someone
      "Man this place is boring, the whole country is boring..."
      Then this somebody said
      "Oh no it isn't, let me show you the sea of Hungary!"
      What the heck, does Hungary have a sea"

      "Of course, it does" - he said

      Soonly , I'm on a higher ground near to that beach. Then I descend down to the beach.
      This somebody is with me and says things such "Wonderfull, isnt it?" I say "yes, I gonna look around, come"
      But he\she stays there , watching around , I guess. then I see a forest like thing, there is a little lake, surrounded by trees on the end of this lake , theres a waterfall, it seems to be wonderfull.
      "I go there " I say, then he\she says "Watch out ..."
      As I go there , Things got weird, the way to the lake was got longer and everything gone to very dark.
      I realize this is a jungel and that I could be killed by some wild animal...
      Then in this moment I feel a bite on my finger ..
      I see its a little lizard and it jumps around I was like "get off you little sh***" ,Then I thinked "Probably it wasn't venomous.
      I try to run out from this place, back to the beach, but then I lost my power and a part of my consciousness.. I feel a kind of pain...
      Wild Instincts emerge, this animal self is unleashed now, I moan in an animal way , anger shakes up with the instincts , I use all my energy to move, its like if I'm partially paralysed but I still try like crazy, and I manage to stand up , walk, then run with this distorted moving coordination.
      I can hardly breath, Incredible weakness is in all my muscles ,I cannot think.
      Then , I finally reach the beach, I kneel I look up the sky and I scream from suffering.

      Then the dream switches, now I'm in some kind of weird fps, I'm in the same place, now I have a weapon in my hands
      and I'm near to a car , theres a swat guy standing there
      as I'm about to shoot time slows down and I see the crosshair and it marks the guy , and then I see some titles like "danger factor" and then it describes that the more I'm visible the more danger I can get into
      I get shot , I feel nothing
      I respawn
      I go back there but now theres no one.
      Then I respawn and Again the same happens I get shot.
      It ends.

      That was a bit weird...
    4. Foreigners Festival LD

      by , 09-10-2014 at 10:06 AM
      I tried wild in the morning
      multiple dream formed , I was aware . But there were no SP's.

      And then this one started
      I was walking out to the coast of the danube river
      A girl and a boy was with me , we were talking about why are foreigners came here and sell stuff..
      I realised that most of the foreigners are english speaking , suddenly I got a Billy Mays feeling.
      So we go there and we see that the coast is full of foreigners selling stuff, it was some kind of festival
      I got a feeling of being in a bazaar, we walked on and then I realised that we're in some kind of monk clothes, a bit weird but ok ...
      Night approaches, then we still talk about the festival and we don't know why the heck they came here
      then the guy says that probably because the olympics are gettind holded in this city.
      then I watch down and I see theres a plus shore , we're the highest , down there are muslim people selling stuff ...
      Night approaches
      So we dismissed that we go home , but I stayed to look around, suddenly everyone's gone!
      I run into the place where the festival was , now theres nobody,
      I look around and now I see a big structure made of wood
      and there are little houses, I guess this is where they gone
      I look back at the ones with me , but they started going home
      I scream "DONT LEAVE ME HERE"
      I run up, but its too late, they're gone
      I started to walk back
      "This place is so weird, the city lights are beautiful hmm... This could be a dream? Everything is too smooth to be a dream"
      I look at my hand , and yes

      I became lucid

      I look at everything, wonderfull
      "This place... everything..."
      The grass starts to grow extremely as I realized that I need to contact with the dream enviroment in order to stabilize
      I touch them , seems real. Then I walk on, trying to shoot flames with my hands , but It fails.
      As i walk on I meet with an old woman, y'know, the grandma type.
      "Come , let me lead you on the way"
      Idk why , but I followed her, I guess my lucidity dropped at this point
      We start walking , I try to drop flames again, then she says "dont scare me, you look like a crazy person!"
      we walk on ,and then suddenly teleporting happens
      now we are in a suburb like place mixed up with a place near my workplace.
      I see oldies talkin' , I check my hands and now I have about 10 fingers on one hand
      "Damn, atleast, I could fly... YES! I should try fly"
      I start to run , jump one, relaxing my hands and getting energy out of it
      and unstable fly starts
      and then the dream fall apart

      It was awesome anway.
      lucid , non-lucid
    5. The Vag Hearted

      by , 09-08-2014 at 09:22 PM
      I'm in talking with the doctor
      My crush was with me , sitting by my side
      The doc said that I got to get a second heart
      "Raise your hands" - he said and as I raised my hands up, he dropped a black cape , covering my face and hands
      "and now , we begin , it will be fast" - he said, a minute later I started to feel a knife near my heart as it pierces up my body, the pain intensifies
      they opened it , now I can feel my heart beating, and it feels the cold too
      it was a big painfull.
      "Be quick, take it .." said the doc to the assistant , and I feel something is now connected to my heart
      They taken off the cape , I was almost dropped of my hands because I couldnt hold it any longer
      my chest was still open, Ive seen the blood flowing out, and with it my heart beating
      and this little thing, then the doc massaged it , and it started to beat
      it looked like a little piece if chicken meat, or its color, to be honest, it looked like a vagina , with meat colour
      Both of them beated , sometimes synchronised, sometimes not, then they closed my chest , they sewn it together

      Now I placed my hand on it and I felt the beating
      and then I suddenly feeled big life energy, I was fresh, happy, and I was full of power
      While this the doctor said that this second heart will increase my abilities and it will give me special abilities also.
      I happily acknowledge this , then my crush tells me that its time to go home.
      As I leave, the dream collapses

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      non-lucid , memorable
    6. The Suburb shootout

      by , 04-03-2014 at 05:28 PM
      This dream is interesting because its retrospective ...
      So I was in a car with 2 of my friends
      I don't know who leaded the car , maybe my fresh tulpa (which is still in creation procces)
      We stopped in a street in the middle of an american suburban
      My friend was taken off, he wanted to prank I think...
      There was black man and women quickly walking from the street they watched back and they were scared
      they was almost began to run.
      then we heard a shot , then another , I say ,"QUICK QUCK, GET US OUT FROM THIS CITY.-Said to the car conductor -" Come back!"- said the my friend who was out in the street, but he couldnt be back, We are could'nt
      close the door , but the car started and were got out from this street , left our friend...
      Somehow I realised that he died and felt sad...
      Then the dream collapse and a new is getting created
      now we all 3 were here before the these events happened
      still in the suburban
      Driving around with the unknown 4th
      we were hanging out, watching around and making plans for pranking the people there .
      Then I turned on the radio and they spoke some hebrew like gibberish. it was weird in the middle of USA.
      We were driving around, it was night already
      I rested a little bit and around 4-5 AM we were continued our hangout in the suburb
      Somehow we heard from the radio that this district is dangerous and known by its infamous drug dealers and maffia members...
      We were like "oh crap" , but we stayed here ,waiting for something to happen
      We seen some "pranks" and that people are happy etc.
      and then I seen this significant wall which reminded me of what happened in the previous dream
      and so it was about to happen again , I realized this , before we stopped I said
      "GO go go , we cannot stop here there's a shooting about to happen!"
      Just as before we stopped me moved on , and heard the shot..
      I heard some scream
      we were gone out from the street quickly
      not far from here I got off from the car , to the street
      with a camera ,my friends thought I'm crazy..
      but somehow I felt that I'm in safe now
      SO I gone to this house
      there was some walls
      I gone between this walls
      I found myself in the garden of a house
      gone upstairs and seen the police
      The killer was a 15-14 yr old kid
      he killed 4 man
      They said he killed because of anger
      then the dream collapsed
    7. my first dream entry: The merciless workplace and Aurora borealis

      by , 03-31-2014 at 07:43 PM
      It is one of my old LD's I experienced a few months ago
      Non lucidly, it was began in a workplace
      I worked here , and my priority is some jobs like taking big things to another places and machines, papers etc
      they said they will kill me if I leave And I acknowledged that I will never be able to get out of there
      I felt a little bit desperate but It was ok, I was thinked that I will plan something to break out then it will be ok
      around a half an hour later I see another worker having something like a stroke, or heart attack
      he falls on the ground I go there and watch as he dies, a horrible expression on his face was terrifying and his skin color changed to yellow (like if he had kidney problems)
      and he bleed from different points of his head ,Idk
      A few people cried ,I was shocked
      Then I back to work ,trying to forget what I've seen.
      Then the boss says "You can go home, son."
      I was pleased , and everything was lovely once again
      so I packed up and gone out from this weird white place
      This place were near to my town and I knew where am I
      I see that other white clothed workers are going home on the same way.
      And then I saw my old classmate, ran to him and asked whatsup
      we spoke to a min
      but then I saw the northern lights, it was like a speeded up timelapse

      I became Lucid
      Checked the hands , done, and I was in full controll: I was able to fly perfectly
      so I did then there was a minute of blackout ,I was non lucid for one minute
      then I gained my lucidity back
      I was still floated in the air
      then I saw a girl ,motocrossing
      I followed her
      and started to throw things at her with the force
      its no good, she wasnt stopped but got more speed
      and I got more rapid , and then I threw her into a facility
      Everything was broken but the motocross girl was still on the run
      so I grabbed her again, and slammed her through the iron wall
      Then the dream changed, from night to dawn
      and She was laid on the ground , I heard her crying but didnt gave a ...
      Then I was gone to a house looked like home
      I checked myself...
      And my p3nis was black
      then the dream ended