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    Softball Field Shenanigans: Oops, I'll pay later!

    by , 05-15-2020 at 02:34 AM (283 Views)
    This was my longest and grandest lucid dream by far. Used WBTB about 6 hours after I fell asleep, telling myself that I would remember to ask if I was dreaming and visualizing becoming lucid.
    I appeared in the CHS softball fields, totally aware that I was dreaming. It was night time, and there were many people on the field; the scene was bustling, with a busy road where the sub-lot should be. I immediately went to the cars and tried stopping them in their tracks, but failed twice. They just honked, and the dream characters in them threw up their hands in confusion! Then I went over to a parked car, put my hand under the front, and lifted it up! I walked over to the people, and saw one of my college student advisors and made out with her for a bit. She was SO cute. Lastly, I went over to where the weight room was because I somehow knew there would be an ice-cream shop there. I didn't see an entrance, so I thought, fuck it, I'm gonna phase threw the wall. I ran at the wall and appeared on the other side, Harry Potter style! I looked around and saw that there were few good selections, and decided on a Friendly's tub. I got to pay, and realize I don't have my wallet. Even though I am FULLY aware I'm dreaming, I get nervous; I don't want to make a scene! By the way, the track guys are standing next to me, presumably back from a workout. Anyway, I make up an excuse about paying and run out of the store. I go back to the field with the crowd. I see lots of people gathering to look at something, and my HS friend Natalie tells me somethings going down. As I fix my gaze to see what is going on, I wake up!
    The fact that I broke two different laws of physics in this dream, and told myself it would last (which it did) was so so exhilarating! In the dream, I told myself it would last 20 minutes (which is what I planned outside the dream). I'd say it felt like around 10 minutes, but I wasn't really thinking about time. Amazing stuff!

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