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    Im flyin

    by , 05-14-2016 at 01:53 PM (353 Views)
    1 - this is a nightmare. I can't write what exactly is but when I wake up I thank god that it was a dream.

    2 - I dream of movie Snowpiercer where Curtis is beating up Mason. I can see her vivid ugly teeth getting broken and her wide eyes slowly closing. Somehow I'm outside of the scene through a door, and it's my old high school. The class has ended and I see my brother trying to go home. I grab his hand to avoid people's eyes because I wanna fly with him, to go home really fast. I run towards unfamiliar buildings in the field. I take cover to hide from people, but it's no use. We just walk out of a normal path, and then we fly really high. At first I jump few times.
    Somehow I tell him 'I can fly but I can't do other powers like telekinesis for some reason'. I encourage him that he can fly too, so I let go of his hand.
    We then fly to our house. It looks like my hometown house, but there's a piano in the living room.

    3 - I'm sleeping at 3 twin toddler brothers. I wake up and realize I'm in their room. The light green colored blanket is on the cushy matted floor. Morning light is shining through the window. I walk around stepping on the blanket then lie back down as I feel tired. Suddenly something's moving underneath the blanket. The brothers were actually sleeping in it. I'm a little worried if I stepped on them or not. But 3 are wiggling well under the blanket. I turn my side and for some reason Squidward is also laying down next to me, holding his legs. He's not sleeping though. He says something in his usual annoying tone.
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      Haha Squidward. XD
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