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    The Dream Adventures of [email protected]


    by , 12-10-2013 at 04:56 PM (386 Views)
    dream 1 - I see Juroara and Lmrhone in some kind of school class. We talk about something but I don't remember.

    dream 2 - I'm at my house, in the kitchen doing something weird. The little colorful birds try to keep going under the water in the pot. They can even live under it. I grab one and try to free him. I wash him at the sink, he tries to bite me. I open the door and let him go. I can see him flying really fast forward and he's gone.

    I think after this I run in the backyard stepping on the rock beds with bare feet. I call my family. It is raining slightly.

    WILD 1 - For some reasons when I try to lift my dream body I think of morphing into Leonardo DiCaprio. Why?? I'm blind as hell, but I am convinced that I've really morphed into tall DiCaprio with nice dark suit. It feels like Inception. But I fade out.

    WILD 2? - With the intent of another WILD attempt, I'm at my own house again, trying to go to the other place by opening the refrigerator door. As I open it I see bright white portal in there. I go in and the scene fades into white.

    Then I was standing on the porch of my room veranda in my hometown apartment. I get lucid while seeing beautiful tall trees among the apartments. I remember my own morphing dream plan that I wrote IRL. I try to morph into Naruto, imagining my body shining with bright yellow light, and my body vibrates and the skin all becomes shiny white. The feeling is awesome. After 1 second, I am morphed into Naruto, with his orange suit and black colored face on the shoulder range, and my hair all turns to spiky blond hair with long black bandage on my forehead. It is perfect.

    I leap into the air and gather my hands to do a jutsu. 'Multiple clone jutsu!' I say in Korean. Suddenly I hear so many Naruto yelling behind me going 'yaaaa~~'. But I don't see them anywhere lol.

    While I'm flying in the air, I see a bird nest built by beautiful big plumes with a bird building it.

    I try to summon Rasengan on my hand by quickly moving my left hand to make it, but it doesn't work. I gather my energy on the hand but that doesn't work either.

    Anyway I leap side to side between apartment buildings and land on the ground safely. There are so many people. This is apartment 4 section.

    Suddenly a very tall titan Rock Lee invades the apartments. I don't know if he's really Rock Lee, but he has longer hair and that distinct green suit that Lee wears. People start screaming and running away. I run away too, but I'm not really scared. For some reason I am wearing a big bag, and throw it away as I don't need it. But I'm convinced that there are paper rolls that have other powerful jutsu written, so I carry the bag on my back just in case if I need them for dream control.

    I leap in the air and throw shurikens to titan Lee. I leap in the air once more, and then twist my body to throw the shooting stars at him in cool position. I think I see another titan.

    And then I don't know what happens. Scene skips but I don't remember.

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