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    Parkour/ Fat Mikasa

    by , 08-03-2016 at 02:58 PM (482 Views)
    1 - I'm with Wisher, him sitting on a bench and I'm standing right in front of him. It feels like I'm in the city. Suddenly a group of crowd including us run to somewhere, opening a door of a building, then we go inside and climb up the stairs real fast. I start doing parkour.

    We eventually get out of the building, and I'm at completely different place with Wisher. It's huge green field under a purple sky. I meet my character Namu trying to hang out with me, but for some reason I check my sketch, seeing her original design... she has different eyes.

    2 - I see a Yellowcard show at really small rock cafe but they are doing really good. Ryan seems out of gas while singing but the song's still good..

    3 - I'm Sasha from Attack on Titan. I'm looking through a hole of a bow, pulling the string really right aiming at a ugly male titan. I'm on the roof and the titan is slowly lingering around the town. I shoot the arrow with fire at his head. I take out another arrow and shoot at him again. 'This isn't gonna kill titan anyway.'

    So I jump off the roof and shoot the wire hook at the titan, fly around in the air a little, then shoot another hook at him, accelerate towards him and slice him with the swords. I haven't attacked his weak spot, but suddenly the titan screams in pain and run away from me. I notice his weird behavior and carefully look at him.

    He runs towards a wall that has big hole, but somehow it's covered with black oil. The titan gets stuck in there, shrinking in size, then suddenly he dies.

    A scene shifts to Hanji inspecting the wall with oil and I'm with her, and Mikasa, Armin, and a girl(somehow half-Krista and half-stranger).

    Hanji carefully scrutinizes the smoke coming out of the wall left by the dead titan, and black oil dripping from above. I see this huge light blue painted ship right near the wall and I can see some black oil on a floor leaking out of it. For some reason on the ship, there's huge white painted name in Korean called 'Han Nam Canal'.
    Hanji sits down and stares at the oil on the wall. I'm thinking, maybe she wouldn't taste the oil? And she touches the oil with her finger and just takes a sample of smell. I intuitively know that she's convicted that this is indeed oil. How could oil possibly kill the titan?

    I don't know why but I just wanna fly with the 3D gear. I snatch Krista's hook gun and pull the trigger at the top of a building in front of me. It doesn't work 2 times. 3rd time I shoot the hook and go up there. Mikasa follows. I can see Hanji, Armin and Krista below me, and Hanji is talking to them about the oil.

    Mikasa approaches me and puts her hands around my right ear and says something to me. I'm like 'what did you say?' and then she says in clear voice 'Krista cheated something and wrote it on a piece of paper, which is in your hook gun.'

    And I'm like whattt? I shake the hook gun, and a tiny piece of paper falls out of it, and Mikasa lightly takes it. While doing this, I can see Krista missing us seeing it by casually closing her eyes and turning her head to Hanji. We're both suspicious at Krista doing something secretly. She's somehow a spy. I throw the hook gun at her and she hits it so the gun bounces up in the air. Then she looks at us with dirty eyes. Mikasa and I finally know she's onto something. We're both mad at her. My point of view shifts to Mikasa and suddenly I shoot a hook at Krista's face really fast. Right before that I hear 'wait!' and the scene snaps into black.

    I'm now Sasha again. The whole crew from previous scene is at some kind of huge cave but there's regular town in it. Eren is here too. I realize the person who's lying on a bed getting treatment in the eye isn't Krista, it's Armin. He protected her. He got the hook shot in the eye and for some reason he's still alive and Hanji is trying to take the hook out of it. I'm like oh shit. I turn my head around not to see it and I hear him screaming with gory sound, seems Hanji is cutting something to take the hook out... I look at Mikasa and for some reason she suddenly has gained a lot of weight. It's really funny that she has more chinky eyes.

    A regular white girl with 3d gear suit comes to us (for some reason she has purple dot on her brow chakra) to deliever a message to Hanji. She sees the gory scene behind me and winces. Hanji is like what's up? and then I wake up...

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