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    zombie/ falcon

    by , 01-04-2017 at 06:57 PM (406 Views)
    2 - I'm in a zombie astral world but the country is Korea. And I'm a fine looking guy at 20s wearing white shirt and kaki pants, with friends (3 guys and a girl, and older guy with a kid).

    At first we were at some kind of balcony inside a big room, probably in a hotel. We were already hiding inside this room from zombies.

    We were sitting on the floor, being nervous about zombies coming in. I have my bag in front of me. Then as we hear the sound of zombies' naked feet stomping on the floor, we pretend to be dead. I just lean over while kneeling, protecting my bag, and head sunken in my arms. A zombie comes into the room. He climbs up the stairs, but as he approaches my bravery becomes only stronger. I don't know why but I was convicted that I could kill him.

    The only weapon I had, probably in small pocket of my bag was toothpicks(!) so when he gets behind me, and then in the front, I quickly take the toothpicks and stab in his both akilles. I could see his dirty leg that had greyish green skin. As I hear his ugly screaming, he falls over the porch of balcony and dies.

    My friends lift their heads and ask me how could I even do that. I say "I knew I could kill one".

    But then the older guy wants the rest of us to hide in another room which was smaller that has only one bed, then closes the door tightly. It's a little hard to lie down since there were 5 people trying to lie on one bed.

    The guys kinda push me in the convo that I have a crush on the girl, but I deny it lol

    Suddenly these workers from the government come in and take me to another room that has plastic vinyl door, and shut it with zipper. I intuitively knew I got tricked in the past by these doctors that they were injecting cure inside of me, but it was actually a zombie virus. I'm now infected, and I see the govt workers wearing protective suit with masks.

    They open the zipper again and take me to a lab. I feel betrayed. I'm already wearing thin clothes of patient. As I'm walking I feel my body getting paralyzed. This doctor completely looks chill, as if this isn't wrong at all. He says something like 'you will die anyway', injecting another shot onto my left waist, and I feel the poison spreading throughout my body... my waist feels weird. Then I wake up.

    3 - I'm with my brother, and this lady who has falcon pets. The falcon looks really cute. It has red colored feather on its eyebrows, beak not looking intimidating.

    The time is night, and the lady takes the falcon out of a window and it flies away. When it spread its wings, it spreads huge cloth of flags of all countries along with them. It was amazing to see. I don't see the crowd underneath, but I hear people cheering seeing the flags. Feels like soccer game.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      That dream felt like it was coherent enough to be in a movie. Its cool how you managed to be brave and fight them off too. Better than letting the zombies eat you alive or having them take over. O.o
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    2. Windhover@'s Avatar
      Oops i just saw ur comment! Yea astral world is so awesome but if i choose to have fun battle sometimes its not funny lol. I think that night was when i decided to be brave and it worked