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    Vincent the Superhero

    by , 03-13-2013 at 01:49 PM (325 Views)
    So last night i had the most amazing lucid dream.

    I'm standing in the middle of a crossroad, no one around and as I look to the sky I see a red comet. "Dragons.." I say and burst out in laughing: I'm dreaming. So I thought:" Dude, i'm totally going to fly now." Wich worked!!!! AWSOME I CAN FLY YEAHHHHHHHHHHH, but keep Calm Vince, else you're going to wake up!!!

    So the next moment i'm in the sky with 2 incredibely hot girls around my neck looking for trouble. And then there he was.... Voldermort...... This...is it...

    After a relatively long battle(At least, it felt long) I defeated him and got laid with one of the nice ladies.

    But I tried ( yes i'm a nerd i know.) a Kamehameha wave, but it didnt work... Also going super saiyan doesnt work for me.... -,- need some more practice i think....

    Thanks for reading anyhow!

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