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    So close to Basic I! - 1 LD, Multiple Fragments

    by , 02-05-2015 at 11:57 PM (465 Views)
    Non Lucid

    Fragment One/LD: Grandma Attacked By Demons
    For some reason, I was with a woman who in the dream was my grandma, but I have no clue who she is in real life. I remember doing tedious tasks with her during the day, like gardening, putting groceries away, etc. I don't remember anything vividly or that specific. (This is when I start to remember the dream) The dream is a huge blur from there, and then I'm up in my bed. It's very late, when all of the sudden I hear the music that plays when the Irish poltergeist from Insidious enters. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW2THrzAr6c) It was coming from my grandmas room. Apparently, in this dream, I was not very heroic, so I turned and sprinted down the stairs and out into my front yard as fast as I could. All of the sudden, it just came to me.

    "I'm asleep." I said happily.

    I was so happy. First time I've had a LD in months. The first thing I wanted to do was start the Tasks of the Month, but sadly, I couldn't think of any of them! Then, all of the sudden, I remembered one. Basic I (do something naughty and blame it on another character). I turned around and saw two men on my front yard. I ran up to one of them and was going to punch him (not really naughty, but I guess in my dream I thought it was) but the other DC punched him before I could even get there, and he blamed it on me! I was so shocked. The DC did literally EXACTLY what I was about to do to get the task completed! For some reason my mind completely strayed from the ToTM after that, and I wanted to ride in a Ferrari. (idek) So I said out loud
    "Wow, is that a Ferrari driving by??"
    Unfortunately, the dream didn't really understand what I was trying to do, so I saw a Ferrari speed by on a street about 75-100 feet away. It was going so fast I barely even saw it.
    I decided to revise what I had to say.
    "Wow, why is that Ferrari going to pull up on my driveway?"
    This time, I guess my dream got the message. The Ferrari drove back, pulled up onto my driveway, and a door shot open. I ran over to it to observe it. It actually looked very similar, if not identical, to a Ferrari in real life, and it was golden. Inside were a bunch of old men smoking cigars.
    I jumped in, and we drove off down the street.
    For some reason, the street sort of morphed into my school hallway.

    Fragment Two: Zombie Apocalypse
    I was back at my old elementary school, and I was walking to where my mom used to pick me up. Once I got there, I realized I had gone to the wrong side and my mom was parked on the other side. I began to walk back over, and saw lots of cars parked on one end of the blacktop. I saw somebody beating against the window on one of the cars, so I ran past them. On the blacktop, I saw lots of body parts strewn across it. It was disgusting. The thing beating against the window of the cars turned towards me, because I had stopped in my tracks while watching this. It started sprinting after me, and I turned and ran across the blacktop as fast as I could. I saw a friend of mine on the other side, and he wasn't a zombie. I also saw another kid that was super annoying, but luckily moved away many years ago. They were both running towards me as well. I kept running until I got over there, and they attacked the zombie.

    After they killed it, I stood there and caught my breath. For some reason though, they were cutting their arms with the knives to try to attract the zombies. I was confused why they were doing this, but it seemed to be working. The zombies were running towards them, so I ran up towards the school and inside (completely forgot about my mom for some reason).

    Fragment Three: Computer Club/Fight
    This fragment is PROBABLY connected to the zombie apocalypse fragment, but I don't know for sure, so I'm separating them. In this fragment, for some reason, I was going to computer club. It was in the media center, and there were a lot of kids playing on iPads and laptops. Unfortunately, they were out of laptops, so I left. As I was walking back, I saw the teacher toss an iPad to one of the students, which I thought was very unsafe.
    When I walked out, I saw some idiot kid that used to be annoying to me and my friends in middle school.
    "HEY JACK" he yelled, like he used to. (He actually was an idiot, I'm not even lying. Like, it wouldn't surprise me if his IQ was below 70.)
    Idk, in this dream I guess I was just super fed up so I walked up to him and started shoving him. He shoved me back, and then the Home to School communicator ran up and told us to stop and asked what was going on.

    I explained it, and the kid said "I could so beat you up"
    The HtSC muttered "Yeah, I really doubt that."
    I shoved the kid again, and the HtSC told me to stop and said that I was just turning into the kid.
    So, I walked away, and for some reason the floors had been replaced with trampolines. I was jumping up very high and touching the ceiling of the hallway. Everyone thought it was cool, and so did I.

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