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    Xyster's Lucid Dream Journal

    My Lucid Dream Journal.

    1. Lucid again finally

      by , 09-24-2011 at 02:18 PM (Xyster's Lucid Dream Journal)
      I was in the back seat of a car driving down my road. I was eating pretzels and somehow I realized I was dreaming.

      I remember the taste of the saltiness in the pretzels lingered a bit. I did my best to stabilize by looking around And looking at my hands. I noticed a woman trying to cast a spell on me and I was prepared to let her attack go right through me. Her attack looked like a little wispy blue ball that just hovers near her. It was q failure and she knew it. I ignored her and walked towards the gas station at the end of our street.

      I went in the gas station ready to snack on just about anything I could get my hands on. When I went inside there was no food or drinks at all, no shelves or freezers. It was a big empty white room, oddly enough with customers and a gas station attendant. I jumped behind the counter and noticed he had a mini fridge under the counter. It had opened dr.peppers in it. I tried twice to summon a dr.pepper in it but to no avail. I wanted to summon a beer instead and then I noticed two coronas on the counter. They were a little cold, I chugged one and it tasted very much like beer. I decided to go outside now.

      I wanted to experiment with flying, so I tried a new method. I visualized my hands creating q jet to lift me up. I started floating and I had pretty good control over my flight ability. I flew to my school which was just across the street. It looked empty so I called for my brother "what are y'all doing". He answered and I knew he wasn't alone. I flew over the roof and saw a few people I went to school with including my ex. She looked upset about something and I told her it was a dream. I kissed her after that but she still seemed upset. One of the students asked me to help his dad save a girl from thugs. He then informed me that his dad was in San francisco of all places. I decided to aid him, I tried ripping a tear in space to teleport but I only stuck my hand through space, it didn't open a portal. I willed a portal gun to appear behind some playground equipment. The portal gun was really small but it worked. Using some forgotten trickery I was able to get the portal to San franscisco. I completely forgot about my mission to help the girl when I got there.

      I was in a subway, with big letters that read San fransisco. I somehow got the attention of the cops and they shot me too death. I respawned near a tiny pistol and an ak47 which was also smaller than usual. I remember testing out the mechanics of the pistol and everything worked perfectly. I shot a cop in the head who came out of nowhere. I shot the ak47 a crowd of cops. I don't remember what happened next but I ended up in my living room.

      I opened the front door and I was dark outside. I shut the door and commanded it to be light out. When I opened the door it was starting to get brighter but there was a horrible fog. I flew on top of my car and noticed my grandfather in my neighbor's yard. One of my dogs got out and he thought it was an owl or something.

      I don't remember anything after that.
    2. World of Zombies

      by , 07-14-2010 at 07:50 PM (Xyster's Lucid Dream Journal)
      This dream was longer, but I don't remember how it began, I believe I was Lucid beforehand but I can't remember

      The dream before this was about pizza or something, anyways, in the dream I was about to wake up, and I knew I was waking up and wanted to stay dreaming so I tried to stay still for a DEILD.

      When I woke up it was a FA, and I knew it immediately, I was laying down in a different room and it was incredibly vivid, I really felt in control. I got up, rubbed my hands together for stabilization and looked at them, they weren't as detailed as they normally are in my dreams but they seemed more realistic. I noticed on the wall a picture of a woman, I went up to the picture and asked her what was up, I don't remember her response or any of the conversation, but I remember that her talking was out of sync with her mouth moving. I decided to go outside, planning on flying or something, since I was kind of bored. I got to my front door ready to go wherever it takes me, and spontaneously decided to visit Ragefire Chasm from WoW. I said, "Ragefire Chasm will be on the other side of this door". When I went outside it looked like Ragefire Chasm was growing onto my front yard, I started walking around looking for a sword, which was actually easy to find, cause apparently there's a weapons shop in my garage. I got 2 swords and started heading towards the entrance, just then some Asian guy pulled up in a car and threw a sword at me, still sheathed. When I looked at the sword it was green with little footballs all over it. He said that this was my invitation into the "Challenge", then he got out, put on a weird hat and said he had to do his introduction; Somehow I felt like I had seen the introduction before and didn't feel like waiting all day, so I used the "Fallout 3/Oblivion" skip time method, which is simply speeding up time by a couple of hours. Eventually he was gone, but in the process of this I managed to lose Lucidity.

      When I turned around there were 2 big dogs eating some kind of corpse in my front yard, my mom was there and said that it attacked me and they killed it. We spent about what seemed like 10 minutes just talking with a bunch of different people, then these weird looking zombies started showing up, they looked like something out of Left 4 Dead 2, trying to kill us, Just as we're fighting these things off I start waking up. In this instant I realized I was dreaming and didn't want it to end so I tried to stay still so when I wake up I could DEILD.

      This was another FA, but this time I thought it was real, and didn't think to question it. For some reason I was in a commercial for cellphones, but it was like the Flintstones, it kept talking about people on the phones at night, and it kept showing cave men using these massive stone tablets that were apparently cell phones. The dream ended with me sitting at a stone table on a stone cell phone.
      lucid , false awakening
    3. I am back!

      by , 07-05-2010 at 05:43 PM (Xyster's Lucid Dream Journal)
      The Dream starts with me in my backyard with some guy who I don't know, he's trying to take a picture
      of me for something. Somehow I realized that this was a dream, and it was pretty vivid.

      At this point there were a few more people in my back yard, I started attacking all of them, to test out my abilities,
      the first guy I threw fire at and he went down, then I walked around and shot this guy with electricity, clearly it only
      bothered him cause he didn't budge, then this huge guy behind me launched these Ice Spikes at me, he missed but I realized
      these people were fighting back and I didn't want to waste time on them. So I started running towards my fence and said
      "Here's one power you don't have" and jumped up flying, I heard my brother say "It's always funny to see you fall", and
      then I fell in the neighbors yard. I realized they were after me, so I ran into the street out front and was in my neighborhood
      I decided to fly down the street, just so I can test my ability to fly, I was able to go pretty fast down the road, staying close
      to the ground, there were lots of cars, then I started to feel like I was going to wake up.

      I looked at my hands and rubbed them together, it didn't really help, but my hands were very detailed which made the dream
      easier to stay in. There was a picture on the street, I read it, but I don't remember what it said, it was weird. Just then
      a car went flying by and everyone started driving like maniacs, I took off flying after this car, he was faster than I was
      flying though, I got up to the side of his car and a narration started talking about this guy and his car, then I woke up.

      It's been a few months since I've had a LD, so it's good to be back.