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      Question Stabilization Techniques Help

      Hey all,

      I'm interested in learning more about stabilizing a dream. I've read a lot of different approaches, for example DEILD, as a solution to get around a dream fading, but not much about actually saving a dream that is fading. Sometimes I'll be in a situation where I do something exciting and I get sent into a false awakening or actually wake up.

      There are some techs floating around like rubbing your hands, spinning, focusing on an object, engaging in the dream, commanding the dream to stabilize etc. But these methods haven't worked terribly well for me in the past.

      Is there something fundamental I'm missing here or perhaps more practice is needed? I can't reliably lucid dream yet. Best case scenario is about once a week if I'm lucky. Hard to build a practice routine when the sessions are this spread out.

      My best guess right now is that stabilization requires the dreamer to be confident that it will work, similar to other dream abilities. Is that basically it?

      Open and excited to hear any and all suggestions!
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