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      How i prolong my experience

      so, over the past year or two i've developed a set of rules to help lucid dreams last longer. if its of the dream initiated type the main principle for me is not to make drastic or intense movements. Since this is a high level of dream you are susceptible to imitating such actions in reality. For example, if you throw a punch in your dream you have a very high risk of moving your arm or even throwing a punch in this consciousness thereby waking you up. Also, intense sensation will wake you up; so if you do what every male lucid dreamer does and chose to guide your dream to procreation you will indeed wake up at the precise moment the sensation occurs. At first it seems as though this is not such a bad trade off, but trust me, keeping lucidity for extended periods of time can be an extremely powerful tool.

      And if there is a way to prolong my lucid dream that will allow me to break these rules without waking up please do inform me

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      for me changing the dream scene drastically wakes me up .....,....so just try to remain in the current scene and enjoy ......it should last.

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