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    Thread: It's way too dark to see

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      Question It's way too dark to see

      Hello, i've managed to lucid dream 5-6 times in the last 3 months, not an amazing feat, although everytime i realise i'm in the dream it becomes too dark to see, sometimes i can see the outline of objects but it's no fun because i can't even see this morning i had a couple of lucid dreaming sessions, and in the very last one i woke up, in the dream, with a torch so that was a help, but all the other times the dream has been really dark, also i like to try astral projection, but i've never managed to accomplish this, however there have been a couple of times in the dream where i lay down, and try to astral project, the very first time i managed a lucid dream was through this method when i was listening to binural beats and in my dream i could hear them and i began to try astral project in the middle of a soothing forest , at this point i'm unconscious, and then i start to vibrate and here a kind of wshhhhhh noise in my ear, this makes me completely aware of my state and brings me to full lucidity, but i can't seem to conjure light after i'm lucid or really conjure anything, i've been looking on the forums and things like clarity, clarity now and even trying to focus on my hand to conjure light, i havn't tried rubbing them together yet though, if anyone has any info or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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      I used to have a similar problem on occasion. For me, the best thing to do is not to worry about it. I try to focus on something else, see what other things I can explore with other senses (touch, feel, etc.) for a while. Once I stop worrying about it long enough, the problem usually disappears and I can see again. The key is to be patient—sometimes it just takes a while for dream imagery to start appearing.

      I've also heard it said that this can be an opportunity to create your own dream scenes by mentally visualizing them and such. You might start seeing them materialize before your eyes!
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      You're surely on the right track. As Travis said, this is an opportunity to "conjure". For me it is "eyelids". I can't see though my dream eyelids. Then I realize. "Wait, I have NO eyelids"! It's all in the mind. Another alternative is to "Awaken" into a false awakening with awareness which typically will seem much more "real". But even in that fading lucid dream, the power of imagination directly powers the dream. For example, I often have a fading image of my room in front of me, but I can't
      "step in" to the dream. I'm told the key is to "imagine" using my dream body. You may not feel it, but imagine lifting your right leg up and down in fornt of you, then your hands, etc. then senses, etc.
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      There are tricks to stabilize dreams that could help.

      I have multiple lucid dreams a night. Some are dark, and are remembered well. Usually a dark dream means I have less conscious control and I act more out of instinct, and that's the real key.

      Lucid dream skill comes down to familiarity. When you're used to experiencing a dream, by being mindful while dreaming, you begin to feel the dream as much as you experience the dream. Even though you can't see everything going on well you have comprehension of characters, scenery, and events. It is just a task of mindfulness. If you practice mindfulness meditation while awake and dreaming you will do it as a reaction. When you do this automatically in dreams you feel the dream and comprehend it better.

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      Try this if you didn't yet.
      If you're lucid and you are in your bedroom, it's dark because you expect it to be dark. Instead of trying to see in the darkness, change strategy. You most probably have mirror in your room. If you don't have it, buy one. The mirror will always be in your room also when you are lucid dreaming. Go to the mirror and enter inside. You will find yourself in a different place, most probably in an open space, very often during the day.
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