Hello !

I had a recent question because i got a FA this morning.

I dont remember exactly what happened first, but i remember i turned on my PC and i got many errors codes (like a blue screen of death), and i said "this is very strange, maybe im dreaming", performed RC and i confirmed i was dreaming, tried the stabilization techniques, tried to see the detail of my hands, but the room was very dark, tried to use switch of the light without success (yeah i know the switches sometimes doesn't work in dreams) and i tried performing the stabilization commands "INCREASE CLARITY" "STABILIZE LUCIDITY" without success, the dream started to fade... and i woke up.

The point is, in a dark scenario, it's a good idea to change the scenario first before try to stabilize the dream ? (in this case, because in a dark room i can't see the detail of my hands)

Also i consider this FA was near a the end of the REM, i woken up near 08:00AM, tried DEILD without success.