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      First Time Dream Control. Am I nuts or what?

      ok so ive been having dream control.. and yes im the only person i know in the world that has had this and it all just recently started happening.. i only googled it cus i was like hmmm.. wonder what this means.. had NO idea it was a real thing and its nuts... is this gunna happen to me from now on.. cus i kinda like it...

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      To be honest I'm new and haven't read any instructions on Lucid Dreaming, nor can I tell you that you will or will not continue to have them for sure. All I can say is that I've had control over my dreams since I was about seven or eight. Since I was doing it since then without much thought as to becoming lucid, I assume that it is a natural human occurance. The only difference is that you apparently have become aware of something you could do, I suppose you could think of it as learning to control your breath, only instead of breathing it is your dreams that you are attempting to control. All I can tell you is that to continue to experience them you have to know when you are aware,and catch onto the dream with your consciousness. Sometimes you may awaken, but the more you do it the less you may have to do to stay lucid and have longer dreams. Also you can stop having them should you forget about it. This is something that you have some control over, but with each new dream you may discover more and more of what you are capable of doing, be it flight, answering difficult questions, or remembering things, your imagination is perhaps the limit to what dreams may come.

      Hope this helps and may you have great dreams.

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      Whats up, Jules? Welcome to Dream Views.

      First off, you may be crazy...but no more crazy than a bunch of other people on the planet.

      Dream control is relatively common. It's just that not that many people know about it. Think of it as an innate ability. Something we all have, just that not many people are aware of. It's also something that can be developed and lost, just like any other ability. The hardest part is realizing you can do it, and it looks lke you've already passed that stage.

      Im sure you're gonna like this place. I'd suggest starting up a dream journal and getting to know the forum a little bit. If you have any questions, just ask.

      (Or see the very best of my journal entries @ dreamwalkerchronicles.blogspot)

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      Your in the right place, Welcome to the site. If Dream Control is considered going nutty most of us on this site need to be in a psycho ward. I agree with Oneironaut, dream control is more common then most people realize. Some are lucky enough to stumble upon it naturally like you. Others have to be introduced to it.


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