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      Attention To Detail & The Obvious [Lucid God's Read]

      First off I would like to thank you for clicking on this forum...I have a few things to discuss and in the end of a few questions...

      First off just some side notes, i have had 32 Lucid Dreams since June 2005...In the beginning for some reason alot of them were Low Level LD's with dream control (Making people vanish, summoning guns, stoppin people from moving, and floating objects)

      As my Lucidity Journey continued, i have found that my Lucid Dreams have become more detailed and vivid--some almost like waking life, but yet there is no dream control...I try to summon a gun or people like i did in the beginning of my LD journey, but nothing happens..It was so simple back then..But now i realized that you must understand that everything is your own creation inside your dream....Which I have....

      In my previous Lucid Dream http://dreamviews.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=28143 I even told myself that this is my dream and i should beable to summon things..But i tried to summon a gun once again but it failed....

      Basically there is a fine line you must cross over..And that is realizing everything in your dream is your own creation, your own imagination..Therefore you should beable to change what lies within, but even when i have realized that everything is my own creation, i still cannot summon things like i use to...My dreams have become more vivid, i have become more calm and they are lasting longer...

      I pay attention during detail in waking life and i told myself "I'm in a dream" even though i was in waking life..I constanlty reminded myself of this, and had a Lucid Dream the same night {which was my 32nd Lucid Dream}

      The obvious is what we all been taught...like being raised when we were a kid, we were all taught to Lucid Dream and how to become better at it...I have obviously come a long way...If you were to compare my Lucid Ability to an age of a child..I'd say i was about 13 years old, trying to hit puberty to begin the stages of becoming a man...But the question is...In Lucidity Form...How do i do so?

      How do i Make the obvious fall into my hands...When i Lucid Dream...And i know that everything is my creation...How do i cross that line in making things Appear, Vanish, Fly...etc...basically...How do i become in total control of what i already know...My Dreams...Are My own Creation...Therefore...My Creation...Should be In My Control.....

      I would really like some feed back, from anybody...just to name a few...Seeker, Billy Bob..Icedawg..any Lucid Gods or anybody that is a staff at DV...all other feedback is welcome....

      thank you for your time

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      Re: Attention To Detail & The Obvious [Lucid God's Read]

      Originally posted by spiritofthewolf
      ...My Dreams...Are My own Creation...Therefore...My Creation...Should be In My Control.....
      Very well said, although it's really not as easy as it sounds. It obviously takes a lot of experience and maturity to be in full control. But keep in mind that even in waking life, you cannot be in total control, all the time.

      Very intersting post btw, i'd sure would like to hear from the experts!

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      And who says you have to be mature to be able to do that?!

      Uh, I wouldn't consider myself a God at all, more like a Sage. Basically, they just happened when I was 3, due to an insomnia spell, and WILD was pretty much my only escape from that. I learned to control them at age 4, when I learned how to speak. To will things to come into place, just believe they will, and eventually, they will...
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      well it's no secret that it isn't always easy to control your dreams. It can be, but it usually isn't. Telling yourself you're in control and believing you're in control can only get you so far. It's just like the matrix; if it were as easy as it seems, everyone would be neo. There comes a point in controlling your dreams where willing things to happen falls short of controlling things.

      The next step you have to take is more complex than simply believing. As Leo will probably tell you before I'm finished typing this, you need to have a certain degree of trust between the conscious and the subconscious realms of your mind in order to shed the inhibitions of the dream world. The subconscious simply will not let you take over unless you've developed a strong relationship with it.

      How do you go about doing this? Well, start by putting off your goal of controlling your dreams until a later date. you have your whole life to perfect this skill, no need to rush things. Keep in mind that we oneironauts are pioneers, we're messing with things we don't really understand, and so you can't expect results in any given time frame.

      Next, get to know the dream world. Obviously you've come pretty far in this regard, but if you're losing your ability to control your dreams you might want to back off a bit. you know, just explore the dream world and try to get a better understanding of its workings. I found that once I started recognizing dream characters and my personal dream guide, controlling the dream became easier. My dream guide happens to be one of my best friends so we got along well from the beginning, and it wasn't long before I could track him down and ask him questions. Many people report dream guides condemning dream control, so it seems to me that in order to gain control, you have to convince your subconscious that you won't mess anything up.

      Approach your subconscious like a wild animal. It won't trust you until you've proven that you mean it no harm in any way. Enter the dream expecting nothing, and the answers will come to you in various forms. The mind communicates in metaphors, anecdotes, and garbled enigmatic messages which take a long time to make sense. oftentimes something will just click and you'll advance by leaps and bounds. in other cases progress can ebb and be a laborious process. In any respect, my way of attaining control involves self realization and patching up the insecurities of the psyche. The deeper you dig into your mind, the more sense all this baloney will start to make.

      is this any help? It's hard to describe how to jump the gap of which you speak, but I'm sure that with patience and self exploration you'll find a way.
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