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      Dream Control from an Omnipotent Point of View

      This may sound bizarre, but in the dreams where I can truly take control, I'm in more than one conciousness at the same time. Usually, if I remember a dream, then I'll have been lucid in it, unless it's a nightmare, (which only consist of bad things happening to Gwendolyn, for some reason I feel like I have no control in them) in which case I just kind of paralytically watch in horror.

      So, when I am lucid, I am both watching from my point of view, and, at the same time, from a third person perspective. I can't say I alternate between the two, they are literally both active at the same time. For some reason, this allows the most minute control that you could imagine. My problem is, I don't get enough sleep.

      Anyway, specifically, I've found that the following non-dream related things can help you control your dreams to an intricate level of detail. Especially if you are advancing rapidly or are already at the point where obtaining lucidity and holding onto it isn't your main focus anymore.

      1. Your dreams use your imagination for a supportive reality, as such, dillusions or things that aren't true, must be true for you in your dream in order for you to maintain them in a substantially real way. As such, you can become unlucid in the same way that you become lucid, if you focus too much on control (to the point you realize that your dreams "can't be real" then they won't be, and you'll slump back out of control. To maintain control, developing a very defined and strong imagination is absolutely necessary. (In my opinion) And reading, writing, sitting on your bum imagining things, are all good ways. A good way to maintain a long lasting imagination exercise is to imagine yourself as totally different, and act it for a day. (keeping in mind that you don't want to make anyone think your nuts) If you can go the whole day without breaking your character concept for your own 'real' feelings, you'll start to notice a difference in your dreams, I'm sure. (No gaurantees!)

      2. Focus has everything to do with it. When you obtain lucidity, you realize, 'Hey, I'm dreaming.' and then you gain control. Don't let your foothold slip. Create something that will constantly remind you that you're dreaming, as you are lucid. If, for example, erroneous clocks always give it away for you, create one that you can always see, so that you don't accidentally lose control.

      3. Have some kind of goal in mind before you go to sleep. That way, you don't get lost in your own mental processes, which can be quite indepth for the average person, and can overwhelm the smaller, weaker part of the mind that we think is the most active part. (The consiousness)

      I hope this helps with control. I'm currently trying to work out how to mirror the real world with my dreaming one, so as to add 1/3 the amount of my life that I'm missing back to it. That's a nasty little bugger to work out though, recreating reality.

      I love you honey. ::


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      i have a similiar project. i put DC's in charge of urban construction, which works well until one of them taps into a bit to much of your subconscious and you end up with a two mile long roller coaster as a transit system. Yeah, i'd say use DC's with your level of lucidity and just watch for subconscious flukes in design.


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