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      Finally, some control!

      Well, this morning I had a nice one-minute lucid dream where I learned a lot.

      I was some ghost and I was fooling around with some people (some members of my family were a part of that group, I think), went through them and stole objects from them. But it's not like I was teasing them, I was very interested what I could do. I noticed that the weather was very foggy so I boosted up in the air. Soon I could see the sun and some separate clouds (beautiful as ever).

      That's where I realized I was dreaming.

      As soon as I had gotten lucid I crashed down (was kinda amazed that I was having a LD and didn't concentrate on flying anymore). It didn't hurt but I nearly woke up. As everything turned gray I concentrated on looking at my hand. I imagined how my hand would be in front of my eyesight. And bingo! The gray faded away and I could see everything clearly again. My hand looked kinda weird, my right hand was on my left arm, and some fingers were shorter than they're supposed to be. Regardless of that I started to look around. It was foggy and dark. I screamed "LIGHT!" and it actually helped. Everything was much brighter now. Then I looked up at the sky. A thick gray cloud layer was all there was. Then I started wiping away the clouds with movements of my arms (like in Bruce Almighty). And that worked, too (though I nearly lost it again, looking at my hand saved me).

      As I finally was quite satisfied with my surroundings a little boy came running to me. He said my brother had fallen down some cliff. As I was running to that cliff I suddenly woke up. (thanks a lot, bro!)

      I have never really had such great control in my lucid dreams so this was very cool. This was also the first time I remembered the hand thing (and it worked oh so well). I want more of this! (This was about my 8th lucid dream)

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      sounds like fun!

      Yeh I'm kinda just getting to the grips with my LD's too. They seem to be getting better each night, its so good when you can remember to do things that youve read about whilst in dreams! I tried rubbing my hands last night, and its works!! Keep dreaming!! :-)


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